Wooden Boat Repair Tips, Meranti Mahogany Marine Plywood Aft Cabin

So here's that same Chris Craft, and what we did here was replace these back walls from the aft cabin. There's the aft cabin in there, and these back two pieces of plywood were all rotted out, and we had to tear out the old one, and put in the new, you can see how. This is a, I think this is called meranti plywood. It's an African mahogany type plywood. and it's a lot of layers, and the difference between marine plywood and regular plywood is there is no voids in marine plywood.

DIY Dock Protector

Boating is a huge part of cottage life but there's one thing about boats thats got me stumped What's the point of having a rub rail if the darn thing never touches the dock It's about as useless as having a parachute at a spelling bee Sure boat bumpers do their work, but they wear the side of the boat big time Well today we're going to bridge that gap between boat and dock To illustrate we have a boat.we have a dock and our boats even equipped with a rub rail.

So what's the issue Well, the problem is that the boat rides above the dock most often in order to bridge that gap most of us add bumpers bumpers wear on the haul.so what if we could turn the dock vertical therefore allowing the rub rail to do its job well we could do that simply by adding a couple pieces Every boat and dock is unique For my boat, my dock, I determined thirty two inches was the right height so all we need to do now is mount them the dock.

I'm going to do that with lag bolts and recess the holes because I'm also going to add this dock edge and the head of the bolt would obviously interfere with the face of the dock edge Alright I got my lags I'm just gonna start them.I'm putting two in the bottom because that's where most of the torque is and then once the vertical pieces are mounted this will go overtop and its screwed in okay let's go down to the dock Most boats taper towards the bowel about midship.

So let's put one of our vertical pieces there And.maybe back here Alright so I'm bringing down this so the bottom of my vertical piece is flush to the bottom of my dock So I'm going to hammer this one in to get it started I'll use the ratchet for the bottom ones So next we're going to add this vinyl dock edge to our vertical, to give us even greater protection bigger boats are of course going to require more vertical supports and perhaps be struck back to the dock for increased strength.

But hey, we finally got the rub rail doing what it was designed to do and for us older folks.no I'm not included in that bracket sorry There's a handy grab rail so we can get in and out of the boat now I'm gonna hang onto the boat bumpers because a lot of dock owners aren't as cool as we are! But as far as I'm concerned we solved our problem.For Cottage Life, this is Wayne Lennox reminding you that a little project goes a long way at the cottage!.

How to Make a TRUCK RACK in 30 Minutes or less

I'm Andrew I'm Kevin Welcome to Brojects! so this morning we were loading long wood into the truck and it's not very good in the six foot bed.I mean it hangs out way over Oh, that works perfectly. so we're thinking about building like a homemade truck rack We need to get it done in a half an hour because we've got to get to the lumber store before it closes buy the stuff and get down to the cottage but times a ticking so we gotta get going We're basically just gonna put some posts in the receivers.

Along the truck bed rail, cross them and then cross them again I think we make the cross members out of two by four No Why not We're not using the two by four What are you talking about the two by four is the strongest way to do it you misunderstand this whole project we're not making this for a contractor We're carrying lumber on a highway.why are we making this thing out of toothpicks You're ruining everything.if I can sit on it, it's strong enough yeah, ok Finally Alright let's cut.

What did you say again twenty six Thirty six This one is ready to go Yea that's ready to go Alright Yea it looks pretty good! Right now we are just doing the finishing touches on the lumber carrier take a two by four put two notches one front and one back So it'll just slot in there and that will give us our square Try to get this one Perfect! As soon as we put these two things on we're done Then we have to do the tarp You've got your electronics in the back you've got your tools in the back you don't want them to get wet.

We're going to try and make a custom tarp that goes over one thing we do want to add to it are a few hooks along the side so we'll be able to hook on go over really easily Punch these clips around the perimeter, so we're going to be able to bungee this down the idea was to be able to have something that you can put on the truck and take off the truck really easily.I think we accomplished what we set out to do that's gonna work really well.

DIY How to make Rustic Planters

Hey my internet friends, it's Mika! ok there were primarily a couple of reasons for this week's tutorial 1 cycling reusing and repurposing items is always a plus! 2 rustic and industrial decor is definitely huge right now and c'mon who doesn't love it! and 3 I needed to find ways to use popsicle sticks, 'cause.I have so many left. so let's begin then. Start with a plastic container, this one's from a Chinese takeout using an exacto knife or scissors I'm cutting the top edge so I have a smooth surface to work with.

Before we continue we're going to cut three holes at the bottom so the water gets drained well you also have the option to add a layer of rocks instead of cutting holes moving on to decorating it, measure how long you want the popsicle sticks to be make a mark and cut them out allow a couple of minutes for the glue gun to heat up and glue them on keep in mind, hot glue doesn't do well with water so you might need to apply super glue on some spots to make it more secure.

