Building Minatures SmallScale Model Making Part 1 PREVIEW

Gtgt Monster Roar IAN HUNTER Hi, I'm Ian Hunter with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. I'm a Visual Effects Supervisor and Model Maker, primarily. And we're going to teach you in this course, how to build a miniature city. The reason for building a miniature city, is to create an environment for our giant monsters to fight in. While we're building monsters in one stage, we're going to be constructing a city on the other. And once we combine those together, we'll be able to film that and create,.

Well, a giant monster movie. Part 1 of the course will cover planning of our miniature city. We're going to sketch out the city, sketch out where we're going to put our cameras, know where our monsters are going to fight, where they're going to be. And by doing that, we'll be able to plan our photography. We'll also discuss miniature photography in general and then we're going to finish up by building some patterns to make our city. So if you can imagine, building a miniature city is going to take quite a bit of work,.


This solar boat has been designed by LG in korea and made available through the department of physics in Pune university. this is a ready made kit. you need to assemble it. here is a solar panel with a toy motor and a worm gear. when you keep it out in the sun it rotates. once the shadow falls on the solar panel the motor stops. place the motor in its plastic casing and this is the solar panel. this is the body of the boat. these are the styro foam mounts, with a hole in the middle where the main axle will come. this is the pilot.

And this is the mount for the solar panel which can be adjusted. now place the motor along with the worm in position. place the solar panel on its mount which is adjustable. now place the steel axle with the gear in the middle and place two pedals on the ends. now this is the entire assembly of the solar boat. you can see that worm is with alignment with the gear. if the gear moves, both the pedals will move. this is the solar panel whose angle can be adjusted so as to orient it towards the sun. if you place the solar.

Boat in the sun, the solar panel will produce electricity which will run the motor, which will run the worm gear and gear in the middle will operate the pedals. when the shadow falls, the boat stops. now place the solar boat in a big tub of water. sun will fall on solar panel, the boat will run and the boat will go forward. when the solar panel comes under shadow, the boat stops. right now its turning, pedals are moving and boat is moving round and round. but as soon as the shadow falls on solar panel, the boat stops. its a nice.

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I don't think it's gonna be close to the Mexican food whatsoever. Yeah, it doesn't look like a taco whatsoever. To me it does. Looks like a salad. A taco isn't usually in a flour tortilla, I mean Both It comes in corn. girl laughs I mean, looks like your basic burrito. Beans, rice, chicken, guacamole. Why is the rice white I can totally eat some of these. I don't know if this is mayonnaise or sour cream, but Yeah, I can't even tell, it tastes like mayonnaise.

Tommy Boy 210 Movie CLIP Desktop Demo 1995 HD

Our new brake pads are really cool. You're not even gonna believe it. Like, umm, let's say you're drivin' along the road with your family And you're drivin' along. La, de, da, whoo. Then, all of a sudden, there's a truck tire in the middle of the road imitating brakes screeching and you hit the brakes. chuckling whoa. That was close. Now, let's see what happens when you're Driving with the other guy's brake pads. You're drivin' along, you're drivin' along, You know, all of a sudden the kids are yellin' from the back seat.

I gotta go to the bathroom, daddy. not now, damn it! Truck tire. imitating brakes screeching I can't stop! groaning Help! There's a cliff. groaning And your family's screamin', oh, my god! We're burnin' alive! No, I can't feel my legs! In comes the meat wagon. imitating ambulance siren And the medic gets out and says, oh, my god. New guy's in the corner pukin' his guts out. groaning All because you want to save a couple of extra pennies. chuckling to me, it doesn't Get out. Now. Yes, sir. Do you validate.


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