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Hi! My name is Mark and I'm with Holiday RV South. We're located in Colorado in the town of South Fork. Some of you may remember the movie VACATION featuring Chevey Chase. Well, the Grisswolds stayed right here in beautiful South Fork. We get thousands of RVers here every summer who come to enjoy the great scenry and cool weater. We sell an tremendous number of fifth wheels every season. People show up in town with an older 5th wheel and leave with a new one. Our best seller is the Lifestyle RV. It's.

78 Sq. Ft. the Smallest apt in America tutorial

LUKE CLARK TYLER My name is Luke Clark Tyler and I'm a freelance designer here in New York. I work here at my tiny apartment in Hell's Kitchen. I found it on Craigslist. I think it called it a studio, which I don't know if it qualifies as a studio. I didn't know how small until I got here, and then I found this, which is 78 square feet. When I moved into this place, it was just a white shell. That helped me more easily establish what I would do with the place.

This is the couch and the bed as well. But I usually have the bed up against the wall, so that it can be more like a sitting space. When my friends come over, we will just hang out here. And then people think, well what do you do You just stare at the wall! But we talk to each other. I do most of my freelance work from home, so this is where I work. Having the mirror here, when I'm spending so much time here working, it deepens the space a little bit so you're not.

Working at a wall. It feels a little bit bigger. It may just be a silly trick for your mind, but it's nice, I think. This has everything from the few books that I keep with me to my clothes, my printer for work stuff. And then a microwave. I have dishes. Dishes, I just wash them in the bathroom sink. This is my tiny towel. Yeah, in fact my parents always give me grief because I don't use a big towel. As far as having a shared bathroom goes, I think I'm.

Relatively lucky because my unit is on the same vestibule with the bathroom. The drawback is it's kind of dorm style, where you gotta carry your bathroom stuff to the bathroom with you. Coming home to a tiny apartment, this is what I've been doing for at least five years now. We adapt very easily as people. FEMALE SPEAKER Like home and design So do we! Have social media Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr So do we! We have so much in common! Subscribe to Spaces and you'll get exclusive content,.

West VirginiaRome ComputerAnimated Walkthrough Solar Decathlon 2015

West Virginia University and University of Rome Tor Vergata have partnered to present STILE a house that merges Italian and Appalachian design concepts with innovative energy techniques. A portion of the house will be created by recycled shipping containers, which will allow the house to be constructed efficiently. A patio occurs naturally as a result of the arch's shading effect. STILE's floor plan maximizes public spaces and promotes an open flow with the outdoors. The 30 solar panel array we have chosen to use are 280 watt panels equipped with microinverters.

Located on the arch. The windows we have chosen to utilize are a major feature due to their presence creating a more open and bright feel due to natural light. The home app that we have created controls many aspects of the home. It provides the homeowner with the ability to automatically close the windows and blinds, turn the lights off with a touch of a button, and monitor energy produced or consumed. There are security features that include driveway notifications, visitor alerts, and locking the door remotely. The house is outfitted with a HVAC system.

Simple Contemporary Houseboat Openness Structure Design

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Blue Modern Small House

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