I also added a few thinner pieces among the cracks go ahead and paint the sticks to give the planter its rustic look and nowit's time to put in our plant! yayyy add a layer of dirt or soil make a paddle and transfer in you oxygen making item! fill it up with some more dirt and for some English country charm I put it on a vintage plate and to top it off a small bow with some twine and our little planter is complete! what kind of green pla would you choose to plant I chose the cactus because I know I'm.

Ladder Rack Install for Van, Wood Roofrack, How to, Haul Plywood

So here's a ladder rack, you can build for less than fifty bucks. So what I started off with here was I shaped a piece of two by four, on an angle, bit of an angle, and, to make that roof the same, like to fit the roof, and then I added a crossways piece on it. Up here I did the same, fit the roof, I screwed it up from the bottom, I'll have to drill that, so it doesn't split. and then I put a two by three across here.

I added one in the middle, just screwed it up, and I made a bit of a truss going down the sides. The key to the whole thing is these kind of, these metal pieces but you can use a, you know, ordinary, ordinary corner brace. These are wide ones, but you could use a double one. That would be a little heavier even, And then with this two by two being a truss, rather than a straight piece of two by six your tie off options are limitless in here.

These little cleat tie downs, from a boat, I bought them for about a buck and a half each, and they make wonderful tie downs. So it's a cheap rack, and I hauled many many ladders on here, I had ladders on here, full weight. I actually had too much weight up there. They rack itself is quite, quite light though. And I built it so I could put drywall and plywood up there as well. for, you know, for other type of projects. It worked out really well. So that's it.

How to Build Shelves Part 3

Before we put these up we threw on a little level just t make sure they are roughly level. They are not perfectly level but they are close. We predrilled the hole and are going to put a screw through the sheet of plywood. It is good to predrill those so it doesn't split. So now you can see what we did with our support beams. He is predrilling some holes that are going to go into the furring strips The back shelf support. so we're doing it at an angle.

How to build a DOCK BOX

Those of us who spend a lot of time at the dock know how much stuff can accumulate down here over the course of the day you know what I hate picking up after my dock side guests time and time again besides where am I going to put this wet stuff well today we're gonna work on a storage solution called a dock box to solve this problem found these plans for a dock storage box in Canadian home workshop magazine it's a pretty straightforward project I've got a couple of scraps of three quarter inch ply.

That we're going to use for the ends First we're going to rip them to width and then we're going to basket bottom profile plans call for a centre eight inches from the top of the basket and we want a six inch radius or other words half the basket width Clamp these together and cut them out with my jigsaw I'm going to give them a quick sanding just to tidy them up So, here we are we got a couple finished slats.these come out of five quarters by six cedar.

Really don't have to but it looks a lot better if you do some treatment to the edge alright ready for assembly I got my basket ends and my basket is upside down obviously We've got the basket finished time to do the legs plans call for two and a quarter by two and a quarter legs So, I'm going to have to rip this four by four cedar to that dimension So, I need four at seventeen These are going to be positioned like this.at both ends Here we go! Done and done!.

Now we're on to the lid! I'm gonna glue five together, good quality outdoor wood glue notice that bead dead centre that's because I know what I'm doing I'm a trained professional I've left these long because I'll cut it to length after it dries Now the worst part of this of course is that you have to wait for the glue to set.and that's going to take the good part of an hour so What am I going to do in the meantime Alright glue is set I'm just going to take the mark clamps off.

Plans call for the lid to be seventy inches in length So I'll cross cut that to length We've prompted to use these nice decorative tee hinges and most importantly They're super easy to put on could be a little overkill but I'm gonna use number nine three inch deck screws Now the plans don't call for it but you can see I added a chain stay to prevent the kids or my soninlaw from ripping the hinges out Let's get this thing down to the dock Well this dockside box sure is a big improvement.

Cleaning Fireplace Smoke Shelf with Traditional Brushes

So here's a couple more chimney brushes that you may or may not know anything about. This one is for reaching up into a fireplace, a regular masonry fireplace or metal, and sweeping all the stuff that's accumulated on the smoke shelf off. You can get up into there, and just hand by hand. We don't use that one very much because we use our rotary sweep, which does a far better job. This is another smaller version of the same thing. Again, the stuff that's on that smoke shelf is likely a bunch of sand,.

How to Build Upright Bookshelves How to Plan Sides for Upright Bookshelf

Hi! This is Jon on behalf of Expert Village. In this tutorial clip, we will be laying out our sides. If we take a look at the drawing of the materials that we did, our left and right side come out of the bottom corner of our 34 inch plywood sheet. So what we are going to first do is make cuts the entire length of our board and then we will come back and cut these off at the end. For our sides the measurement we need to look at,.

Are 6 feet for our height and 10 inches for our depth. So our board will be 10 inches wide by 6 feet long. Now although we have that 6 feet long and 10 inches long, we are going to be putting 34 inch trim on the front edge so that it will look like it is one big board so we need to subtract that giving us 6 feet long by 9 and 14 inch wide. Once we put that 34 inch trim on, then we will have a full 10 inches wide.

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