Northshore Platform Lifts Boat Lifts for Serious Boaters!

Northshore Waterfront Solutions Northshore Waterfront Solutions logo We're called Northshore Waterfront Solutions and we design and build custom boat lifts for clients just to make sure that they're getting a unique boat lift that is specific to their needs and suits their lifestyle and their boating needs. It's super easy, our clients love it you just get in your boat, you have a fab and at the push of a button you lower your boat down you drive away and as you are approaching your boat house you drive in and push the button again and it.

Raises you back up. So it's super easy. The decking we use on the platform boat lift is composite decking and we use that because it's heavy and sinks into the water so when the platform is lowering into the water you want something that is going to weigh it down so it doesn't float. Any natural products might deteriorate fast in the water so the composite decking is actually meant to go under water so it just helps with the longevity of the lift. We would design to whatever boat that you.

Have in mind so depending on how heavy your boat is, what type of boat it is, what kind of motor we will make sure that you have the lift that can accommodate that boat. The lifts are really great because they really feature a clean, clutterfree look inside the boathouse, you don't want a bunch of towers, cables, pullies that are obstructing your view. You want a nice clean view of your boathouse. So, a lot of clients prefer that and the great thing about the system is it doesn't have to go in a boathouse, it can go outside on.

A dock and then again it just keeps your view nice and clean and all you see is the beautiful scenery around you. People like the fact that their boathouse is secure so they don't have to worry about people swimming up and underneath the boat and getting in and stealing things, they can keep their valuables in the boat house and it's locked up nice and tight and secure. We have to look at how the existing boathouse has been built, is it on cribs, is it on steel, we may have to do a bit of retrofitting to.

Make it work and make sure that the boat house can accommodate the weight of the lift but we've been able to pretty much find a solution for almost every client that we've talked to so far. So some things to think about when you want to look at installing one of these lifts is the water depth. You want to make sure that you have about 3 feet of water depth. Also, from the top of the dock to the water, you want to have about 2024 inches, so about 2 feet to give room to keep all the components.

Underneath the deck so they are nice and hidden, but then also out of the water. We have a wide selection of lifts. We've been focusing on our flagship platform lift because it is very unique and new to the market and we're getting a great response from it but we sell anything from your standard boat lift through to the hydraulic lift without a platform. Clients love our system because they take great pride in their boats and the system can lift the boat totally up out of the water with the platform underneath, you can completely.

Home Chest Workout How to Get a Big Chest at Home Without Weights PUSH UPS WORKOUT

Hey Guys It's Vic , A lot of people ask me, whether or not they should be doing push ups and are push ups an effective exercise for chest. Now I will tell you in the beginning when my parents wouldn't allow me to have weights pretty much i had to fabricate weights out of bricks and strings and pulleys but then mainstay of my chest training was pushups and i will say that i got a tremendous pump from doing pushups and i still do and in fact i still do them a little bit right before i start.

My chest routine but i want to give you a way to do pushups especially if you're not feeling your chest and you're not connecting with your chest or you want to have a variation in your trainingI want to show you how to do pushups that i think really can affect how you make a connection with this part of your body so if you wanna be able to do this then try this so first thing i'm going to do is reposition the camera so that you see the exercise.

And I will get in position, this technique is going to work really well okay guys first thing we do is to get into your push up position hands forward I will eventually bring my knees up but i want to explain something of the way we're going to do this is we're gonna alternate sides and i don't mean we are going to do one arm push ups but we're gonna put the focus on one side of the body and then let the other side catch up let me show you what i mean.

First then we're going to do come down to the floor completely ok totally rested elbows out to the side hands forward. Now what i want you to do is push up on one side when you do this you won't feel anything in the left side of your body so i'm using my left arm I'm going to push up , and that's it just like this. But where we are really going to feel this, is in the right side is in the right side I'm going to push up really slow.

And allow my right side to catch up to my left side. Then I will come down to the floor again I'm going to push up on the right side, just to put the weight on the left side of the body now push and allow the left side to catch up and we are going to alternate. This is how it's going to look a lot you are really going to feel this, again, push up on one side then nicely slowly let the other side catchup again push up on one side.

