A Look Inside The Worlds Coolest Yacht.CRNs Jade

Hello fellow r. Got something amazing here. Italian company CRN has built what is perhaps the most beautiful yacht in the world. Christianed J'ade, I think that is how it is pronounced. It features a water level garage for a speedboat. The hatch, which holds the speedboat can also double as an ocean level swimming pool. It features a gym, sauna room and an aquarium and can sleep 10 guests and 13 crew members. The boat has 4 decks finished with walnut and redwood and of course there is a hot tub on top.

Give the Kids Room a Nautical Look with these Speedboat Kids Beds Pottery Barn Kids

This is Pottery Barn Kids Speedboat Bed Inspired by vintage speedboats, this unique bed is built to seaworthy standards and built low to the ground so kids can climb aboard easily. Below deck, a trundle on rolling castors can be used as underbed storage or combined with a trundle mattress, can accommodate overnight guests. Two cubbies with hinged doors inside the hull pivot open to reveal additional storage space. Brushed nickel hardware lends the bed an authentic nautical feel. This bed is expertly crafted for strength and structural integrity with mortiseandtenon joinery and a kilndried,.

Andrew Halls Stirling Engine Boat

.that bit should be hot you can run a mechanical pump on the engine but it only pumps when the engine's running I quite like to get the cooling going before there's any heat around so I've got a very small electrical pump in the seacock over there but I've got the water flowing and I will now check everything is off to start with I've got some pressure I shall turn the gas on at the source I've got a bit of crosswind at the moment so my little lighter might get blown out.

But I shall try and get a flame oh, I've got a flame eh, that was well behaved sometimes they go pop have I got a flame I think I've got a flame But I can't see anything. it's ignited this one is usually the one that misbehaves and it pops like that I've got a flame. Hooray! And that just acts as a cooker, does it Yes, it is a gas hob I've got three of them and, um life is less busy if you've only got one of them.

Amazing 518 Boat Plans To Make Your Own Boat Easily WATCH NOW

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GoPro Fastest Hydroplane On Earth

GoPro Fastest Hydroplane On Earth,After over a 100 years of evolution in race boat design, the modern Unlimited Hydroplane is the worlds fastest race boat, capable of speeds over 200mph and..

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