Huge Soccer Ball Filled with Helium

Vat19 presents questions from curious customers. Featuring the giant inflatable soccer ball. BigMarcello101 says, Let's say someone is kind of weak and can't kick very far. Any ideas Asking for a friend. MUSIC PLAYING BUZZER MUSIC PLAYING BUZZER MUSIC PLAYING Textbook bicycle kick. FoolManChoo asks, How many times can you juggle the ball without it falling MUSIC PLAYING One ish. HotDawg89 wants to know, Since it's such an extremely big ball does that mean playing with it is considered an extreme sport MUSIC PLAYING Nothing but net. CatLord says, My job is miserable.

Will this bring the fun back into my workplace It's fun and good for your spine. Angela2683 inquires, Does it pop easily like a balloon MUSIC PLAYING Not likely. CargoShorts4President writes, My brother says if I hit him with the soccer ball one more time he's gonna get stabby. Should I be worried about the ball MUSIC PLAYING Thandwiches asks, What happens if you fill it with helium MUSIC PLAYING You lose a giant soccer ball and a lot of expensive helium. But if you use a little bit less helium,.

HIDDEN RAGE FACE. and more! IMG! 35

Wrap a hot dog in a burger and share one with the girl who looks like Taylor Lautner. It's episode 35 of IMG! Okay, see this picture of Albert Einstein Well, squint your eyes to see a wizard. Last week a volcano erupted in Iceland and it was captured from space. Octopus chandeliers are also weird, but this is how I spend most of my Saturdays. Once the kid is born, pick up a TV dinner, perfect for kid.bullying people. I usually prefer meals like this, complete with snails and romance. Rage faces are everywhere, but take a look at a dollar bill.

Closer, closer, closer, closer. Forever alone. Grandma. Oh. Here's a pilot ejecting from a plane really close to the ground. This is what he escaped from. No, no, no, kitty, kitty, kitty. That is a bad box to sleep in. But I do love epic meetings. Carl Sagan and the Dalai Lama. George Harrison and Bob Marley. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Ludacris. Hunter S Thompson, John Cusack, Johnny Depp and a blow up doll. Oh, and this guy with Albert Einstein, that is Charlie Chaplin and here's Chaplin with Gandhi. Oh and when bears are bald, they look like.

This. Artist Sam Spratt gave us Dwight Schrute wearing a bear, and he also created Rebecca Black with rotting flesh. Reddit discovered a lot of truths this week. A building that looks like a bird wearing a top hat and Obama looks like this. Seriously. A lot. And now, funny names for boats. Enjoy. This license plate looks random, but in a mere reflection. Potatoes and humans can be friends. And if you want a wedding ring to be more permanent, make it a piercing. Sam Bassett takes incredible portraits. Randy Moss,.

Rainbows, tennis. And here are some books from the Dutch literature organization cut into threedimensional heads, like this one of Anne Frank. And that's right, you guessed it, today's final image is this 8bit hair bow that you can own from today's episode of LT, where I cover a bunch of stuff that you can actually buy. And don't worry boys, there are some gifts for you, too. So go over there right now, click on the hair bow to view it. Be sure to subscribe to Vsauce and Vsauce2. And as always,.

Americans Watch Geordie Shore For The First Time

What is it Is there a place called Geordie Shore techno music A Geordie Is it like a derogatory name for them Like I thought it was fake at first because it sounds so close to Jersey Shore. Hey that's awful and everyone's watching it. We should do our version. This program contains strong language, sexual scenes. What That is the most polite warning I've ever heard. laughs There's the Snooki. This is the English language I'm thankful for the subtitles.

laughs Oh. Oh whoa you saw a dick. Oh shoot. Balls were out minute one. Gus being in the house it was bound to happen. Gasping in the house it bound to happen. I mean he looks like he could be from the Shore. glass breaking Whoa. Whoa. bleep. I'm lying there bangin' this blondie. I didn't understand a word of that. Can we also just backtrack and talk about like how we just saw a dick Like on TV.

I don't think you could get away with that here. No we don't get balls. No we don't get balls. We don't even get boobs. Don't give us a bleep attitude ya dafty! Ya dafty bleeps. laughs Aw yeah. That looks like JWoww. And that looks like Pauly D. They're all shirtless. It's exactly like Jersey Shore. loud bang Whoa! A fight just broke out. Get him! Blonde Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. Get him, get him. Wait why is there. Is there a tent.

