How to make a walking robot at home

Hello there here is a walking robot. You have seen these tutorials but nobody has explained how to make it. Here is a step by step process of making it at home. You need a motor, high torque low speed you can use servo, but I have used the door opening mechanism of an old CD player. I cut it out, then take the pulley and rubber band out and take the big gear out. Through the big gear I pass a iron wire and glue it. Cut empty refill pieces and glue that.

With the shaft and the gear. Pass it again through its same position and another side put one more refill which will work like a bush. now bend shaft both side 90 degree and turn it again cut the extra length to make it a bicycle paddle like look. Now from the center of the shaft about 10cm make a hole and push a iron wire. Put both side two small refill pipes. Now the closest distance from the shaft is 5cm and the longest distance is 9cm. now you need another iron wire to make a leg.

Make a slot of 4.5cm like this and about 9cm away make another loop. thus you have to make two legs. You have to the leg into the mechanism like this for this I have used some pen and refills. I put the sketch pen empty there and two refills here and so that it can freely move. If you power it up you can see its freely moving. Now bend the leg little bit wider here and cut the extra length at that end you can see I make it a loop.

Now to make that feet, take again some wire loop it to make a 1cm long and then make a U of 6cm wide such you have to make two feet. Screw that feet with the leg tightly in such a way that it should stand on single a leg. You have to do with the other leg too now all that moving junctions you put some grease or Vaseline. Now you have to do walking test. power it up with an external 3V supply with thin wires and check how it is walking.

The Farm of the Future Earthship Inspired Greenhouse Valhalla Kickstarter Promo

Valhalla is a community of people hellbent On making communal, sustainable living mainstream. Together we can build the world That our hearts tells us is possible So we've aquired a 60 acre piece of land 20 minutes away from Montreal and now We want to do something amazing with it We live in a time of extremes Technology has enabled us to either Cause great harm or make tremendous strides We want to make that choice an easy one So we've launched a project That will do just that We're creating a prototype.

Of the farm of the future A 100 off the grid greenhouse That will produce vegetables Fruits and fish year round All in an automated way That will require very little maintenance Now I know that sounds expensive But in reality this model is not only affordable It pays for itself in 3 to 7 years Solely of the food it produces Depending on how much you can build yourself It helps you greatly reduce you grocery bill While helping you become more green Now who doesn't want that Instead of reinventing the wheel.

We will stand on the shoulders of giants By combining the three most promising technologies For a sustainable future Earthships, aquaponics and passive solar greenhouses Earthships are sustainable stuctures Designed and developed by Michael Reynolds Technology enables a greenhouse To be 100 off the grid By using passiv ventilation, geothermal heating Water collection and renewable energy It also allows the greenhouse to be made At an affordable price using recycled materials Aquaponics is a symbiotic system Incorporating fish and plants To automate the production Of a large amount of diverse food.

Passive solar greenhouses capitalize On the cycle of the sun To maximize heat and solar gain Even in a freezing cold climate Can you imagine Walking into your own greenhouse Smelling the fresh basil Picking your own lettuce Tomato and avocado for tonights dinner This could be your reality This is why it is our goal To bring easy, healthy, green food production Into the cultural forefront and pave the way Towards a sustainable future The funds from this kickstarter Will go towards the materials to build The first prototype for the farm of the future.

How to Assemble a Model Car How to Glue Model Car Parts

Hi I'm Greg B from Expert Village. Today we're going to talk about model cars. Now, we're going to talk about a few tips on gluing. Your chrome parts, your glue doesn't stick very well to them. The glue actually burns into the plastic to bond them together. So you trim your parts off you want to take your xacto knife. We're just going to use it on the tree and scrape that chrome off where you're going to glue. Now you've got a perfect gluing surface to glue plastic to plastic. It holds a lot better. As you break your parts.

Off of the trees that they're attached too, you have whats called flashing that little bump in the plastic where it was attached and injected molding process. All you want to do it take your knife and just clean it up a little bit. It makes your parts fit together a lot better, to get that perfect fit. Something like this we'd want to take and put just a little bit of dab of glue where it's not showing, slide it in. What I like to do, I like to prefit everything before I actually put the glue on it to make sure it's going to fit.

In correctly. Once this is painted, you don't want to mess up the paint job. I like to use a toothpick. A lot of times when you open a tube of glue it will run out, especially a new tube. Get a little paper towel just in case. All you need is a dab, you don't need a lot. Couple of dabs. And that should be enough to hold it in place. You want to hold it for about 20 seconds. What we're going to do, I just happen to have a clamp, we're going.

Cardboard Model Car Sponge Boat Cardboard Model Car Making Wheels

Now we're going to make the wheels of the car. The way we do this is we take our tea candles, and we take four of them we make sure that there no candles inside. And the other four are going to be left with the candle inside, but we're going to take out the wick. And in the hole where the wick was we're going to poke the wooden stick straight through. And the reason why we leave the wax inside one of the metal containers is that it gives.

Us more support for the tire. And it's a very thing aluminum so the wooden stick goes right through. So now we have a hole, and we're able to join up one container with the wax, and the other container without the wax. To give us a nice strong supported tire. So we're going to that with all the candles, take out the wick, and poke a hole through the aluminum. And now we have four pairs, one with the candle and one without the candle. The next thing we're going to do is make a little slit inside the empty metal container, the one without.

