How to make a propeller

For one of these, what you're going to need is a lighting taper, a piece of metal that can pierce through the lighting taper but is skinnier than the width of it that's going to make the hole in the middle.and a source of heat, a bunsen. Get your lighting taper, snap it in two, weaken it in the middle. What we'll do, just turn the roaring fire on, once over, there you go, it should be weak now in the middle, that means when it twists, the twist should be around there. Let's have a go at it. All right, so I'm going to rotate.

Episode 24 Rowing by night

I would like to introduce you Warsaw Night Row! We were invitated many times abroad For different regatas and we thought that we can do something similar. The main attraction of the project is the part That will be taking place during the night The competitors, the rowers, will have Flashlights, will have lights, fluorescent Tshirts or something like this This will also be shiny We also need money and And we found that there is the Oxford Big Project And that's why we decided to participate Thank you to everyone who vote for us.

25cc RC Boat Project Part 2 Building The Hull

25cc RC Boat Project Part 2 Building The Hull,The second tutorial in my RC boat series, it is coming together nicely and it should be interesting to see how it works. Total cost $12 Left to spend $38..

25cc RC Boat Project - Part 5 - Finishing.My 5th episode in this series, not much else to say, watch the tutorial and enjoy. Hopefully I will have the next part out in a month or so, but we all know how..

Catalina PBY 100' (2.5m) RC Flying Boat By Aris Kosmides.Scratch Built project. Plans by Ivan Pettigrew. Built and flown by Aris Kosmides. Cinematography by Dimitris Stabolis. Motors Turnigy D35486 X2 Esc YEP 60..

Carol Moran Part 3 The Power Plant - Building An R/C Boat From A Kit ( Dumas Boats).This is part 3 of The Carol Moran Project A Dumas Boat kit For the power plant I did use the servo modification in the plans just to see how well it performed..

My First RC Boat Build.This is my first attempt at building an RC speed boat from scratch. I cant take credit for the design as I downloaded the plans from the web. Ill upload a tutorial of..

MrRcFanatik - How To Build An RC Boat.This was the first voice over tutorial I ever did, so stay with me! Sorry if it was a bit slow. These are the steps I took to make my boat, but you can use them as a..

Homemade RC Boat Construction

Homemade RC Boat Construction,MONO 01 Plans here.modelbouw.gompyboottekeningen Boat name Mono 01 Materials 3mm plywood. Aluminium panel. 200a brushless..

Wooden Boat Plans - How To Build A Boat - Over 518 Boat Plans.Download Here dld.bzMyBoatPlans Wooden boat plans How to build a boat Over 518 boat plans boat plan wooden boat plans wood boat plans..

Badirus : [ 9 ] My Homemade RC Boat ..I wanted to make a summer project. So I made this RC boat with the material I fownded. so I hope you enjoy it. Do you like this tutorial We invite you to follow..

Scratch Built, No Plans R/c Boat..Just about HIT SOME DUCKS! 132 homemade RC boat, build pics coming soon..

Homemade RC Boat Construction.CATAMARAN 36 Plans here.modelbouw.gompyboottekeningen Boat name Cat 36inch Materials 3mm wood. Aluminium panel..

Homemade RC Boat Construction.CATAMARAN 36 Plans here.modelbouw.gompyboottekeningen Boat name Cat 36inch Materials 3mm wood. Aluminium panel..

RC BOAT TRAILER MAKING.Hi Friend subscribers.in this tutorial i will show you how to make your own rc boat trailer as i made mine i would like to share with you my hobby, all parts that i..



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