Yeah this is what the English are about. What was it about What was the argument about The women look like a drunk person was drawing an anime character. This makes Jersey Shore look scripted. Your willy! She said willy in a serious sentence. Trying desperately to get a shag and. Shag. That's a word we don't really say. I love her. Charlotte's just cuckoo. I think someone's drinking a full bottle of wine on their own. Both Oh!.

Blonde Woman Oh! Oh! Oh boy, oh. They just need to take away like all throwable objects in this house. I like Charlotte. I'm so invested. I need to know what happens. Not Charlotte. I don't like Charlotte. Let's get bleep mortal. Mortal. Oh Gary. No don't hook up with. Wait what about Charlotte Gary get out of here. Charlotte was just drinking a bottle of wine with a straw so that's cool. Without the straw, out of control.

Charlotte is now fighting security guards. Both You slag. I'm learning colorful new insults. Yeah. Blonde Man Oh God! Oh penis dude. Ah he just helicopter dicked on camera. gasp. Charlotte, Charlotte get out of there. Get out of there Charlotte. No don't do that. I need a shower. I love this. It's like Jersey Shore on steroids. I know that you're not all like this. Do you think the Queen of England likes this show.

RHOA Cynthia Bailey Kicked Porsha Williams In The Stomach! BOSSIP REPORT

Cat fight what's up guys it's Jane from bossip and I gotta talk to you about you guessed it, the catch fade on the set of The Real Housewives of Atlanta now viewers shouldn't be surprised about a fight on the set of Real Housewives of Atlanta after all there have been dozens over the years but you may be surprised to find out who was on the offensive this time according new reports Cynthia Bailey kicked castmate Porsha William in the stomach after Porsha got in her face while the two.

Were aboard a boat now of course the reality TV cameras were rolling as this went down now we gotta ask Nene's not on the show anymore, are the ladies all getting a little bit more ratchet or is it just us are they just trying to keep the viewers around or do you think that this is going to be the last season for Real Housewives of Atlanta we want to know if you're excited to see a season without Nene and what you think about the fight between Porsha and Cynthia.

EMINEM Not Afraid Parody Key of Awesome 26

Mghgj It's really bright out here. I guess I shoulda. brought some sunglasses. If I knew we were shooting the tutorial outside. Now some of you out there might be up on your roof talking to yourself too. Joy famous rappers So no one cares Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going downstairs. You can try to throw away my lyric sheets before I can read them Ha to bad I got them memorized so i don't even need them Yeah I still got homophobic lines but you can't get upset.

To my fans i apologize for ruining your life I'll get back to writing songs about murdering my wife He spits his lines in perfect time without any rehearsin' Sometimes he rhymes about himself in a Third person This rapping is hilarious or completely serious And if you make fun of him then he will get freaking furious Cause he can dish it out but he just cant take it. Like a baker who hates cake but always bakes it Whos this dude looking at me, he looks just like me.

He's clocking me mocking me, I think he wants to fight me Ow i tried to hit the man but it broke my hand and then he ran Must of been a crazy fan,oh damn there he is again I'm not afraid to throw a chair, to throw a chair It was from Ikea,so i don't care I'm bumping into people on the street I'm wearing Shape Ups on my feet I'm just like you,I've been there too I'm rich and famous so I take that back its not true It was my decision to do drugs,I did it for fun.

But now i'm done so i'll get back to making puns about Kim Kardashian And her two ton buns of fun,So gargantuan that they block out the sun I'm the world greatest rapper, a fact that's undisputed but for some reason I act like i'm persecuted If you think i'm a turkey then you can just stuff it I'm the only M.C to have a beef with a puppet I can rap about Afghanistan,Iraq, or BP But I'd rather make fun of some minor celebrities Here's a list of people I'd like to impeach.

Pastrisha Haiton,Will Weaton,Rubin Studer,and Screech,but I wont dis Kanye or lil wayne cuz that aint fun Their both really nice and they ain't hurt no one But screw Micheal J. Fox cause he shakes when he walks Are'nt you glad i'm back to get this message across I'm not afraid to get really pissed at all my critics, that hardly exists I'm such a whiny baby,I keep complaining I'm rich as hell,My record sell I'm such an ass but I get a pass People love me cuz I can rhyme words really fast.

