Weed Eater 25cc 17Inch 2Cycle GasPowered Curved Shaft Trimmer FX26SCE

FX26SCE Hey guys, I'm Shanley and today I'm going to tell you about this gas powered, curved shaft trimmer from weed eater. This trimmer runs on a 25cc, 2cycle engine. The curved shaft is balanced for control and comfort, plus the primer bulb system helps with faster starting. It has a clear fuel tank so you can easily keep an eye on fuel levels. This trimmer has a 16 cutting path. Plus, you get a 1year manufacturer warranty with this trimmer, And as always, we offer unbeatable prices and fast, free shipping.

How to Use Care for a Weed Eater How to Draw Line on a Weed Eater

Hi, I'm Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today I'd like to talk to you about proper use and maintenance of a yard weed eater. As you use your weed eater, this line is going to get worn down and shorter. Now remember earlier we respooled it. You got a lot of extra line in there, so how do you get it out. Well, here's how. While the machine is spinning, we're gonna tap it gently on a hard surface. This could be accomplished on your yard, but, again, as I mentioned, you don't, we're gonna have.

To have this thing spinning, you don't want to do it on the grass and wipe out an area of the grass, make it too short. Pick a dead spot. So we're do spinning and then tap it on the ground so more line comes out. So the line comes out and it's spinning also, there's a cutting blade, that when the line gets a certain length, this will cut the line. As you can see, I took up quite a bit more line, and I'm ready to do more edging. And as I.

Simple solar panel setup to power a trolling motor

Hi everybody, it's Steve. I want to show you real quick the solar setup I've got here on the pontoon. I was tired of bringing down shore power and a battery charger every time I wanted to charge the twelve volt battery, the marine battery, I use for the trolling motor. So I came up with an option here of a solar panel and charge controller. and I went ahead and mounted the panel up on the rail made a couple brackets to mount it on the rail, or I can pitch it up on an angle if I want to get better solar exposure,.

Or if I want to get it up and out of the way, just hang it up on the back rail, faces south all the time, constantly charges and tops the battery. The battery that we are running is a marine grade deep cycle battery. and we're wired into our charge controller. I'm going to be mounting a box up here. a weather proof box with some ventilation up here. and get the battery back on the outside, so it frees up all this floor space. for the time being, I'll keep the battery is in the box,.

And keep the charge control protected, not sure if you can see. that or not, we've got a red light which tells us we're charging and connected to the panel. and the solid light which tells us it's charging the battery right now, as I speak. I also have a battery indicator LED that's kind of hard to read, which tells us the percentage of battery charge. This charge controller here, PWM charge controller will go ahead and float. when it gets full, so it won't over charge that battery. I also keep in here a small battery tester, which I.

Will go ahead and disconnect my leads.. and check my battery. and I'm sitting full with thirteen volts right now. now it's flashing because it's floating, because I have it disconnected I'll go ahead and reconnect it. and thirteen point zero, because it's full. This is an old battery that hasn't been treated very well over the years. I'll go ahead and put this in a weather tight compartment with some ventilation around the bottom. the bottom, of this high quality bucket. covered with a brick. For the time being, that works just great.

I haven't had to hook to shore power in over a month and a half. For just around sixty or seventy dollars US on eBay. This came with a sixty watt panel, plus the charge controller, plus the cables for under seventy dollars delivered. I can't beat that with a stick! I just wanted to show you that real quick and thanks for watching! If you like this tutorial, please subscribe to the channel and give it a thumbs up , also, please! I'm also going to have more info in a blog post on enjoytimeoutdoors.

Off Road Kayak Cart With Independent Suspension Pt. 2

Here's a quick tutorial of the trailer comprised of uh. 114 aluminum square tube 18 wall got these poly wheels that I picked up from NorthernTools use these little bike Mt. bike springs got tabs welded on the trailing arm and the body or the frame uh. I used originally used a half inch aluminum rod that I had welded on by a friend on to the trailing arm loaded this up as a test and it failed completely just bent right over when i got a littl lateral loading so i had to go back to the drawing board.

What i decided to do was pinch it between pinch the aluminim tube between two mild steel pieces so i took a one and a halfinch steel tube and uh. split it down the center and then drilled a new hole and so now there's a halfinch stainless steel bolt running there and it seems to be holding up, there's the bolt head I did that so I could sandwhich the aluminum for two reasons. One so I could get it off and two so i could uh. compress it uh. properly.

Um. I had to uh. round the edges off of the square aluminum tube so that it would fit so then up here we've got just kind of a traiangulated piece that attaches to the tonge then on the tonge i just mounted a handle the came off of a ryobi weed whacker it's actually from my weed whacker build and uh. really helps in pulling and keeps my hand warmer and then i've got these wooden saddles that are uh. made for the bottom profile of my marsh rat you see it has three ribs on it to match up with the marsh rat ribs.

So uh. hope that answers more questions these uh. square tubing pieces down here are from the um. previous design where i had a solid axle underneath there and some tall springs and one thing I noticed after built it was that the tires that actually moved forward um. so it's balanced a little differently and then uh. this is a really long unsupported cantilever and i'm not sure if i like that um. i probably should actually look at moving the tires back if i rebuild it i think i'm going to have to strengthen the top.

PullStart Cord Knots effective stopper knots

Today on Repairs101 I've got this really sweet piece of rope and I want to show you a few things I've learned over the years about how to tie knots. You need to know how to tie knots if you're going to do a repair to a pull start for instance. I'm tying stuff in knots every day and I imagine you are too. Once you learn em it's hard to unlearn em. I used to make my living as a Tree Surgeon and this piece of rope in particular was in fact my lifeline. So if you're replacing.

The starter cord, say, in your chainsaw or say your lawnmower or your outboard engine, your generator, or a leaf blower. The knots you want to know are stopper knots and the stopper knots are this one, stopper knot, and also you can use this one, the figure eight knot. Now that's my favourite but you don't always have enough room for the figure eight knot to fit, they don't always give you enough space. So sometimes you have to settle for just a plain old half hitch and as long as it's tied correctly, it's.

Going to be effective for you. If your pull cord rope has broken off like this one here has, before you reuse it, what you want to do is take a take a lighter and just start the end of it up like this and get it good and hot and then when it's nice and hot like that you want to just manipulate it like this to make sure it's round and hard. And there you have a nice end that you can work with. OK. As you can see I've melted off the end of this made it nice and easy to work with, OK,.

I'm just going to pass that just going to pass that end through there like that. Just push it on in just twist that on in like that. So now I'll just pull that through and as I say you might want to just tie a half hitch for a stopper knot. OK I'm going to tie a halfhitch, it's the simplest knot. Just make a loop and tuck it through itself and that's a simple half hitch and that will hold. Just let that go on in there like.

That there you go. That's a nice reliable knot and you can see its profile is down out of the way like that. OK. Two half hitches do not necessarily make a hitch, OK, but I will show in another tutorial all about hitches and how two half hitches can make a hitch. One of the simpler knots you can do is called a stopper knot you just want to wrap it around your finger twice like that and then tuck it in from behind. There, like that, OK And then when you get your finger out I've got.

This stopper knot. It's kind of a double half hitch. Take the rope, wrap it around your hand like that then when you've got it like that you just pass it through like that and you've got a beautiful, beautiful stopper knot. Another choice to use is the figure eight knot. OK again, that's all there is to it is making this figure of eight. OK so you make a loop, pass it around and then back through again and you have a figure eight. OK and when you slip on it like that you've.

How To Make A WeedWacker OutBoard Motor

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