Sims 3 help Making an Elavator Tutorial

Hi Guys, today I'm going to be showing you how to make a elevator in the sims 3. Now to do this you'll have to have late night,so firstly what you have to do is make the surroundings the wall. Then do the flooring, then draw a wall, a line of wall.Then go to stairs, in the tools bit, click on the stairs and under that is the elevator. on the one with the door, the one with the door. Take off the other wall you don't need, i'm quickly going to put some lights in.

Now you have your elevator so remember go to the STAIRS look at the bottom one there should be an elevator picture. This is only for LATE NIGHT, only LATE NIGHT. Doesn't work on normal sims 3. Then do another wall Then you do a floor Now i'm doing three stories high. So i'm going to go up one more. You can go up to 8 the maximum of stories high. Then you click on the shaft the elevator that looks like a box so the elevator without the door.

Now you put it where you saw that yellow symbol on the floor. So with this shaft you don't go on that floor since there's no door. So you skip floor 2 via elevator. Then you look for the yellow thing again and place the elevator DOOR. Don't forget to put the line with the elevator DOOR. Now i'm only doing three stories now lets say you wanted to do five stories high and you want your sim to just come off at floor 5, put 3 shafts between then a door on the fifith floor.

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