How to build a durable cardboard boat

One of the most effective ways ofconvincing everybody you’re crazy is to tell them you’re going to build a boat out of cardboard. I got the idea of a cardboard boatfrom the Internet I was looking for some cardboard projects and Ifound that people were building cardboard boats and usually they were building them to competein races there’s cardboard boat races where you have a certain amount of time tobuild a boat and then you race it across a lake

and whoever doesn’t sink and gets therefirst wins and uh. since i was gonna put theeffort in to building a boat and I wasn’t really gonna put it in acompetition my goal was to make something that was a littlemore durable so i took a few ideas from from certain plans and added a few ideas of my own to buildsomething that’s actually pretty durable. I’ve had it out on the water several times over the lasttwo three years.

This boat doesn’t have any rigidmaterials like metal or plastic or wood it’s made almost entirely out of cardboard as you can see, I also used some paint I used some varnish here on the bottom, I used some newspaper, and I hold it together with glue and tape. These duct tape patches you see here arenot part of the original construction

I found that duct tape is a quickway to patch a hole if you find a hole just before you’reready to put on the lake or something this is a quick way to make sure itdoesn’t leak typically if i have the time the bestway to patch this would be to actually use varnish and a small piece of newspaper give itseveral coats of varnish to seal it up. When I build this boat I started with onebig piece of cardboard

it was about eleven and a half feet longand about forty two inches wide and I found this piece of cardboard at the local appliance store. You’ll findthat appliance stores have lots of cardboardthat they need to dispose of so that was a good resource for me youget the cardboard to build this. Now what I did with the big piece of cardboardis, I just laid it out and i folded up nine inches of each side all the way along

to make the shape of the boat. now on the front and the back I had to cut along the corner of the bottom, the bottom part of the U then I folded in the sides and I cut off the extra there was a triangle of cardboard here and oneover there that I cut off.


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