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Okay. The world presents some problems and we don't know what to do ! You've come to find your feelings aren't exactly what you knew. The odds are stacked quite poorly if without a winning hand. But bear in mind your bearing's only worse if you don't Chin up ! Don't bet on sinking ships because they'll turn your chips to trash ! You've got to set your sights and hopes on setting not to crash ! The truth can seem quite bleak if you don't make your plans unfurl.

But I would not let that mar my opinion of the Chin up ! Don't bet on sinking ships because they'll turn your ships to trash ! You've got to set your sights and hopes on setting not to crash ! The truth can seem quite bleak if you don't make your plans unfurl. But I would not let that mar my opinion of the Fact is that if you could fix the failings of the current paradigm, we would have a hero who's both been elusive and on time.

Just one time. And then, We would all contrive new conflicts ! Chin up ! Don't bet on sinking ships because they'll turn your chips to trash ! You've got to set your sights and hopes on setting not to crash ! The truth can seem quite bleak if you don't make your plans unfurl. But I would not let that mar my opinion of the Chin up ! Don't bet on sinking ships because they'll turn your chips to trash ! You've got to set your sights and hopes on setting not to crash !.

The truth can seem quite bleak if you don't make your plans unfurl. But I would not let that mar my opinion of the Stipulations placed before you to get all the things you really need. Mr. Big may make things hard but you have got to plant your seeds. Go to war. Fight more. Your dreams thrive by competition. You'll find no one famous ever got there just by flinching at their foes Cling against the torment, claw with all your might at what you know. Don't let go !.

Just grow ! Don't wait or play to indecision ! Chin up ! Don't bet on sinking ships because you've got to be more grand ! You've got to think ahead and carry out the things you've planned ! The truth can be of use when you can see where falsehoods lay. Don't quit on hopes or dreams when you have simply got to Chin up ! Don't bet on sinking ships because they'll only drag you down ! You've got to keep on sailing even when you want to frown !.

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.that bit should be hot you can run a mechanical pump on the engine but it only pumps when the engine's running I quite like to get the cooling going before there's any heat around so I've got a very small electrical pump in the seacock over there but I've got the water flowing and I will now check everything is off to start with I've got some pressure I shall turn the gas on at the source I've got a bit of crosswind at the moment so my little lighter might get blown out.

But I shall try and get a flame oh, I've got a flame eh, that was well behaved sometimes they go pop have I got a flame I think I've got a flame But I can't see anything. it's ignited this one is usually the one that misbehaves and it pops like that I've got a flame. Hooray! And that just acts as a cooker, does it Yes, it is a gas hob I've got three of them and, um life is less busy if you've only got one of them.

The Odyssey Stations Lesson Plan, High School, Freshman ELA

GtgtOkay guys, we're back with the Odyssey. We're going to start with the stations, just like we picked off from yesterday. We're going to, gtgtWe're working with the Odyssey. It's a six week lesson, and part of that lesson I have to prepare my students for what we are going to be reading. That's a lot to teach. So, how do I condense six weeks worth of stuff to three days And so I broke down some key components into some stations. The stations allowed me to teach a lot of.

Information at once. The technology came about because I have different students who are very gifted in a lot of different areas, so I thought well if they weren't good at one station the next station they moved too would work a lot better for them. And so it gave them a chance to level the playing field and gave everybody a chance to grab on to something they were good at. In each of the stations they were using different components of the technology. One station they were using the research capabilities.

Where they would look up information for the gods and goddesses, where they had to research a little bit about them and identify with each of the gods. gtgtSo go ahead and read through all of the big twelve and then once you finally come to your decision go ahead and write your name on the board underneath the one you identify with. One of them they use the StarBoards, and I gave quotes from gods and goddess and they had to figure out who said them based on, they had to use context clues based on a chart that I gave them to figure out who said it.

And why that person might be responsible for that. gtgtOkay, now does it make more sense that there should be the hunt with the bow and the animals. Okay, see that's how you use your context clues to figure those out. gtgtAnd I use picture notes. I find that's very helpful, especially for my ELL students who struggle with English language. If, instead of writing down what they've learned in a summary, they can do a picture format. So, we use the StarBoard software where they can read an assignment, they can have a chance.

To discuss it, since they're in a small group. So, if one student maybe didn't understand a piece of it, their group members can help figure out what it was supposed to mean, and then they can draw a picture that represents what they were learning. So, it gets around the language barrier. gtgtTitled the violence and brutality, talking about how horrible the war was. They also used motion pads and PowerPoint. I use that quite often also with my ELLs, that's a powerful tool for them. Basically they can take pictures and they can make them move to show how, a vocabulary.

Apollo 13 711 Movie CLIP Square Peg in a Round Hole 1995 HD

Gene, we have a situation brewing with the carbon dioxide. We got a CO2 filter problem on the lunar module. Five filters on the LEM. Meant for two guys for a day and a half. They're already up to eight on the gauges. Anything over 15 and you get. impaired judgment, blackouts, the beginnings of brain asphyxia. What about the scrubbers on the command module They take square cartridges. The ones on the LEM are round. Tell me this isn't a government operation. This just isn't a contingency we've remotely looked at.

Titanic at the National Archives

The National Archives at New York City holds records in the admiralty case files related to Titanic, specifically the petition filed by the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, as the owner of Titanic, for limitation of liability. And these are the claims for loss of property and life or injury sustained during the sinking. I took out the one from Margaret Brown, or the unsinkable Molly Brown. There's a myth or a legend on the Titanic that there was supposedly a cursed mummy. And some people say that Molly Brown's claim for ancient.

Models from the Denver Museum and the souvenirs from Egypt, that's maybe the origin of the myth. The deposition of Emily Ryerson is another really interesting piece of testimony given during the Titanic case. She talks about her experience getting off the ship, which is pretty harrowing. Stout, the second steward, he was at the foot of the stairs as we came from the boat deck, and he put his hand in front of my little boy, who is 13, and said, He can't go.' My husband said, Of course that boy goes with his mother.' The.

Man said, Very well, sir, but no more boys.' And some woman rushed forward and took her hat off and put it on her little boy's head, so he could go as a little girl. Some of the more requested items from the Titanic case are the photographs. While we don't have many we do have a few, including some of the survivors in the lifeboats as they approach the Carpathia. And this is one of my favorites, and one of my favorite pages here. And it lists each of the individuals who bought tickets. There's Mr. and Mrs.

Isidor Straus of Macy's department stores. Mr. Guggenheim of the prominent New York family. Mr. and Mrs. Straus and Mr. Benjamin Guggenheim did not survive the sinking of the ship. There were a number of documents introduced as evidence during the case. Here we have a detail of the ship's plan. And that second section of the plan actually also outlines where the lifeboats were located. If you read through the ice reports on April 7th there's a comment saying that a ship has run into a strip of a field of ice about three to four miles wide.

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