River giant viking’s second ocean ship, the 930 passenger viking sea, is a sister ship to the viking star. the two vessels met for the first time in early april in santorini, greece. At 48,000 tons, the Viking Sea is a third the size of many of the megaships being rolled out by major cruise lines and that’s on purpose. It’s smaller size will allow it to access smaller ports that megaships can’t visit. The centerpiece of the Viking Sea’s top deck is the Main Pool area, which features a glass magrodome that can be closed during inclement weather. Shown here with its retractable magradome in the open position, the Main Pool area is surrounded by lounge chairs and features a rectangular hot tub. The lounge chairs that line the Viking Sea’s Main Pool area have a spacesaving design that features a retractable foot rest. The hot tub adjacent to the main pool is lined with small tile with a lovely geometric design.

Located in a nook behind the main pool is the sleek pool bar, which is open throughout the day. Adjacent to the Main Pool area on the Viking Sea’s top deck is the airy Wintergarden, a stylish indoor/outdoor lounge space that is home to an afternoon tea service with finger sandwiches and pastries. The lightfilled Wintergarden has uncluttered, comfortable seating areas and glass walls overlooking the sea. Frank Gehrydesigned Cross Check chairs are among the stylish touches in the Wintergarden. The little touches on the Viking Sea include cozy blankets draped over lounge chairs in the Wintergarden. A second pool area is located at the back of the Viking Sea on Deck 7.

An outdoor promenade encircles the viking sea on deck 2, hearkening back to the days of classic ocean liners. The focal point of the Viking Sea’s interior is an elegant, threedeckhigh atrium. Echoing Viking river ships, the atrium has a stylish, modernist design featuring lots of light woods. The atrium is at the center of what is known as The Viking Living Room. The multipurpose space offers living roomlike seating nooks with sofas, comfortable chairs and bookshelves; a bar and cafe serving light snacks through the day; and entertainment such as piano music. One of several comfortable seating areas in the Living Room. Another seating area that is part of the Living Room.

More comfortable seating is available one deck up from the viking living room along balcony areas overlooking the atrium. The Viking Living Room around the atrium includes the Viking Bar, a central gathering point for passengers throughout the day and into the evening. The Viking Bar’s cafelike seating area features classic Mario Bellinidesigned leather Cab chairs one of many high design touches throughout the ship. At the base of the atrium is a Steinway grand piano where a pianist often plays in the evenings. A seating area in the Living Room at the base of the grand stairway. Card tables occupy a nook on Deck 2 overlooking the atrium.

In a nod to viking’s norwegian heritage, the living room on the viking sea is lined with original art by norwegian artist edvard munch. Here, another comfortable seating area on Deck 2 overlooking the atrium. Also on Deck 2 is Torshaven, a nightspot that’s home to live music and a collection of Armagnac. Overlooking the front of the Viking Sea on Decks 7 and 8 is the elegant, twodeckhigh Explorer’s Lounge. The lower deck of the Explorer’s Lounge features a semicircular bar. Floortoceiling glass walls in the Explorer’s Lounge offer stunning vistas of the ocean while the ship is under way.

The second floor of the explorer’s lounge also offers stunning views from floortoceiling windows. An explorer’s theme runs through the decor of the Explorer’s Lounge, including wall cases with antique objects and books that relate to exploration and adventure travel. Models of historic vessels including the airship ‘Norge’ adorn the second floor of the Explorer’s Lounge. Keeping with the exploring theme, the second floor of the Explorer’s Lounge also features glass cases with displays about historic Norwegian explorations. The Viking Sea’s main eatery, called The Restaurant, is located on Deck 2 and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Another bar is located at the center of The Restaurant.

Modern furniture is a hallmark of the design on the viking sea, as seen here in the seating area just outside the restaurant. Located on Deck 1, Manfredi’s Italian Restaurant is one of two specialty eateries on the Viking Sea, both of which are available to passengers at no extra charge. Named after Silversea Cruises chairman Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio, a friend of Viking Cruises founder Torstein Hagen, the Manfredi’s Italian Restaurant serves hearty Tuscan cuisine such as Osso Bucco and a Tuscanstyle New York Strip steak. Also located on Deck 1 is The Chef’s Table, a second specialty restaurant on the Viking Sea that is available at no extra charge. The Chef’s Table offers themed tasting menus that change every three nights. As of April 2016, seven different menus were in rotating featuring the cuisines of several different countries and regions. In keeping with its Scandinavian theme, the Viking Sea has an expansive LiV Nordic spa operated by Scandinavian spa company Raison D’Etre.

Located at the front of the ship on deck 1, the liv nordic spa touts nordic wellness and features a nordicstyle thermal suite that includes a salt waterfilled thermal pool. Comfortable lounge chairs line the Nordicstyle thermal suite. The LiV Nordic spa’s thermal suite also includes a nook with heated lounge chairs. Perhaps the most unusual feature in the LiV Nordic spa’s thermal suite is its chilled snow grotto, which features real snowflakes falling from the ceiling. A brief plunge into the space is touted as beneficial to one’s circulatory system. The Snow Grotto at times is piled high with snow. Another highlight of the LiV Nordic spa’s thermal suite is the bucket dump, which plunges cold water onto spagoers daring enough to give it a try.

Building Boats and Pools Great British Viking Quest GBVQ Ep7

This week i’ve mainly been in this room. editing and doing little jobs on fiverr which is a website where you can pick up freelance work for $5 and is probably one of the main ways I’ve been raising money for the boat build over the last few months. And and also raising money through my colouring book as well. And a lot of late nights doing little extra jobs on Fiverr.

And now i’m at the point where i can actually buy the boat which is super, super, super exciting. I’ve chosen the boat. It’s not quite the same boat that I was originally looking at. This one is actually a lot better. It’s got some sails on it which gives me more scope for future expeditions.

So even though its a little bit more, that’s the one that I think is going to be a better choice in the long run. And it’s actually just been used to row to Alaska as well, so Which seems quite fitting for Viking expeditions in cold water. I am just having a look at the website.

For angus rowboats. And I’m having a look at my boat. I was originally going to go for the Expedition Rowboat which is a lot smaller which is 18 foot long and a bit cheaper. But I’m now going to go for this one which is the Sailing Rowcruiser. Which is 19 foot long.

And it weighs 99.8 kilogrammes 220 pounds. And I think this is going to give me a lot more scope for the expedition. It’s a little bit more expensive but I think it’s going to be a much better boat and it has just won the Row to Alaska as well. There’s some pictures of it there. And a tutorial. And.

I can show you the plans. so this is the boat here and I was just going to have a rowing boat but I’m actually now going to have one with sails. So that you can row it and sail it which I think will be much better for rowing around Britain. especially since I’m not going for any records or anything like that. And I’ve just been checking with.

The tape measure to see if it would fit in the room because I’m going to be building it in here. So it’s really exciting super, super exciting. And I’ve been really busy trying to raise money to build it. So this one will cost $US299 for the full plan of this one which comes in a kit from Canada $US44 for.

The seat and the rigger kit which you can build yourself. And $US48 for the sculling oar plans because I quite like the idea of building the whole thing myself. Which comes to $US’1 for the plans and then I can fundraise for all the different parts of the build so It’s a little bit more than I was originally the boat I was originally going for.



Boat Plans

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