Hello I’m Kyle Brayer, your next cardio workoutfor your in home training session will be steam engines. Steam engines is great becauseit’s going to work your upper abs, your lower abs, your obliques, it’ll work your quads,and also work your cardio. You’re going to start with your feet shoulder width apart,your hands behind your head, you’re going to bring your left knee up as high as youcan and across your body and then bring your right elbow down. So it’ll look like thisand then alternate, so your right knee up left elbow down. To the front. Then as you get a little quicker the movementwill be a little faster so it’ll look like

this. This is almost like a standing crunch.Still used by the military today, they do them in the Marine Corp and the Army and it’salso going to get your heart rate up. You can add in some jumping jacks in between butagain the steam engines to the side. When you get real good you can do it doubles. To the front. So again you’re working thoseobliques really well, working the abdominal region, and you’re working your heart. Sothat’s steam engines.



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