Vintage Classic Wooden Boat Cruiser Motor Yacht gets New Mahogany Stern Planks Corked

So this is, is it called corking cotton Yep. Yeah. Yeah. And it's, you just blast it in between the seams. You know, since last night, it's squeezing out. Yeah. You know, I guess it's coming out from behind even. Oh yeah yeah. You see its, I had that all smoothed on, it's squishing out. Right. Yeah, so that cotton goes between the planks, and then when the planks swell up, it just squeezes really tight. But the SikaFlex goes over top, right Yep. In here You put more SikaFlex into the crack.

Wooden Yacht Restoration, Mahogany Transom Repair Pt 1 MV Renaissance

So we took this out, this rotten plywood out, and reinforced the bottom of this a bit, and put rot fix back in, and now we're going to put the plywood back in. We did that already over here. Those holes are for the exhaust, and we've bedded it in with some heavy duty marine caulking called Sika Flex. There's John. King John. Ha ha. Playing in the. Is your money all gone Ha ha ha. Here he is, yeah. Look how nice he's making it there. Ha ha. Yeah. So, and then after that,.

Ode to the Gain by Matthew Nienow

Ode to the Gain There's the paring chisel's purpose in the steamed cedar strake its long warp laid strong against the bench whose pocked surface is the book of what has already been made or marred in learning's wake and clamped now in the jaws one is waiting for its match for the chisel to elaborate the pencil's scribed hypothesis under which lies another path and through a tilting eye the curving bevel's made the chisel rolling back tight scrolls of thinnest grain and what bright sleeves begin to fleece the floor there is a lack.

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Boat Plans

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