DIY Solar Power Canoe NEAT Do it yourself Alternative Energy

Alright guys appointed days do you sell tutorials to show you how we made this solar powered clear my brother and I just finished this project today going to give a quick run through where we got materials what we pay for them how everything fits together and how it functionally works we got the canoe itself from a friend of ours for 20 bucks so that’s a pretty cheap start we picked up the morphia solar panel you see on the right for thirty dollars at a flea market now it puts out.

14 ample power in the fall sign we just wide that directly up to the deep cycle battery that you see here on your left and the main reasons we did that and just cool as hell to have a solarpowered canoe is 1 we can go out there fishing I’ll campaign weekend wherever out remote locations and we have a power source to charge that battery.

To its gonna make that battery last longer as a won’t be discharging the battery plays much in four her she’s me three is a beast money you don’t when you bring home you don’t have to plug it back in the wall so those are the main reasons we did that just because ur it was pretty neat now this will allow us to run 20 5 percent longer on our slowest speed now it does charge while we’re running on the water.

At lower speed on the trolling motor it pulls about four aunts so if we keep it on now while we’re out on the water with or one ampoule charge in the Sun that allows us go to 25 percent longer or if we were to put three more solar panels and get four for amps added this namely literally be running off of the sandwiches some we plan to do if we run into some more solar panels now to hook this so account YouTube new we just put a couple bungee straps.

Around in her cat rate to the frame that works pretty good and as far as hooking the battery out we use and old bike chain that we had a bike lock rapid on their in the event we flip the canoe over I’m pretty sure you can see it we put the canoe over then that batteries not going to fall out in the battery is sealed itself in case it gets water in there we don’t have to worry about that because it is sealed now another.

Neat little trick I wanna let you guys know about running a a batteries or solar any any typing this this type of project is you don’t wanna discharge your deep cycle marine batteries more than 50 percent depth discharge this is what causes the lead to build up on the plates in a larger battery can no longer take a charge to your greatly shorten the life your battery if you do that a neat little trick I’m.

How not to do that is just take a little multimeter with you if you don’t have a little charge reader as you see I have to our multimeter in the bottom there that way doesn’t matter if we lose it and I can really be charged the battery while we’re gone now fully charged batteries about 12 points seven bolt so I know when I get down a dead one is eleven point five bolt so I know when I get down about twelve point one bolt I’m at 50 percent depth chart fifty percent total.


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