And let the other side catchup it's kind of like doing a onearmed pushup but with some stabilization. This will shift the weight from one side of the body to the other it will get involved all of the stabilizing muscles and you will feel this in your chest after you've done about ten repetitions this way then I want you to pump out five more regular push ups quickly Pretend I did all ten, I'll do two to demonstrate like this then up like this let the other side catchup.

Brake Winches Short Version DL Difference

When people think of hand winches, the image that often comes to mind is pulling a boat out of the water and onto a trailer. While those types of winches referred to as pulling winches are very popular, they are not suitable for most vertical lifting applications. Trying to lower a load with a pulling winch would require the operator to release the locking mechanism while maintaining control of the crank handle that wants to spin freely. Brake winches are fully automatic and selflocking, making them more suitable for vertical lifting.

The operator can simply crank the handle clockwise to raise the load or counterclockwise to lower the load. When cranking stops, the load stops, and is held in place automatically. DL brake winches are commonly used in applications ranging from boat lifts, to grain augers, to basketball goals. Our popular DLBseries winches range from capacities of 350 to 2500 lbs. For heavier duty jobs in tougher environments, Bseries winches are available in capacities of 1200 to 3500 lbs. The automatic brake mechanism in these winches keeps the load secure during both the raising.

And lowering processes. When the handle is turned counterclockwise, it allows the load on the winch to lower at the same speed that the handle is turned. The handle does not forcibly turn the winch, but instead, allows the winch to turn. This means that if there is little or no load on the winch, line may not come out when the handle is turned counterclockwise and the handle may unthread itself. For this reason, brake winches require a minimum load, which is an amount that assures the load will always move down smoothly.

DL brake winches have many important safety features, but they do not meet the standards for lifting PEOPLE or OVERHEAD hoisting. If an application involves a load that could ultimately be above people, a secondary holding device should always be used as a safety precaution. Durable, 'Made in the U.S.A.' brake winches for simple and safer vertical lifting and lowering that's the DuttonLainson Difference. Thanks for watching! We're always interested in hearing what DL products you want us to cover in future tutorials, so let us know in the comments below!.

For long version In the tutorial I suggest using a B series winch because the parts are easier to see. to understand. talking about, However, this cover should remain on YOUR winch at ALL times unless you are performing maintenance or repairs on it. with a large washer affixed to it to create pressure on other parts the shaft. The ratchet wheel engages a springloaded pawl, which allows it to turn only in the all of these parts to be pinched tightly together, counterclockwise and the load stays locked in position.

Korea vows to launch new initiatives to lift exports

Plunging oil prices have dealt a heavy blow to a number of countries that depend on exports for growth. like Korea. Asia's fourth largest economy saw its outbound shipments plunge last month after 13 straight months of decline. The Korean government has vowed to launch new initiatives to counter the trend. Kim Jiyeon reports. The trade ministry says it will expand the number of times it sends trade delegations around the world. from 73 to 109 in the first half of the year. In particular, the ministry says it is hoping.

To engage new trading partners, such as Cuba,. and strengthen existing relationships, such as with Iran,. by helping Korean exporters build new distribution chains in the target countries. The ministry says it will also work on boosting exports to China, Korea's biggest trading partner. by helping local exporters advance into China's consumer market. In order to do that, the ministry plans to increase research and development of Korean cosmetics and medical products, while boosting shipments of agricultural and marine products. It will also establish an 82point4millionU.S. dollar development fund to promote Korean cultural content and build a cultural content.

Center in Beijing. To maximize its free trade agreement with China. the trade ministry says it will launch series of trade events throughout the year. The ministry plans to give Korean products that are sold online. a mark to certify the quality of the products for foreign consumers. Trade Minister Joo Hyunghwan said the country's export decline is due to falling global oil prices and the slowdown in global economic growth. Korea's exports in January dropped 18andahalfpercent from the previous month the biggest plunge in nearly sixandahalf years. Kim Jiyeon, Arirang News.

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