Intex Seahawk II Inflatable Boat Customization DIY Floorboard FishingAdvNHF

Now I got 2 pieces of new planks So I am gonna redo The floorboard This piece is too thick and too heavy Initially I am having 3 pieces After putting up the 3 pieces of the. Wood flooring I found out that it’s.

Quite wobble I decided to go for 2 pieces 45 inches (length) A side It’s easier for me to transport and it’s Well More stable.

So we’re done here, now. Based on Previous One that I have made I just using it To Well, you know Just trace out the line.

So To prevent wastage We’ll align it To the side And Well might as well I increase a little bit right? This is the flooring That I initially made.

It’s kind of just nice But after it inflate (The raft) What we can see is that There’s quite a huge gap there On the both side I’m not going to Make it to exactly (the same width).

Cause I am going to put some tubing For Holding it More stable And then I am going to put the PVC The water hose Which’s.

Yup This is my rubber hose So I am going to cut it open and Slide it in between just to protect The boat So I decided to increase by 1 inch Alright Here we go again!.


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