NCS AriesK LEGO Spaceship Overview

So here we have some kind of futuristic fusion engine, and we can see the spinning ball inside. We even have some flashing lights that we put in. And this ring houses the crew quarters The central armature contains the two habitat arcs and spins independently of the crew quarter ring. This is the medical side of the interior, this is where minor procedures are done and you have an operating room area and right beside it with the blue flooring, that's an exercise area for the astronauts to keep fit. This is with.

Food growing area. It's a hydroponics lab and there is a research lab on the side as well. So on this side of the habitat we've got the living facilities, here you can see the kitchen, the cafeteria style dining, in the back there's a washroom. This side of the habitat we've got the lounge area where they're comfortable couches and chairs a bar, some tutorial screens and a clear view of the stars. The forward section of the spaceship includes the bridge deck, which has two observation posts. Right at the nose we have two hanger decks, and this is used for smaller.

Supply spaceships to come in and land. The spaceship also includes a lot of lighting details that were custommade for this project. Blinking navigation lights on the side of the space ship, port and starboard red and green lights, blinking white nav lights. If you'd like to see more details about this ship and how it actually came together be sure to watch the making of tutorial Michael has also posted the raw timelapse tutorials of the entire build session over on his channel at Brick Dimensions. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, thanks for watching.

Review Lego Friends Jungle Boat 30115

Hey everyone! Jaystepher with Jungle Boat by Lego Friends. Set number 30115. Contains 31 pieces. Recommended building ages are 5 through 12. So here we have Olivia and her jungle boat. The set is packaged in a polybag. Let's crack open this package. Woah those parts are packed loose in the package. Make sure I got everything out of the bag. Lots of elements. So we have a small folded instruction manual and various parts to build the Jungle Boat. Let's take a closer look after it's assembled. That was a quick build.

Let's take a look at the little pond. It has a frog. Looks like he's on some sort of lilly pad with a flower. Take a quick look at Olivia. Her torso is printed as well as her sandals. Her hairpiece is made for an accessory, and the hair piece is also compatible with standard Lego minifigures. And here we have the Jungle Boat. Nice color scheme with the pink lime green, and white. Here we have a yellow walkietalkie. The boat moves with air. We have another holder brick on the other side for another accessory.

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