How to make a Melon Boat Coles

Kids are going to love this watermelon boat filled to the brim with colourful, delicious fruit. You will need a large watermelon. The bigger, the better. With a sharp knife, take a slice from the skin to give it a flat base. Cut an oval shape from the top and lift out this piece. We will use this later. Around the edge of the cut, create a pattern by removing small triangles. Now to the filling. Grab your kiwifruit and cut through the centre in a zigzag pattern. When you pull the two pieces apart,.

You have a similar pattern to that of the watermelon boat. Use the same technique on an orange. Cut up as many as you need to help fill your boat. Back to the oval shape we removed from the top. Cut it in half and remove the watermelon flesh and as much of the pith as possible from both pieces. Trim the edges into an oval shape. Thread both pieces onto your metal skewer to create a sail. The thinner the watermelon skin is, the easier it will be to bend.

Add a whole strawberry to the top and stick the skewer into the flesh of the watermelon. Cut the corn cob in half and with the aid of a wooden skewer, attach one piece to the bow for the masthead and one at the stern. Using the same technique as before, create another sail from your extra piece of watermelon and place it behind the first sail using the wooden skewers. Now it's time to fill your boat with the colourful fruit we prepared earlier. Add an extra pop of colour around your boat.

Crafts for Kids How to Make a Toy Boat Water Mill Testing the Toy Boat in Water

Hi I'm Katalin from Hungary. I am the inventor of creative village in Hungary and this is my daughter and this is my son. Hello I'm Barbara and this is my little brother Monty. I'm here on behalf of Expert Village and we are going to teach you different arts and crafts. Ok, so our little boat is ready, and it's ready to play with it in the water. There you go, ready steady go! Ok, so this is yours now. Thank you, I'm going to try it in the big bath.

The Speech Ben HuntDavis Keynote Speaker

To give you some background, I was in the national rowing team for nine years. I competed at three Olympic Games and six World Championships At 1030 on 24th September 2000, I was sitting in a boat on the start line of the Olympic Games COMMENTATOR.make it three in a row When people talk about sport or watch sport, very often the temptation is to think that it's all about getting it right on the day..doing the right thing on the day and getting the results. In a way, it's very similar to businesses.

When you're part of an organisation it's not what happens on that day, it's what happens leading up to it. COMMENTATOR Looking good, across the line, phenomenal. I mean we hadn't chosen to row with each other, we hadn't chosen each other as friends. There was only really one area where we wanted the same thing and that was in this race. COMMENTATOR 50 metres gone and the British have really taken the bit between their teeth. We realised that if we continued to do what we had done for the previous however many years.

We would continue to get the same results you know, do whst you've always done and you'll get the same thing. And we were desperate to get a different result. COMMENTATORThey really don't waste anything at the front end of the stroke So we could do the same thing, get the same result or we could just jack it in. We could just go you know what Maybe we're just not good enough. Or we had a third choice. To do something very, very different. To make a jump and start looking at things in a really really different way.

COMMENTATOR The bond between these guys, they really have risen to the occasion. We had one very simple question that we were always asking ourselves and each other before we did any training session before did pretty well anything. And that very simple question was Will It Make The Boat Go Faster COMMENTATOR See the boys there, down the boat. Before we sat on the rowing machine for 70 minutes. Will It Make The Boat Go Faster Unfortunately yes, so that's what we would do. COMMENTATOR You see that good technique all the way through the race.

Before going out to the pub. Will It Make The Boat Go Faster Unfortunately no, so we didn't. COMMENTATORCroatia has taken it on but Great Britain, gosh they look strong Today is going to be a good day Because I am going to make it a good day. Noone else had helped us along the way. It was only happening because we were making it happen. and if ever it was true, it was going to be on this test day for us. COMMENTATOR We're coming through 500 metres and look at that!.

I don't know if you pick up on what the commentators were saying about us about our chances, our hopes COMMENTATOR I'm not sure they can still win, they need more. They hadn't really looked at what we were doing for the two years leading up to that race. They were judging us on the seven years of previous results. Who remember watching the 1980 Olympic Games. Seb Coe, Daley Thompson. Alan Wells, Duncan Goodhew Quite a few of you. I remember watching as an eight year old going 'Wouldn't that be amazing to do'.

But also thinking. 'yeah but that only happens to other people'. There's no way I could do that. COMMENTATOR 250 metres remaining and the boys are doing so well! We weren't in the situation of having best people like you are. What's a firm like yours capable of COMMENTATOR But we're going to do it! We're going to hold on! Just going through loads of learns and wins and increasing it. We managed to do something different. COMMENTATOR Go boys! Here come the Australians! And as we got given these the feeling was.

APPLAUSE COMMENTATOR Gold for Great Britain! Olympic Champions! As you look at the medal think about how good will it feel to achieve your goals Whatever your goals are. As you hold it in your hand think about doing all these jumps. How good will it feel when you've got your equivalent in your hand Because that's what drove us forward. Knowing how bitter it was going to taste if we weren't willing to change If we weren't willing to make that jump. And I tell you what, making the jump.

how to make a paper boat tutorial origami boat

Steps of how to make paper boats 1take the corner of the sheet and fold it down to make a triangle and cut off any remaining bit 2fold the square paper you have in half 3take the tip of the first layer and fold it up to the edge and do the same for the other layer 4hold the paper from the middle crease and fold all the corner tips inward 5fold the corners tips of the middle crease it doesn't matter the direction of the fold 6hold the three layers of the model together and open it up from the bottom.

