PowerUp Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit Review

Remember those paper airplanes used to fold and fly when you were kids Now you can play it again, and really, really make it fly. It's the Powerup 3.0 RC kit, where you can control paper airplanes using your smartphone or tablet. How much is the power up 3.0 RC Kit Scheduled for release in August 2014, the Powerup 3.0 RC kit costs $49.99. Now let's have a look at some of the main positive and negative aspects. Finally, a paper airplane that will take flight! Just attach any paper to the.

How to make a Toy Insect Robot

Hello there. This tutorial is about how to make a very simple insect robot. You need a mobile phone's vibration motor. one LR44 battery holder, one LR44 1.5 volt battery one general purpose PCB, and his pins that is jumper pins. if you apply 1.5 volts across this vibrator, it starts vibrating. Like this. now we are going to connect this vibrator the switch and the battery in series we are going to solder that in this PCB you fast solder the holder, the battery holder then will solder the vibration motor, then we will connect.

The wires in series with the battery and the jumper now we will put the battery, and once we put the jumper, it will starts vibrating and that will create a random motion and the PCB starts jumping here and there. now we are going to add 4 resistors to make the legs. We will solder 4 corners , 4 resistors. that's all. The moment you put the jumper in the current will flow as the circuit is completed. and it will move around randomly. Just like a small insect now we solder two.

Workspace Setup for Building Radio Controlled Models Lighting for RC Model Workshop

Hi, my name is Curtis Enlow and on behalf of Expert Village, I'm going to show you how to plan, set up and equip a work area for radio control models. Now, another consideration that you must have when setting up a workspace for working on RC models is appropriate lighting. Even if you have an overhead light you really want something that is going to be a really more direct and a little better illumination. Something like this for example, has a lot of very small parts, a lot of close tolerances so you need good light to see what you are.

Doing. One thing I would highly recommend is a swing arm lamb, swing arm lamb like this one, this one has a built in magnifying glass which is a huge advantage because a lot of RC models have very small parts. So you're going to want to see what you are doing without straining your eyes. Now, if you are innovative you can find lighting you can use uh use various lambs, just about anything. I found this light at an office furniture outlet they have like stacks of these things used for just few dollars each. And that comes in handy when I need.

How to make a walking robot at home

Hello there here is a walking robot. You have seen these tutorials but nobody has explained how to make it. Here is a step by step process of making it at home. You need a motor, high torque low speed you can use servo, but I have used the door opening mechanism of an old CD player. I cut it out, then take the pulley and rubber band out and take the big gear out. Through the big gear I pass a iron wire and glue it. Cut empty refill pieces and glue that.

With the shaft and the gear. Pass it again through its same position and another side put one more refill which will work like a bush. now bend shaft both side 90 degree and turn it again cut the extra length to make it a bicycle paddle like look. Now from the center of the shaft about 10cm make a hole and push a iron wire. Put both side two small refill pipes. Now the closest distance from the shaft is 5cm and the longest distance is 9cm. now you need another iron wire to make a leg.

Make a slot of 4.5cm like this and about 9cm away make another loop. thus you have to make two legs. You have to the leg into the mechanism like this for this I have used some pen and refills. I put the sketch pen empty there and two refills here and so that it can freely move. If you power it up you can see its freely moving. Now bend the leg little bit wider here and cut the extra length at that end you can see I make it a loop.

Now to make that feet, take again some wire loop it to make a 1cm long and then make a U of 6cm wide such you have to make two feet. Screw that feet with the leg tightly in such a way that it should stand on single a leg. You have to do with the other leg too now all that moving junctions you put some grease or Vaseline. Now you have to do walking test. power it up with an external 3V supply with thin wires and check how it is walking.

How to Clean a Sailboat How to Polish Sailboat Windows

Hi, I'm Ches Rainier, welcome to Expert Village. Today we're going to be talking about some techniques used to clean a fiberglass boat. All right, in this clip we're going to talk about polishing the windows. If you've got some of these Plexiglass or Lexan windows that are getting kind of hazy and hard to see through, you want to pick up some plastic polish and just make sure it's for your application. Read the directions on the back. And always start in a little area first to make sure it's not going to stain or damage the window.

Carol Moran Part 3 The Power Plant Building An RC Boat From A Kit Dumas Boats

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RC Planes Land On RC Aircraft Carrier

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