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Tip of the week is brought to you by EFS, the suspension you can rely on. I know I do. You know, one of the hardest parts when you've got your tinnie off, and you've got your nice camp set up there. And you've got to travel to and from the campsite. Now it might be only 200300 yards. But you don't feel like leaving your tinnie up on the beach all night, just in case it drifts away or the crocs use it as a teething ring. Well what you can do.

Is, you get yourself one of these little Almac folding boat trailers. Now they fold up to virtually nothing. They're made of aluminium. Tough as nails. And you put your little tinnie on top, and you tow it to and from the boat ramp. Then when you leave, you just fold it back up, and you stick it on top of your Almac boat loader roof rack. Now we would have towed this thing hundreds of kilometers through the bush behind the back of the Polaris ranger. And this thing's taken every beatin', every lickin' we've given it. So I'm going to give.

Rooftop boat loader EFS Tip of the Week All 4 Adventure TV

Tip of the week is brought to you by EFS, the suspension you can rely on. I know I do. You've just spent about 3 days on the road driving through dusty roads, corrugations, washouts, creek crossings. Well, here's the tip. I've just landed here, the top of Arnhem land. And I want to unload the tinnie. Make sure you don't do your back in on the first unload. Otherwise you're going to be out there. You're not going to be able to go fishing. So what do you do You get yourself an Almac boat loader. And mate, it is so simple. It's.

Child's play. Plug in a few bits and pieces. And away we go. You see, the thing with the Almac boat loader is it's not just a rack to hold your boat to get it on and off. It also is a roof rack. And it looks pretty good too. Because that's what we're all about, we gotta look good when the boat's not on the roof. Because I've got my solar panels up there. I've got some MaxTrax up there. I can put swags up there. So there's heaps of room up on top, and it's a boat loader. That is the best part I like about it. Now.

The Carbonaro Effect Kenneled Dog

Hello. Hey. How are you doing today How are you Doing good. I'm here to pick up my friend's dog, Walker. Oh, Walker. Here you go. Is that walker I got walker for you. That's not Walker. That's not Walker Oh, I'm sorry. I was kenneling a bunch of them today. What time were you supposed to pick him up I think 130. I'm a bit late. Oh! I think I unkenneled the wrong one. Sorry! So sorry. Yeah, it's 137, I'm sorry. Okay. We're gonna. So cute. Let's kennel Marco back up. Have you ever seen one of these before.

What is it There you go, Marco. I had him unkenneled. Yeah. And. There we go. Oh, my God. What What do you. There we go. Did you just see. Yeah, I had him I unkenneled the wrong one. You're crazy! This is the wrong one. Yeah. Sorry. What was the dog's name Walker. Walker. All right. Let me see what I got here. Are you kidding me Are you kidding me He's gonna kill me. Uh, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker. You've got to be Bleep me right now. No. I just.

I got myself screwed up because my list was out of order and you came late. Are you kidding right now F1 I think this is Walker. What the hell Oh, yeah. This is what we're doing now. It's a Japanese kenneling system. We keep them kind of in a compression nap. Oh, my God! All right. Okay. Oh Bleep Hold on one second. Here we go. All right. All right. You're making me tear up. Here he comes. Ah! There you go. There you go. Holy Bleep Is that him Walker!.

Aww. There he is. Oh, my God! There he is. There you go. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Hey, buddy Is that Walker That is walker. Oh, my God, I thought you killed him. Yeah, we do their nails and then we kennel them. You know how puppies love to be swaddled. Not like that. oh, no, it's much better than leaving them in cages like this where they get scared of each other. how many dogs do you do It's a nice little solitude nap. There's a lot of dogs down there.

Hmm There's a lot of dogs. yeah. A lot of people are using the new system because they trust it. Oh, my God, that is him. Holy crap. I thought Thomas was gonna kill me. Okay. All right. Well, thanks for coming in. Please tell people that we have the new system, so. A lot of people want to come in and try it. I don't think they want to do it. No, they will. Trust me. When you read about this It's scary. No, it's not scary. They kennel with a process called the Carbonaro.

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