For this project im going to show you how to build a rocket, from scratch. these homemade Randomizer rockets, launch over 1,000 feet high, and eject a little parachute to bring them safely back to the ground. Theyre reloadable and relaunchable. And you might even be able to build one, with things around your house. For this project youre going to need a bottle of gas relief pills, and a plastic champaign glass, like the kind you’d get at the dollar store.

Pushing the bottle into the glass, you can see they make a perfect fit, and youll see why thats important in just a few minutes. Now plastic champaign glasses usually come in packs of two for a buck, but they dont always look like this one. Some have slightly different textures, or extra decorations for special occasions. But with a little ingenuity, you can probably make any variation work.

Now you might have already guessed, this is going to be the nosecone for the rocket. and we dont need the base, so lets go ahead and chop it off now, with something like a hacksaw. Make sure to leave about half an inch at the tip, then find a sheet of sand paper, so you can carefully begin sanding the plastic stub down, until it follows the contour of the glass. Im using 150 grit sandpaper, and after a couple of minutes, you can already see the nosecone starting to take shape, and looking a lot more aerodynamic.

Now if you go one step further, and sand the whole thing with 400 grit, itll help the paint stick better. But either way, before you paint the nose cone, its a good idea to rough up the inner wall, near the top. Roughing it up now, will save you a step, when we attach it to the rocket later on. Alright its time for a paint job, and I went with this yellow gloss spray paint, because its made for bonding to plastics, and dries in 15 minutes or less. I recommend going outside and holding it with something like a foam noodle when you spray it,.

Because this way, you dont make much of a mess. Alright with the nose cone drying, lets move on to modifying the plastic pill bottle next. You can find these bottles at your local super center, for around 88. And if you pull the label slowly and carefully enough, you should be able to get it off without leaving any sticky residue behind. Now were only after the empty bottle here, so unless youre having issues with gas, go ahead and get rid of the pills any way you think is safe. Next youll need to carefully, cut the bottom of the bottle, and for that Im using an Xacto knife.

A boxcutter, or pair of scissors will work as well. but whatever you use, the goal here is to cut the edge as straight, and cleanly as possible. Now the threads on the bottle neck have to come off as well, and I found a good tool for removing them is a flat metal file. Set the bottle on a flat surface and grind away at the threads until theyre flat. But try to keep the bottom ridge, untouched. And while youre here, go ahead and sand a rough patch into the inner wall of the bottle, like you did for the nosecone, then use 150 grit to rough up the sides of the bottle as well.

Alright, lets move on to building the screwlock, motor mount, next. Youll just need a 3/4 PVC coupling, which you should be able to find at any hardware store. And its important to get the one that has the threads, on the inside. Use your sandpaper to rough up the outside of the casing, then cut 1/2 off the tip, of the threaded end. This piece will become the quick connect adaptor that our sugar motors will screw onto when were getting the rocket ready for launch.

Now the body tube of the randomizer rocket, is made with a plastic golf club protector, you can find at any sporting goods store. And while youre out running errands, stop in at the dollar store for a roll of wrapping paper as well. You dont actually need the paper though. Just 4, of the the brown paper tube thats inside it. And one roll, will give you nine of them. Alright the next thing we need, is the fin cutting template, which was designed and donated,.



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