After you finish your design, you’ll likelyneed to share it with others. A drawing layout organizes one or more viewsof your design on a virtual sheet of paper. A layout usually contains a title block, oneor more viewports, and annotation. Let’s take a look at the steps for creatinga layout. The number of layouts in your drawing dependson the template you used to create the drawing. You can edit existing layouts or create newones. I’m going to create a new layout by rightclicking on one of the existing layouttabs and choosing New Layout. All new layouts include a default page setupand viewport.

The viewport controls which area of the designto show and at which scale. For this layout, I’ll show you how to editthe page setup, insert a title block, and create your own viewport. I’ll start byerasing the default viewport. I’ll rightclick on the Layout tab and selectPage Setup Manager. The Page Setup Manager is where I’ll modify the layout’s outputdevice and paper size. Now I’m ready to insert my title block.I’ll make the Title Block layer current, and use the Insert command to insert a titleblock I created earlier. Next I’ll define a viewport to display mydesign.

I make the Viewports layer current, and usethe VIEWPORTS command to create a new Viewport. I’ll size the Viewport to fit into my titleblock. I can change the scale at which my designis displayed by selecting the viewport and choosing an appropriate scale from the listof predefined options. Once my layout is ready, I choose Plot.Notice the arrow in the bottom right corner of the Plot dialog? on this arrow todisplay additional settings. In this case, I’ll accept the default settings,and choose Preview. Finally, I click the Plot button to send mylayout to the output device.


this paper clapper takes less than 2 minutesto make.you need a rectangular sheet of paper 20 cm long and 7 cm wide. fold the sheet alongthe middle line and then open it. then fold all the four corners one by one to the middleline.once again fold these corners to the middle line. they will make skewed creasesand this will look like a two way pointer. now fold the model in half and then in a quarter.you can see this is the mountain fold. now this mountain fold should be on the top. foldit like two long ears and make a little dent. now fold and just press and release and youwill hear the clap. its like a rabbit’s long ears. you can even make one ear flap


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