Serving machine 20 to make perfect rigging for ship models

Check which side of the flange allows easier rotation of the main axle. Fix the main axle with gear on the desired side of the flange. To do so fully tighten the jam nut and then release it slightly to allow free rotation of the main axle Repeat for the second flange. Assemble handles. Set the flanges assembled on the baseboard at a distance required.

Fit the transmission axle. Fit transmission gears on the transmission axle flush to the flanges. Your serving machine is now ready. Check if it operates freely. Strain the rope between flanges: thread the rope’s ends through main axles and fix them on handles. If the rope is long lay it coiled on handles.

If the rope length to be served exceeds the distance between flanges the rope may be moved by coiling served length on the opposite handle. Use the needle to thread serving line through the rope. You can now begin serving. To speed up the process you can rotate transmission axle manually rather than using handles. To strop blocks insert hooked rods into main axles set them at a distance required and fasten with retention screws.

Fix the thread on one of the hooks. Wind the thread on the hooks. The number of winds depends on the required thickness of the becket. Now serve this. At the end secure the thread on the becket. As a result you get a served becket with loops an the ends. Using the needle thread the fibre through both loops and secure them. This allows quick production of series of EQUAL served beckets.

Fit the block on one of the hooks. Put the becket on the block. Use the second hook to tighten the becket. Fasten rods in the axles. Lay the seizing onto the becket. Here you are!.



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