Hyundai Motor launches Ioniq hybrid compact

Korea's largest automaker Hyundai Motor has launched its first ever ecofriendly model. The auto giant wants to blaze a trail within the global green car industry with other lineups expected to be released soon. Sohn Jungin has more. This is the Ioniq, Hyundai Motor's first locallyreleased hybrid and electric car. The hybrid version can run up to 22pointfour kilometers a liter,. on par with other leading models in the global market. Aside from its extensive list of smart features, such as parking assist, the vehicle offers a program where the car's battery is covered.

By a lifetime guarantee. Hyundai Motor plans to introduce the electric and plugin hybrid versions in the second half of the year. It aims to sell 30thousand units at home and abroad this year, and push to increase sales to 77thousand next year,. including overseas shipments of 62thousand. We are sure the Ioniq hybrid system will solidify Hyundai Motor's leadership in the global hybrid industry. A slew of hybrid models are set to debut in Korea this year. The latest Toyota Prius, currently only sold in Japan, will be launched in March, while.

Chevrolet's new Bolt EV will be in local showrooms within this year. At the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, Volkswagen unveiled a zeroemission minivan that can travel up to 500 kilometers on a single charge. It's much more modern, its hightechnology. It's a longrange electric car. It's fully connected. It's a very emotional car. It will be the state of the art by the end of this decade. With Hyundai Motor's latest hybrid compact to debut in Europe and North America within the first quarter of the year, competition in the global market is expected to become.

Hyundai Motor to launch global luxury brand 2020 G 6

Hoping to boost its footing in the highend car market. Koreas top automaker Hyundai Motor will launch an independent global luxury brand. to compete with the likes of Audi Mercedes and others. Hyundai says the second generation of its Genesis sedan and a new edition of its Equus sedan will be incorporated in its luxury line up. The models will be named using a combination of the letter G which represents Genesis the name of Hyundais luxury sedan model and numbers. By 2020 the company plans to expand its lineup to six new vehicles. which will include SUVs as well as a sports coupe.

Hyundai Motor unveils Ioniq hybrid

Korea's largest automaker Hyundai Motor has unveiled the first local ecofriendly car. Hyundai says the Ioniq., disclosed to the media during a preview event, will be the beginning of a change the company's future mobility. The new model is the company's first green car made from scratch,. although it has launched hybrid versions of existing models. Ioniq will be equipped with the latest 1point6 GDi engine,. as well as a highefficiency motor. The official launch is scheduled for midJanuary in Korea. For overseas markets, Hyundai expects to launch the Ioniq. in the U.S. in October,. while.

Space Launch System Using Futuristic Tech to Build Rockets

Ken Cooper What we've got here is the latest in direct metal 3D printing, if you will. We call it additive manufacturing now. It's the official term. What it is, it takes fine layers of metal powder and welds those together with a laser beam to fuse a threedimensional object right from a computer file. It's like artistic welding, if you will. Selective Laser Melting is the official term on the patent. That kind of describes what's going on. You are selectively melting the powder and wherever the laser touches it turns to.

Solid and the rest of it stays powder that you dump out afterwards. Right now, we're trying to qualify this to build rocket motor parts. Basically, what additive manufacturing gives you is the ability to build very complex shapes that couldn't be built other ways or just to simplify building complex shapes. It really doesn't care about the geometry. Really the deciding factor in whether the machine can do it or not is the size of the part. We wanted to have the best technology out there because we are shooting to put.

These into humanrated rocket systems. Andy Hardin When we build parts, we go through a lot of tests, a lot of inspection. We do a lot of engineering builds first to make sure we have the process wrung out. There's always weld problems that you have to deal with and there's going to be problems with this that we'll have to work out, too, but this has the potential to eliminate a lot of those problems and it has the potential to reduce the cost by as much as half in some.

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