Can you solve the bridge riddle Alex Gendler

Taking that internship in a remote mountain lab might not have been the best idea. Pulling that lever wth the skull symbol just to see what it did probably wasn't so smart, either, but now is not the time for regrets because you need to get away from these mutant zombies fast. With you are the janitor, the lab assistant, and the old professor. You've gotten a headstart, but there's only one way to safety across an old rope bridge spanning a massive gorge. You can dash across in a minute,.

While the lab assistant takes two minutes. The janitor is a bit slower and needs five minutes, and the professor takes a whole ten minutes, holding onto the ropes every step of the way. By the professor's calculations, the zombies will catch up to you in just over 17 minutes, so you only have that much time to get everyone across and cut the ropes. Unfortunately, the bridge can only hold two people at a time. To make matters worse, it's so dark out that you can barely see, and the old lantern you grabbed on your way only illuminates a tiny area.

Can you figure out a way to have everyone escape in time Remember no more than two people can cross the bridge together, anyone crossing must either hold the lantern or stay right next to it, and any of you can safely wait in the dark on either side of the gorge. Most importantly, everyone must be safely across before the zombies arrive. Otherwise, the first zombie could step on the bridge while people are still on it. Finally, there are no tricks to use here. You can't swing across, use the bridge as a raft,.

Or befriend the zombies. Pause the tutorial now if you want to figure it out for yourself! Answer in 3 Answer in 2 Answer in 1 At first it might seem like no matter what you do, you're just a minute or two short of time, but there is a way. The key is to minimize the time wasted by the two slowest people by having them cross together. And because you'll need to make a couple of return trips with the lantern, you'll want to have the fastest people available to do so.

So, you and the lab assistant quickly run across with the lantern, though you have to slow down a bit to match her pace. After two minutes, both of you are across, and you, as the quickest, run back with the lantern. Only three minutes have passed. So far, so good. Now comes the hard part. The professor and the janitor take the lantern and cross together. This takes them ten minutes since the janitor has to slow down for the old professor who keeps muttering that he probably shouldn't have given the zombies night vision.

By the time they're across, there are only four minutes left, and you're still stuck on the wrong side of the bridge. But remember, the lab assistant has been waiting on the other side, and she's the second fastest of the group. So she grabs the lantern from the professor and runs back across to you. Now with only two minutes left, the two of you make the final crossing. As you step on the far side of the gorge, you cut the ropes and collapse the bridge behind you, just in the nick of time.

Small Boats Can Fish Big Too

One of the neat things about having a boat is when it's your boat. I live in Illinois where there are horsepower restrictions, but I don't want to be restricted by my boat. I'm able to take a smaller boat and have everything that I would have on a big 520c and I can do it in this small boat. We're going to take a walk through this boat and I'm going to show you exactly how I set it up, why I set it up it up the way I did, and some of the.

Neat features that we've got on this boat. Let's start at the transom. One of the things about a little boat is you've got to be able to get it going. One of the things I've done is I've got a nice Mercury Outboard. I've also got a Power Pole. Skinny water is an advantage with a little boat. You can get in real skinny water, put the Power Pole down, and be able to stop and fish a fish a little bit longer than you could otherwise. Also on this boat.

I have a jack plate, which gives me 1 or 2mph better which is really neat. Let's step down and take a look at the console. One of the things that is very important is you've got to have electronics at the console level. I happen to like the fact that you've got the capability to network my unit from front to back. That allows me to set a waypoint here as I side image and then be able to have that same waypoint in the front. When I go up to the front you.

Can see I've got a larger unit up in the front and that's because I spend a lot of my time up here in the front of the boat. The other thing I really believe in is the Hydrowave. The Hydrowave whether you catch fish with it or not it's one of those things where it's a competence thing for me. The other thing that is very important is you've got to have enough power to get you around in shallow water or deep water. That's why I like the Fortrex Trolling.

Motor. When you look at a boat like this you've got to have all of your controls right here in the front with you. You've got controls at the console, so you've got to have the same controls up front. One of the very important things about that is you want the capability to be able to use a small boat just like you would in a big boat. Except you don't have the affordability issue you have with a big boat. I can take this small boat and I can fish anywhere in the country.


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Memorecks Boat BeatsKick Push Remix Maschine MK2Ableton

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