how to make a paper windmill tutorial paper pinwheel

How to make a paper windmill 1you're gonna need a square piece of paper 2fold the square paper you have in half diagonally for both sets 3 use the scissors to Cut from each corner along the diagonal fold around 3cm from the centre 4Fold the four alternate corner sections down to the centre and use the glue to hold them in place 5use the nail to make a holl at the top of the straw and then push the nail through the fan and stick it to the straw note you could cut off a small piece of the straw and put it between the fan and the straw to avoid any contact between them.


This is the most amazing science model. you just need a bunch of straws and some sticky tape to make these wave models. cut 3m of sticky tape and keep it on the floor with the sticky side up. mark the mid points of straws and place them on the middle of the sticky tape, uniformly, every straw 2cm from the previous straw. leave about 5cm of tape from both the ends to act as handles and stick about 80 90 straws in this manner. now double the tape up. you can see that now the sticky side is below. this way straws will be sandwiched.

Between the two layers of the sticky tape and they will be adhered very strongly to the tape. cut the doubled up tape and the straw model is almost ready. remove the tape from the floor and you can this girl lifting the straw waves. ask a friend to hold the other end and you give a tap from one end, you will see a reflected wave coming from the other. your friend can try it too. if you hold the straws loosely then the speed of the wave becomes slower.

STATIC STRAWS ENGLISH Great fun on a cold, dry day!

This is a beautiful experiment which demonstrates static electricity. you will need plastic straws, some woolen cloth and thread. first take the straw and punch a hole at one end of the straw. make the hole in all 10 straws that you have. you can use colored straws also. then a 20cm long thread and tie it at the end of the straw. do this in all the 10 straws you have. bring all these threads together, bring them together and tie a knot in all the ten threads together. tie the knot in the middle of gathered threads. now rub all.

These straws with a woolen cloth. when you lift thee you will see magic. all the straws have been charged with same polarity and hence they repel. this is beautiful demonstration of static electricity. if you give them a slight twist, they start rotating lie a chandelier. if you bring you hand near them, they get attracted to your hand. now hold the straws together and rub it with your hand and you can see that they have been discharged. now they are not repelling. to repeat the same repulsion, rub the straws with the woolen.

Model of lung

Sound of bubbles popping Ever felt out of breath Ever wanted to go that extra mile Well now you can, with a little help from us. Hi, my name's Steve and I'm from the Questacon Science Squad and today I'm going to show you how to make a model of a lung. What you'll need is a pair of scissors, two balloons about 30 centimeters in diameter, a straw, a rubber band, a piece of plasticine about two centimetres across, a pencil and a plastic bottle about 600ml large. First what you'll need to do is get your balloon and cut off the neck, like that.

This is now going to act as our diaphragm. Next you want to get the plastic bottle and cut the base off, like I have done here. Now get your diaphragm and stretch it very, very tightly over the end of your bottle. Now, this can be a little bit fiddly, so I've prepared one earlier. Now get your other balloon and put the straw in through the neck and tie it off tightly using your rubber band. The balloon is going to act as our lung and the straw is going to act as our wind pipe.

Great. Now what we're going to do is we are going to get the pencil and put it through the centre of our ball of plasticine. Then we get our straw and we put it through the hole we've just made and pinch it off at the ends so that no air can escape. Now you want to get the balloon, squeeze out all the air and feed it into the top of your bottle. Push it all the way down and then once you've done that, squeeze off the sides of the.

Painting Projects for Kids How to Blow Paint Art Projects for Children

So, my name is Katalin and this is my daughter and this is my son. Hello, I am Barbara and this is my little brother Motsi. We are from Hungry and I am the inventor of creative English in Hungry. So, we are here on behalf of Expert Village and today we are going to show you a few tricks about painting that you can actually do at home. Now comes the fun bit of it. So let's get a straw each and let's lean on the paper on three sides. And what you need to.

Do, now, let's blow the paint. You need to direct your straw like as if you were, if you were, blowing it into the paper. Now let's try to mix the color. This exercise is recommend for small groups that can be two to, let's say, ten people. It's got more good sides. One of them is that it teaches children how to work together. So, you shouldn't actually sprinkle the other person with the paint. Alright. So, this is our piece of art. And look at the colors and how they melt into each other. Actually, if you want some more.


This straw turbine is the simplest rotating object. you need a stiff straw, a needle, a tape and a little bit of copper wire. take a stiff straw and cut it about 2cms. make a hole in the middle with a long needle. it should be a through and neat hole. then take a few cms of copper wire and wind it on the long needle so as to make a small loop. weave the other end of the wire through the hole in the spinner. the wire loop will act like.

A stopper. now on the other end of the wire make another similar loop by winding it on a needle. on two ends there will be two loop stoppers. this makes the wire axle on which the spinner will spin. you can see the spinner ready with the axle. now make a small hole in the stiff straw and weave the long copper wire through it. take a bit of tape and tape the wire to the straw. this way spinner will be attached to the blowing pipe. ensure that the spinner rotates freely. if you blow the small straw spinner will spin very fast. if.

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