This is the first of a series of tutorials about a catamaran I built back in the 90s. Building a boat, something big enough to live on and sail off over the horizon is a dream I had for years. My original idea was to build a monohull, in fact I bought plans for a little 21 footer.

That i was going to weld up and sail around the world in. The plan got postponed for a number of years and in that time I come across a couple of books that changed my ideas. It was back in the early 90’s First book was the Gougeon Brothers on boat building, all about building with epoxy and wood.

And the other book was the cruising multihull by chris white. The two of them together made sense Building a multihull, that didn’t rely on tonnes of lead to keep itself upright and building with wood, epoxy and fibreglass, all made sense to me. I found plans I liked from a local multihull designer, Tony Grainger. I then started preparing the place to build it,.

In the bush on my parents property out the back of noosa heads. Queensland, Australia. The original shed was only big enough to build the 21ft boat that I originally planned to build. So I lengthened it with the idea of building the boat in 3 sections.

2 hulls separately and then the centre section. Which I ended up doing. Building of the hull starts with a strong back. It’s a ladder like construction that I concreted into the ground. I cut out temporary frames in chipboard. to make the cross sectional shapes of the hull.

Using full size contours on mylar sheet that I laid down on the wood and traced out with a dressmakers wheel. Each temporary frame is set up on the strong back. and lined up. It’s worth spending a little extra time to get everything spot on at this stage Getting it all lined up perfect.

And the contours cut out perfect. made for an absolutely fair hull. It saves you a lot of time down the track. The construction was strip plank western red cedar. Basically a wood cored fibreglass boat. My reasons for building it this way.

Were that its a simple system for a one off boat You don’t need to build a mould before you can make it. produces a very fair hull. It’s strong, its light. The cedar strips were 14mm thick and for the majority of the boat 90mm wide.

Top 10 Ridiculously Expensive Toys for the Filthy Rich TopTenzNet

10 ridiculously expensive toys for the filthy Rich 10. Robotic Bartender Price: $25,000 The Robotic Bartender is great for a niche group of people who like to drink, dont like bartenders (or bars), are too lazy to mix their own drink, and have $25,000 to blow.

On a drink mixer. its a very small niche, is what were saying. The Robotic Bartender has 600 drink options that you can choose from a touch screen interface. The mixing system can hold 16 oneliter bottles of alcohol and 12 different mixes. Oh, and that $25,000 doesnt include the liquor, just the mixes. Also, since youll need ice, because you dont want to drink warm beverages like a savage, there is a builtin ice bucket that holds up to 20 pounds of ice.

9. gotham golf cart Price: $28,500 What would Bruce Wayne drive on the golf course? Well, probably not this golf cart because it would give away his secret identity pretty quickly. But, for anyone who just wants to pretend that they are Batman when they play golf, there is this Batman Beginsinspired Batmobile golf cart made from black alloy. The golf cart has a top speed of 38 miles.

Per hour, which is more than double the speed of golf average carts. because if theres anything the game of golf is known for, its speed. It also has two adjustable leather seats, an iPad stand, cup holder, and lights. There isnt a jet thruster; instead, that is where you place your clubs. The soupedup cart will run you about $28,500. But really, isnt that a small pittance to pay to act like Batman? 8. WhacAMole Bar.

Price: $35,000 Probably one of the ugliest and most dated looking items you can buy for a ridiculous amount of money is a personalized WhacAMole bar. When closed, it looks like a 90sstyle bookcase and cabinet, but when you open it up, its a working WhacaMole game with an overhead bar. But what makes this game so special is that the moles can be personalized to look like people you want to whack. The sellers suggest putting pictures of your exes.

Or former bosses, but perhaps that money would be spent better on psychology sessions. The game is lit with a LED lights and it comes with two leather paddles. It costs $35,000, and just for some perspective, if each game of WhacaMole was a quarter to play, youd have to play over 140,000 games to make the purchase worth it. 7. Martin Jetpack Price: $150,000$200,000.

New zealands martin jetpack company first debuted their jetpack in 2008, and in 2016, they are looking to release a commercial version. The pack isnt exactly a jetpack persay, because there are no jets involved. Instead, they use ducted fan technology, which is similar to what drones use. The company plans on selling them to recreational users, and to governments for search and rescue teams. Governments will probably buy them because the number of jetpack related strandings and.

Accidents will go up. if you want one, it looks like they will cost between $150,000 and $200,000, which is about the same as the median American household income for a relatively welltodo middle class family in 2014. Its a little pricey if you decide to become a reallife Rocketeer, though. 6. Most Realistic Driving Simulator Price: $185,000.



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