Homemade RC car Build

This is my homemade rc car projekt i have some photos of how it looked before this is how it looks now its a bit late to start a tutorial of it this is the motor that drives the car and this is the steering motor its all made from scrap wood the next thing i am going to do is to make it radio controlled with a very long antena take a look its just a small one so thats what we are going to do now i have added a reciever.

How to Use Care for a Weed Eater How to Draw Line on a Weed Eater

Hi, I'm Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today I'd like to talk to you about proper use and maintenance of a yard weed eater. As you use your weed eater, this line is going to get worn down and shorter. Now remember earlier we respooled it. You got a lot of extra line in there, so how do you get it out. Well, here's how. While the machine is spinning, we're gonna tap it gently on a hard surface. This could be accomplished on your yard, but, again, as I mentioned, you don't, we're gonna have.

To have this thing spinning, you don't want to do it on the grass and wipe out an area of the grass, make it too short. Pick a dead spot. So we're do spinning and then tap it on the ground so more line comes out. So the line comes out and it's spinning also, there's a cutting blade, that when the line gets a certain length, this will cut the line. As you can see, I took up quite a bit more line, and I'm ready to do more edging. And as I.

How to Use Care for a Weed Eater Understand the Different Types of Weed Eaters

Hi! My name is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today I would like to talk to you about the proper use and maintenance of a yard weed eater. Let's take a moment and talk about the different types of weed eaters. We have one that is gas powered with us here today. We also have an electric weed eater. There is really not much difference other than the gas powered is typically more powerful than the electric and also have a larger head. You can cover more surface with the stronger gas powered.

One than with the smaller electric. But they both operate pretty much the same principle. They have a line that comes out of the head and the head spins rather quickly and as you run it by grass or weeds, it cuts them down. This gas powered model here, some are affixed. The gas powered one is all one unit. It is a weed eater. This particular model is interchangeable. These ends will come off and I can turn this weed eater into an edger, turn it into a hedge trimmer. There are various other attachments that you can add to the machine. This comes.

How to Use Care for a Weed Eater How to Swap Ends on a Weed Eater

Hi! My name is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today I would like to talk to you about the proper use and maintenance of a yard weed eater. Now as I mentioned earlier, this particular model is interchangeable and what I mean by that is this currently has the weed eater attachment on it. Well rather than having to go out and buy separate machine, entire unit, to do my edging, this unit is interchangeable and I can take the weed eater attachment off by loosening the clamp. Then there is a spring.

Loaded set pin that I will press in and that allows me to remove the attachment. Quite simply, just insert the other attachment that I am looking to use. Slide it in, wait till the pin locks or pops out through the hole and then tighten the clamp again. Now it is ready to be used as an edger. Most models like this that have interchangeable ends come with other ends that you can use other than a weed eater or edger. Some models come with a hedge trimmer. Also I've seen a miniature leaf blower attachment for some of them so.

Retention Pond Algae Treatments Charlotte Greenville Asheville Pond Management

Hey it's Richard here with Platinum Ponds Lake Management at platinumlakes. We are here at a retention pond and we are looking at a delta that has been forming over time. As the erosion from the storm water drain actually starts to push debris as well as sediment this drain and in about two years we have already accumulated a large delta in this area that has formed. Of course be high in root nutrients is also having an algae bloom. So we are here today treating the algae bloom on this.

Retention pond. We are about a little shy of 2 acres. About 1.8 acres on this retention pond. It is stocked with some catch fish, large mouth bass, bluegill, shell cracker readier sunfish, and a turtle trap and we finally have the turtles under control. We are now fighting some of the Canadian geese that have been nesting in this area. Today we're going to be doing a treatment on the algae bloom that has been taking place. The string algae is pretty much in about six inches of water. The light that is able to pierce combined with the nutrient load.

Is quickly giving birth to this algae bloom One of the best ways to get this under control is a reactive approach. We are using some copper products filled with surfactant. Once we get it under control we are actually doing some proactive approaches as well here for members that have this commercial property. We have a wood duck box along the way in a beautiful area in which we can have picnics, shelters with a home on top of the hill with blossoming crap apples. Down below were basically at less than foot all the way out.

To this wood box. We are going to be having to look at some dredging costs coming up soon and that's one of the things that we are going to be putting together in our plan. Down below where it is a little bit deeper, we actually have some diffusers, bottom diffusers aeration system that runs all the way up the hillside. We have a tutorial, we will give you the link here that you can see us actually installing it. It is a fun little tutorial that shows you with the weighted tubing.

Going into the water, the boat, as well as the burial of the pollypipe that the compressor sits up by the house. We take care of this on a monthly basis We finally go the muskrats under control and now we are just kind of beautifying it so that everyone can enjoy it. It is a place to go fishing with the kids as well as a beautiful esthetic value to add to the property. So if you have a need with algae, algae bloom, algae control, or aquatic weeds give us a call.

Homemade Rc Weed Wacker Gas Boat Build Part 1

Homemade Rc Weed Wacker Gas Boat Build Part 1,part one of my homemade rc boat build I got a free Ryobi 31cc weed wacker to start with it didnt run when I got it but nothing a little elbow grease cant fix..

HOME MADE WEED WACKER RC BOAT BUILD 1ST RUN PEGLEGPIRATE15.First run with the 26cc homelite featherlite weedeater motor..

Homemade Rc Weed Wacker Gas Boat Build Part 3.time to work on the boat some more..


Homemade Rc Weed Wacker Gas Boat Build Part 2.well it took me some time to find what hull I wonted to build butt I finally started to build it..

RC MOKAI Jet Boat "Mini-MO" Build And Maiden Voyage.Ive been into the remote control hobby since I was a kid, with the Mokai taking up so much of my time these days I decided to build a little RC version using a..

Hoggs Weed Eater Rc Boat 2

Hoggs Weed Eater Rc Boat 2,Running the boat at Jasmine Lakes to see what it can do.This is a semi V design I came up with it has a V cut out of the back and i can turn it around on a..

Gas Weed Eater Powered RC Boat.Heres a scratch built boat by Scott powered by a Weed Eater motor. I was impressed definitely. James was also out with his Nitro Hammer. Lots of fun..

Hoggs Weed Eater Rc Boat 2.New, smaller hull design, echo weed eater motor, straight pipe exhaust and it runs like a beast..

Homemade Rc Weed Wacker Boat Part 2.homemade weed wacker boat bike for now Im going to build the bike but Im still going to build the boat for summer..

RC Boat With Shindawa Weed Wacker Engine At 25 MPH.First build of RC boat before many upgrades. Seems to handle ok, but still have allot of weight due to air cooled vs water cooler motor weight..

Homemade Weed Eater RC Car | Test Run.My homemade RC car made from scratch, specs in the tutorial. I will be uploading a tutorial when it is completed..

Giant RC Ryobi Weed Wacker Boat - 3rd Run.its getting better! the boat moves a lot faster now that its able to get up on plane a bit more! still some kinks to work out. the flex shaft shattered after this. .



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