The wax. And that will give us a little bit of room, make it a little bit wider so that we can fit the other side, the one with the wax, directly inside. And now we have a nice round, strong, firm tire that we'll be able to attach to the car using our wooden sticks which will act as the axles. Once we joint up the pairs, remember we only have a hole on one side. So we have to go ahead and poke it through to the other side, using the hole.

Cardboard Model Car Sponge Boat Sponge Boat Supplies

Now, we're going to be making a small boat and it's going to be made out of sponges. Let's go and take a look at the supplies we'll need for it. The first thing is we'll need one nice large sponge. Now, the sponge is going to be cut and we're going to be making a second layer and gluing it on top of the bottom layer of the sponge. I always keep, when I do this project, I keep a second sponge handy because there might be a possibility that when we cut around and give the shape of the base of the boat the excess might not.

Be enough to create our second layer. Usually it is but it's always good to have a second sponge on hand just in case you don't have enough from the excess to create the second layer of the boat. So, we have to have one nice sized sponge and you can have a backup. We need a toothpick. The toothpick will be our flag that we're going to put on top of the top layer. We're going to be using scissors to cut our sponge. We're going to be using permanent markers. Now, the permanent markers we have various colors to decorate the boat.

They should be permanent markers because when it goes inside the water we don't want the color to run. Now, it's also good for this project, which you don't see here, is that you could use paints that are made for decorating cloth. Usually if you want to decorate a tshirt there's certain types of paints that are used for that and they're very strong paints that won't come off in the wash. Again, this boat is going to be placed in the water so it's also a good type of paint for this project as well. We're going to be using permanent.

Cardboard Model Car Sponge Boat Cardboard Model Car Painting Small Areas

Now we're going to start painting the car. The first areas we want to paint are going to be the window and we're going to also paint the head lights. For that we're going to use a more of a yellowish gold color. And we do this before we paint the larger areas of the car, meaning the body of the entire car. And we'll go ahead and just paint those areas first. And afterwards we're going to take an outline which will help these areas also stand out even more. You see that our base paint gave us a nice coat where those colors,.

Whatever was on the box doesn't stand through. Even though you can still see some colors but not enough will come through when we apply our colored paints. So really that we see that the base coat did its job. And we'll go ahead and use some other colors for our, for the front, for the lights and we'll put a little license place on as well. Even though that we're going to be using a marker to outline the borders of all these shapes to make them stand out, it's important that when you're painting them on to the car to make then as.

Cardboard Model Car Sponge Boat Cardboard Model Car Painting Body

Now let's paint the body of the car. For that we'll be using primarily one color. We chose blue. And we're going to cover all the major areas of the body of the car. And just like the smaller areas that we painted, the windshield and the front of the car where the lights and the license plate are, just like those areas are going to be outlined with a marker, so too we'll put an outline around these shapes as well, the body of the car that makes everything stand out.

So it's important that when we get near the edges that the colors don't really blend in to one another because we want to be able to use our marker to make nice straight lines and to have these areas stand out. We see that no colors our coming through from the bottom because of our base paint that we used, the white color did a really good job. We see that it's starting to get its shape and the look of a real car or at least a cardboard car. You should always put some thought in to your project beforehand, knowing who's.

Going to be doing the project. If it's going to be kids, you might want to use some water based paints that will come out easy in the wash on clothes and things like that. So it's always good to put some thought in to the project as to who its for, who's going to be doing it. And of course you can vary the project in different steps, could be a little bit easier than look more difficult depending on how you do each individual steps and the materials that you use.


Well you can make a generator from a old toy motor. for this you require some wood, two old CDs, a toy motor, an LED and lots of other odds and bits. first make a wooden stand with an arm. drill a hole and fix a screw over there. then take 2 CDs and sandwich some foam rubber to make a large pulley. also attach a handle to this pulley. now take a sewing machine bobbin and place it in the screw like a fat washer and then place the large pulley.

And lock it with a small nut. rotate the pulley to ensure that it rotates smoothly. then take a 9V toy motor or a tape recorder motor with a small pulley on the axle and attach it to the base of the stand with two screws. you can see the white pulley on the toy motor. finally take a rubber band and place it between the large and the small pulley. on rotating the large pulley, small pulley will rotate much faster. now attach the two terminals of the motor to an LED. once you rotate the large pulley, the LED will light up, because.

4Wheel Balloon Car Design Squad

Go, go, go, go, go, yay! I'm Nate from Design Squad and I'm here with All of us are designing different balloon cars. It's got a carton for a body, a half a plastic cup, four foam balls for wheels. I think big DVD wheels will roll really easy. Go! NATE When we release the balloon. laughing the rubber on the balloon squeezes the air out. squeaking which makes the balloon go. It goes everywhere and it's crazy. NATE Now we're going to add a straw, because what it does is it makes the balloon go from going in a crazy direction.

To a straight direction. The propulsion technology we're using here is a lot like a jet or a rocket. When the balloon squeezes air out the nozzle, it makes thrust in the opposite direction that makes the balloon and the car want to go that way. ANNA Racers ready. panting On your marks, get set. go! NATE I just can't get mine to go straight. DESI I don't really think it was because it would go like that. I think it was because it would go like that. NATE I think you might be onto something.

This side to side motion made it not go straight. So I took this front axle, and I changed its angle just a little bit so hopefully it corrected it and now it goes straight. A.J., I challenge you! Racers, get your engines pumped! Go! yells Oh, now they're both going. Good race. Go. Go, go, go, go, go! Yay! I won! I have an idea of how we can scale this up a little bit. What I've got here is a fire extinguisher attached to a tricycle. Balloon car. But with a little more pressure involved.

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