(applause and cheering) Hello, hello! Hello, everybody! Hello and welcome. Hello and welcome to a sea of disappointed faces, because these people have driven all the way down here today, only to find that the show isn’t actually coming from here today.

No, it is in fact coming from 6,000 miles away, here, in Vietnam. Yes, we were told to meet in the centre of Saigon, and await further instructions. So, sit back, enjoy the ride. CLARKSON: lt;igt; We arrived in Saigon and got straight down to business.lt;/igt;.

No! mel. That was Mel Gibson! Mel Gibson is lt;igt; We Were Soldiers.lt;/igt; You’re getting that mixed up with lt;igt; Hamburger Hill.lt;/igt; Since we left. He sticks the knife in the post. No, you’re right and Private Pyle was lt;igt; Full Metal Jacketlt;/igt;.

Which was shot in the docklands. Will you stop going on about what I imagine are presumably war films? Ah! Hello. Thank you. Challenge! Er. Since you can buy Rolexes here for a fiver and lunch for 50p, you’re standing in the world’s biggest pound shop.

you should therefore have no trouble at all buying some wheels for 15 million dong. 15 million? I don’t think. Are these full of money? (ALL LAUGHING) CLARKSON: Wow! Look at that! 15 million dong. I love the smell of money in the morning. (LAUGHING).

Smells like wheels! CLARKSON: lt;igt; Delighted thatlt;/igt; lt;igt; for once, the producerslt;/igt; lt;igt; had been generous,lt;/igt; lt;igt; we headed for the showrooms.lt;/igt; I love having inches of money! lt;igt; But our joy was shortlived,lt;/igt; lt;igt; as James discovered,lt;/igt; lt;igt; when he tried to buylt;/igt; lt;igt; a bogstandard Fiat 500.lt;/igt;.

Can you tell me how much? Um, 500. 560 million Vietnam dong. 560 million? Yeah. How much is 15 million dong? Um, just about $1,000 US.

May: lt;igt; even the backstreet carlt;/igt; lt;igt; dealers were no good.lt;/igt; Is it enough? For what? For a car? For the car? Yeah. What happen with the car? You want to. To buy. To buy the car?.

Top 10 Crazy Structures Made With LEGO

Top 10 crazy structures made with legos 10. Enormous Lego Chandelier. One man had a dream, to build a magnificent chandelier without spending very much money. As luck would have it he had an incredible wealth of Lego pieces, including lots of transparent, Lego window pieces. He put all of these pieces together into a massive chandelier design that literally took thousands of Legos. The chandelier is said to be massive in size,.

And quite stunning even though it isnt made of the usual crystals that make up a chandelier. The structure is easily bigger than the man who built it and must have taken incredible pains to complete. 9. Six foot replica of the Tower of Mordor. One man named Kevin Walter is a really big Lord of the Rings fan, he also happens to really like Legos and clearly was not satisfied with the Lego set options available. He decided.

To deal with this problem himself by building a gigantic replica the height of an average man of Baraddur, the headquarters of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings. Apparently the structure took over 50,000 pieces to construct, which is simply insane and was the product of almost three months of work. The detail is extremely impressive, especially when it comes to the eye of Sauron. 8. 19 Foot replica of Saturn V Rocket.

The saturn v rocket was used to launch satellites in the 1960s through 1970s and separated into three parts after it launched. One man had a hobby, and that was using Legos to build a replica of this rocket that is nearly 20 feet tall. This particular structure went even further than the last, requiring 120,000 separate Legos to put together, and took him about 250 hours. His incredible replica is supposedly the largest construction made of Legos in the continent of Australia. Last year the Lego structure was available.

For viewing in the town hall in melbourne, australia. 7. Full size model of F1 Ferrari built entirely of Legos. Someone decided that the world just wasnt right without a full size, near perfect replica of an F1 Ferrari built entirely out of Legos. Realizing the serious Lego Ferrari deficiency, no less than sixteen Lego experts worked together to design and assemble this bad boy. The design alone took about half a year to complete and then other ten days working around the clock.

With a team of people to put it all together. the amount of legos required was in the hundreds of thousands. The replica is so detailed that the seat can actually fit a real person quite nicely and the steering wheel is a perfect match, except that its made of Legos. 6. Huge Nintendo DSi model made using Lego bricks. For some reason someone got it into their head that the only thing better than a handheld, working Nintendo DSi was a replica larger than a human that doesnt function as a.

Tutorial game system and could easily crush you to death if it fell on you. this behemoth is took over 50,000 Lego pieces to construct and weighs about two hundred and fifty pounds. For the cynical among us, this wasnt just some crazy guys brainchild. Apparently Nintendo of America commissioned him to do it, which means this seven foot wide gigantic pile of toys made to look like another toy is essentially a marketing ploy. 5. Lifesize Lego Jesus.

One church in sweden made the news after they unveiled a lifesize statue of jesus made entirely out of Lego bricks. The church has no desire to sell their creation, which is supposed to be based on a form of Jesus at the resurrection. The church members donated a wealth of Lego blocks to make this project happen, to the tune of about 30,000 total pieces. The people who put it together put in about a year and a half worth of work to get the statue properly assembled, which makes the project sound ridiculously difficult when.



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