Minecraft Build Modern Boat

Hello this is sphinx140 and today I am going to be showing you a modern boat that I didn't build. It was built by a guy called ipods4lif. The life doesn't have an 'e' so the name will be showing on the screen right now. So, I actually didn't check if he has a channel or anything but you can like google him. Whatever it is you kids do these days. Yeah there's so much detail on this boat, I really like it. Ah. My voice. But yeah, there are cabinets here and there's a really nice table, I like that. A furnace,.

A sink, I really love the sink and a nice flower pot and a crafting table. You go up the stairs and we were already up here, but still I want to point out some details. The glass up here is really nice, I've never thought of using glass on stairs like that. The snow layers add a lot of realism like it looks very good. I'm not sure how these look as propellers but I suppose they're the best you can get in minecraft. But yeah, they're very cool. I assume those are propellers. That's the only thing they could be at the.

Back of a boat. But there are anvils on top and another here. I think those are very nice details. You'll also notice that in an item frame, is a music disc so you can kind of like turn the wheel to steer the ship. Obviously it doesn't steer the ship because it's made of minecraft blocks. But yeah, it's a functioning base, which I really like. Let me just point out again that it's got all the necessities of a base. You could like fancy it out a little bit with an enchanting table and like a brewing stand and stuff. But mostly it's got a crafting.

Table, a furnace, it's got some chests and I think that's very, very cool that he made like a really nice, detailed base in the style of a boat and it works and stuff. Yeah, I might do a speed build of this and give him credit of course but I might not, I might wait for him to come on and maybe ask him if he wants to do it. I really like this boat. Thanks for watching. Like, comment and subscribe if you liked the tutorial. Share this tutorial with.

Minecraft Police Boat Tutorial

Hello this is sarvy and today i m gonna show you how to build this police boat of course,if you want to download it,you have a link in the description but if you want to build it,well,lets start. so you find a spot where to build it and you put 1 block down of black stained clay and then put 3 blocks like this and you have to build a line of 13 blocks,so this is 1 and then 2,3,4,5,6. 12,13 so there are 13 blocks and then fill ths up.

Now that you fill that up lets continue into the next part with quartz block and you do it like this 1 block there then 3 and then 1 hanging on the side then you take the quartz stairs and put it upside down on each block and then you extend the qiartz block all the way in the back and you just come here and cut that block that helps you and now your blid have to look like this allright so we fill this up here and we put slabs.

Minecraft How to Make a Boat

If you want to make a boat in Minecraft, you need five wood planks. It does not matter what type of wood planks you use. Oak, spruce, birch, and jungle wood planks are all equally useable. You can even mix and match different woods types and still make a boat. Once you have five wood planks, place the wood planks in the ingredient spaces of the crafting grid of your crafting table. The wood planks must be arranged in a lowercase u shape for the boat to be made. The u shape can either be made starting at the top.

Minecraft Tutorial How To Make A Wooden Sword In Minecraft

Hey guys welcome back to another Techguru tutorial today I'm in Minecraft going to show you how to make a wooden sword to start fending off those enemies within Minecraft all you'll need are some sticks and wooden planks go ahead and place a stick in the bottom center panel of your crafting table place the planks in the center and upper center of your crafting table and you now have a wooden sword to fend off those mobs and creepers and what not anyways guys i hope this helps you out if it did go ahead like this tutorial and i will see you guys next time.

Minecraft How to Make a Trapdoor

If you want to make a trapdoor in Minecraft, you will need six wood planks. The type of wood does not matter. Once you have the ingredients, open the crafting grid in your crafting table. Place the six wood planks in a rectangle of two by three. Whether you position the rectangle at the top or the bottom of the crafting grid does not matter. After you have arranged the ingredients, a trapdoor should appear in the product space. You may now add the trapdoor to your inventory. And this is how you make a trapdoor in Minecraft.

Minecraft need ideas, fishing preview oceans mod previewrequest

Hello, I'm chylex and wow! The last few weeks were pretty insane, with all these mini mods, requested stuff, tweaks, well my Minecraft modding folder is now taking 3.14 GB, and I'm really excited to update all my mods to 1.3 when it comes out! no I'm not But I'm here today, because I need some ideas, the ocean mod is still far away from releasing, but I was thinking of some prereleases, just for people who follow me on Twitter and , or who check my website. So what I need from you are ideas,.

What would you like to see in the mod. When I'll have a little bit of time, I'll be working on fish mobs, but what to do after this If you have any ideas for structures, treasures, little changes like darker water, anything except mobs. I will add mobs like dolphins and sharks eventually. Alright, and now, as you have probably noticed, I'm fishing because I have made some improvements to fishing. There's a chance that the fish will get away, or that you can catch leather stuff, strings, bones, and I'd also like if you gave me some more ideas for fishing,.

Minecraft Tutorial FishingBoat

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Minecraft House Tutorial Small Fishing Hut

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