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Small Boat Plans.Small Boat Plans great projects for winter or summer Visit Us at SmallBoatPlans for more information and Free Boat Plans..

Little TRI DIY Trimaran.After all the cats my first trimaran. I built the boat.in 136 hours. After many requests a plan is made for the boat. Construction time lapse..

Strike 16 Trimaran First Sail.Strike 16 trimaran on its first sail. the tutorial originally uploaded by Martin who sails on a small lake in NE England. The outriggers are from the 14ft Pixie beach..

GoPro: Fastest Hydroplane On Earth.After over a 100 years of evolution in race boat design, the modern Unlimited Hydroplane is the worlds fastest race boat, capable of speeds over 200mph and..

TRIKA 540 Sailing Kayak Trimaran (4).Some solo sailing in a gentle, sometimes moderate breeze and small, short waves. It was the first time I measured the Speed of the boat. Top Speed on a beam..

Hot Buoys Trimaran Selftacking Crab Claw AftMast Sailboat

Hot Buoys Trimaran Selftacking Crab Claw AftMast Sailboat,Hot BuoysTrimaran was designed by Philip Maise in 2010 to eliminate most of the problems associated with Bermuda rigs and full batten main sails. It isnt..

Eagle 4.6 Power Trimaran.For more info, go to.brettmarinedesign Are you being prevented from having a great time on the water by the ever increasing fuel prices Are you..

Strike Trimaran First Sail.Strike 18ft sailing trimaran by Woods Designs on its first sail, so it is still unfinished, but still steers itself quite happily. It has a home built main hull and uses a..

Adastra Super Yacht $15,000,000 ? BILLIONAIRES CLUB ? LUXURY ?.Adastra Super Yacht Billionaires Club Luxury Tutorial Adastra is the 140foot 42.5m Trimaran recently lanched in China, and was built at McConaghy Boats..

Strike 15 Trimaran.Strike 15 trimaran sailing on launch day. Build your own in plywood using plans by Woods Designs.sailingcatamarans The boat is not quite finished,..

10ft Tryst Trimaran First Sail.The Tryst trimaran is a variation on the 2 sheet Duo dinghy. Both outriggers are made from one sheet of plywood and bolt to extended wingbeams This was the..

PuddleCat Trimaran 12' Tour While Sailing..PuddleCat Tri 12 is a small boat built to get on the water more often. It is 8.5 wide and tows road legal so the only setup is installing the mast which takes about..



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