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Need a new building for your home or business Powerbilt Steel Buildings will deliver directly to you. This building is amazing! Its strong, its maintenance free and I saved a lot of money with Powerbilt. My fishing buddies helped me put it up Labor Day weekend and by Monday we were on the lake. Powerbilt Steel Buildings go up easy. Two guys, one weekend, and you're done. These buildings are rugged, too. They stand up to strong winds, heavy snow and even earthquakes. The design of this building is really unique. The Steel is built to last.

The ice and snow, rolls right off. And we saved alot of money. Our buildings are 100 percent clear span and it's simple to customize with addons Like insulation, electrical wiring, or ventilation. I use my building yearround even in the middle of winter. Powerbilt Steel Buildings are incredibly versatile. From small business to big business, we get the job done. I love working on cars, adn with my power bill building, I turned my hobby into a small business. Our buildings are perfect for agriculture, storage for hay, crops, equipment, and even livestock.

Our house getting really crowded. There's no place to work or store my tools. Thanks to Powerbilt.problem solved. I love it there's so much space! I really like that Powerbilt is made right here in America. Call now for Powerbilt's lowest price on your new steel building. Now I've looked around and Powerbuilt is the best value for my money. I built my Barbque joint in a Powerbilt Steel Building. I don't know what you'll do with yours, but I know you love it. Contact Powerbilt today for details on your.

Metal Garages

Welcome to another Garden Shed review from Storage Sheds Direct. Top US brands from the Nation's Top Storage Shed provider offering FREE shipping in 48 states. So today we take a look at the Duramax Metal Garage. The classic Imperial style of the Duramax Metal Garage offers a strong and secure storage solution to support a wide range of storage needs from SUV's, to trucks, tractors, boats, or even a hobby studio or workshop. With a side wall height of just under seven feet, and a total height of eight and a half.

Feet, this diy garage is available in 3 sizes, all at 12 feet wide, and ranging in length from 20 feet, 26 feet and 32 feet long. As metal garages go, this duramax metal garage is hard to beat. Made from galvanized steel, and available in a green or white finish. This steel garages unique features include. A 98 inch wide by 74 inch high roll up door, a lockable walkin side door A metal reinforced truss roof, tested to 20lbs per square foot snow load. This metal garage offers substantial height.

And width for vehicle access. These Duramax buildings have thicker steel walls with special rib design for greater strength and rigidity. This Metal Garage comes packaged with all hardware and components together with a step by step instruction manual. All parts are pre drilled and numbered for easy diy assembly. And best of all, the Duramax metal garage is backed with a ten year warranty and ships FREE from Storage Sheds Direct, where you are guaranteed good old fashion customer service and after care. Check out our monthly shed bundles and special offers online today.

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Powerbilt Steel Buildings | Free Span Steel Buildings | Quonset Huts.Free Span Steel Buildings Quonset Huts.powerbiltbuildingsourbuildingsbuildingusesmetalgaragekits Powerbilts backyard free span steel..

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