Alright hey guys i’m evan from howtosbybros and i’m gonna be showing you how to make a paper boat, so heres what the finished product will look like. Alright grab a regular piece of paper and we need to get rid of this half to make it origami paper, just fold this corner over. Make it lined up with the end of the paper, and grab some scissors cut it. If I’m going to fast just pause the vid, just open it back up again. Now fold it over to this line. Make sure the creases are good, Alright now tape this end and fold it into the crease.

Right there, so go like this pretty simple. use your thumbs for the creases it will make it better. you don’t have to do that, alright now take the corner and fold them into the line like that alright, use your thumbs for the creases. Now your gonna do the same with the other side right here, Alright once you have this your gonna fold them in again but not all the way to the line, I would suggest about right here probably be good , make sure it’s at the corner right here not all the way to the line but close to it, you can adjust it.

Later if you want. what you want the sides meet, at the corners right here, if its not right you can always adjust it. Make this go a little farther. Alright, so thats what you want it to look like, make sure that these are hitting eachothers the corners. Now we’re just gonna fold this in, Alright now the fun part! Just turning it inside out, alright so you’re gonna take this right here, and just flip it inside out. It’s hard to do it without getting it wrinkly, but it doesn’t.



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