Rum Mixed Drinks Part 3 How to Make the Boat Drink Mixed Drink

This cocktail is called Boat Drink. Go ahead and start off with putting your ice in your glass. Then we're going to do two ounces of spiced Rum. Now this is Captain Morgan. But there are a lot of spiced Rums, out there. What is the one Oh! Sailor Jerry's. they make a good spiced Rum. And it has a tint of a cherry flavor. So if you like your spiced Rum a little bit sweet. Sailor Jerry's might the one, you want to try. Now we're going to do a splash of tonic water. If I can get it opened, that is. Ah.ha! there we go. Those.

Curls at the gym, it really helps out. Here we get a splash of tonic water. Now just mix this together. This isn't one that you have to shake. It doesn't need to be all crazy fizzy. Like so. Here's your cocktail glass. Now with your cocktail glass. you're going to take a slice of lime. And you're just going to rim the glass with a slice of lime. That's what your Boat drink is going to look like. Go ahead and squeeze it. Toss it in there. Garnish with a little straw. And you are on your way. Cheers!.

Jet Powered Boat Science Experiment

Hello and welcome to hooplakidzlab making science super fun and super easy today we're going to show you how to make your own jet powered boat doesn't that sound exciting all you're going to need for this experiment is some red food dye, a funnel, some blu tack, a straw, a pair of scissors, a plastic bottle, 1 and a half cups of vinegar and one tablespoon of baking soda first get an adult to drill a hole into the top of your bottle lid for you it has to be big enough that the straw will.

Fit through once you've drilled your hole take your straw and cut it in half then push the straw carefully through the hole you've made in the top of the lid use some of the blu tack to fasten the straw to the bottle lid it's also important that you push down hard to stop any air from escaping in the gap between the straw and the bottle lid once you've fastened both sides, take the food dye and place a few drops into the vinegar you can use as much or as little as you like.

But make sure you stir it in thoroughly when you've done that, get your funnel and use it to very carefully pour the vinegar and food dye into your bottle once you've done this you're almost ready to go head to the bath and fill it with a shallow pool of water then use your funnel to pour the baking soda into the bottle quickly screw the lid back on top and place the bottle in the water and off we go the baking soda and the vinegar react inside the bottle creating carbon dioxide.

Crafts for Kids How to Make a Toy Boat Water Mill How to Cut Plastics for a Water Mill

Hi. I'm Katalin from Hungary. I am the inventor of Creative English in Hungary and this is my daughter and this is my son. Hello, I'm Barbara and this is my little brother, Marty. Here, on behalf of Expert Village, and we are going to teach you different arts and crafts. Now, we are going to make a Water Mill. Okay, now we need to place the sticks into the jars and let's make sure that the forks are facing each other. Brilliant. Does it go in easily Yes. Excellent. Okay. And now, our next step is we need to cut 4 pieces.

How to make Bread Slice Pizza at home Inspire To Cook

Hey guys! Welcome to INSPIRETO COOK! Today, I am going to show you how to make pizza out of a bread slice This is a super simple recipe, everybody can do it And it doesn't require any skill And the best part about it is you probably have all the ingredients at home If you have bread and cheese, than you are set and you can make the pizza But I am also going to use some toppings I have some pepperoni Some tomatoes, and cut up onions I just need a little bit.

You can actually put a very thin layer of sauce on it But I prefer to go ahead and cheese it up right away And then I'll put my toppings, so I'll cut a couple of slices of tomato I am going to through a couple of onions in And I am going to put a couple of slices of pepperoni And BOOM! We are don! Here is our pizza, ready to go into the oven My oven is preheated at 425 degrees So I am going to pop it in the oven.

Well it's been 10 minutes and let's check it out Would you look at that Umm, look how beautiful it looks One minute prep time, 10 minutes in the oven ANd it's ready to try Umm Look how delicious this pizza looks You want to make sure the cheese is nice and melty like this Umm Well I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, let me know in comments below what you think And I'll see you next time! Oops I wasn't recording Speaks Russian Seriously Are you serious.

Minecraft How to Make a Boat

If you want to make a boat in Minecraft, you need five wood planks. It does not matter what type of wood planks you use. Oak, spruce, birch, and jungle wood planks are all equally useable. You can even mix and match different woods types and still make a boat. Once you have five wood planks, place the wood planks in the ingredient spaces of the crafting grid of your crafting table. The wood planks must be arranged in a lowercase u shape for the boat to be made. The u shape can either be made starting at the top.

How To Make A Paper Boat That Floats Origami

How To Make A Paper Boat That Floats Origami,paper colour set read below for more info Size A4 How To Make a Paper Boat That Floats Origami Welcome to my toturial in which i will give you the..

How To Make A Paper Boat - Origami - Simple Instructions &Easy Folds - Step By Step Instructions.My tutorial shows how to make a paper boat. All the easy to follow instructions are here. It is made from a sheet of A4 paper. A4 paper is thick strong paper, which..

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How To Make An Electric Boat Hovercraft Easy Way

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How To Make A Rubber Band Powered Boat | Toy Boat.Material hot glue, Styrofoam, rubber band, popsicle sticks, Paddle PoP sticks Tools knife, sand paper, ruler, pen My other channel about Football LXG GOAL..

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