Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.8.1 Update Minecart and Rail Tutorial Demo

Hey Guys. Muwen360 is here with a Minecraft Pocket Edition minecart tutorial and demo so in the latest update, 0.8.1. We now have access to minecarts. As you can see in the inventory, under the weapons category, we now have the minecart, and as well as regular rail power rail. So if you can see, you can now place both the power rail on the ground as many as you have as possible. You can also place just the regular wood rail as well. I believe in Minecraft survival, you need wood and gold to build some of the tracks.

Reggae Shark Key of Awesome 89 Animated

Gonna tell you da story Of a reggae shark. There are hundreds of sharks livin' under da sea. Great whites, hammerheads, and white tip reefs. But the one shark Discovery always leave out is the dreadlock Rasta fish I'm talkin' about. Reggae Shark! Reggae Shark is real. Reggae Shark! Him got a band with the seals. Reggae Shark! He don't want to harm ya. Reggae Shark! He just want your ganja. Reggae Shark! After dark Reggae Shark come cruisin'. Some say Reggae Shark's part human. Him was cursed by an evil Jelly Witch.

Didn't have no reason, she was just a bitch. Some kids were boatin' and smokin' a spliff. Reggae Shark swam over to ask for a hit. The kids start screamin' and one of them drowned. Now the sheriff and his posse gonna hunt him down. Reggae Shark got no political agenda. Reggae Shark! He just wants redemption. Reggae Shark! And he also wants ganja. But ya can't light a spliff when you live underwater. One day a drug boat had to drop its load. Reggae Shark come along and him eat it whole.

Now he's starving like Marvin, got the munchies. Then him see the evil sheriff and all his flunkies. He put his fins in the air and said, It wasn't me fault! But the sheriff said fire and the rifles shot. But it was just a shark decoy tied to a raft 'cause the Reggae Shark's a master of of da arts and crafts. Reggae Shark!He jumped on the boat. And the sheriff fell down his throat. The townspeople cheered and said, You brought us peace. You took a bite of corruption in the town police..

They threw him a huge ticker tape parade 'cause they know that he balances the food chain. They gave him the key to Kingstontown You should see the tourism he brings in now. You've redeemed yourself said the Jelly Witch. Me can reverse that curse and grant your wish. Him looked at the witch and he say, Nay. 'Cause I'm a Reggae Shark and that's the way I'll stay! Reggae Shark! Reggae Shark! Reggae Shark! Reggae Shark! Reggae Shark! Reggae Shark! They Key of Awesome. Hey, thanks for watching The Key of Awesome. If you want to see all the other Key of Awesomes,.

Click in the link in the description. And I want to thank the Reggae Shark for being in this tutorial. Thanks for sharing your story. And I want to thank The Key of Awesome for having us. So is there like a channel where they can hear some more of your songs Nah, nah, me don't have no channel. There ain't no Internet connection underwater. But you can buy this here song on iTunes. Other than that if you want to hear my music, just go down to Jamaica, get in the water, and follow the sound.


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Ltigt THEN RUB IT ON THEMSELVES ltigt ltigt SCIENCE DOESN'T KNOW WHY THEY DO THIS ltigt ltigt WHY WOULD ltigt ltigt A HEDGEHOG DO THIS ltigt ltigt THEY EAT SHIT ltigt ltigt AND THEN RUB IT ON THEIR BACKS ltigt ltigt SONIC'S GOT A LOT OF PALS ltigt ltigt CATS, BATS, RABBITS. ltigt ltigt FROGS croaks ltigt ltigt HIS BEST FRIEND ltigt ltigt IS TAILS THE FOX ltigt ltigt BUT FOXES EAT HEDGEHOGS ltigt ltigt KNUCKLES IS AN ECHIDNA ltigt.

The Clone Command A Quick Minecraft Tutorial

Welcome to a quick tutorial of the clone command, wich will be added in Minecraft 1.8. The clone command let's you clone a certain area to another place. It requires three pairs of coordinates. The first and the second corner of the area you want to clone, and the northwest coordinates of the place you want to clone to. For instance, if I want to copy this beautiful piece of nature, I have to enter the two corners, for example this and the upper corner over there, and the place I want to copy to. So for example, this are the corners of my tree park and this.

Are the coordinates I want to copy to. You see you can use absolute coordinates and relative coordinates. So if we do this, I will copy all the blocks, including the directions and, for example, sign text. But it doesn't copy entities, like Item Frames. Cloning also have two modes, the replace mode, which is the default mode, so if you leave this blank, it will use replace mode, and the masked mode. First the replace mode, if I place blocks over here, all will be deleted and only the clone will stay. But if you use masked mode.

Its My Belly Button Song

Ahhhhhh! What's wrong I just found something. What This. Ahhhhhhh! I don't remember being shot or anything. Call Flula. Ya Flula Ya I found a hole in my stomach. Ya Yeah, like a little pit. Oh, does it hurt No Is it your belly button Huh You know. Where you were connected to your mother What Ya! Everybody's got one. Everybody's got one Ya! I can't believe we've lived to be this old. And somehow we have never seen this hole. A little dent, with a little bit of lint, inside it.

Underneath this cotton tee, you've been hiding. It's time that we unwrapped this gift. Let's bring back the male midriff. It's my belly button. My belly belly button. I won't pretend like it's nothing. Cause my belly belly button's, really really something. Something I want to show to you. You should call me a seal, 'cause I'm going full naval. I bedazzled it. I made a nugget dip. Taste it! Hold up. Fill the hole up with molten gold. Mold a gold nugget for my charm bracelet. Potting Soil. Random seeds.

Douglas Fir. Sapling Maple Tree. These are gonna get massive. And absorb a lot of greenhouse gases. The fact is, we're helping the planet's health. Wait. We carbon offset ourselves. So. We can cruise around in a big SUV And these tree's allow us to ride separately. Let's continue this conversation. On our inefficient gaspowered phones! Hey, I've got this business idea to drive our vehicles door to door selling my new invention It's a fully functional DoItYourself miniature coal plant Exclusively for children. It's my belly button. My belly belly button.

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