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Produced by David Zucker, onehalf of the brilliant individuals behind parody classics like, Airplane! , and The Naked Gun this Craig Mazin comedy picture doubled its $35 million dollar budget when it was released in March of 2008. Paralleling the plot of Sam Raimi's groundbreaking SpiderMan from 2002 Drake Bell stars as a high school student who develops super powers after being bitten by a radioactive bug. Bell is unfit to carry a film, and mostly just stares blankly or mugs between jokes. Thankfully, he's surrounded by some serious talent, who honestly don't deserve to be even here. In one of his final.

Film roles, comedy legend Leslie Nielsen is featured as the Uncle Ben analog, and brings so much class to the art of spoofs, it's hard not to appreciate his appearance. Christopher McDonaland is inspired casting as the villain, who gets annoyed when his evil scheming is interrupted by Clippy , the Microsoft paperclip mascot who asks, It looks like you're planning a mass murder. Would you like help It's a cheap joke, but it got a solid laugh from me. Not nearly as awful those misogynistic crapfests from filmmakers Aaron Seltzer.

And Jason Friedberg. Superhero Movie sticks to established parody formulas with a good dose of slapstick and sightgags. Which works to its benefit, as trying to cram in too many references and cutaways would just be such a terrible idea! Indeed, those familiar with the biggest superhero hits of the 2000s will enjoy this picture's attention to detail, which rather faithfully recreates a number of iconic scenes with humorous twists. A flashback that mimics a pivotal scene in Batman Begins works pretty well, thanks to a short, but effective role from Robert Hays. Not including the lengthy bloopers and credits that pad.

The film to featurelength, this movie is only an hour and eight minutes long! So, as tame and unfunny as certain sections may be, it's at least it won't take up much of your time. The majority of the jokes are tried, juvenile and frequently overstay their welcome. I caught this PG13 rated flick on basic cable, and was decently amused leaving it on in the background, but I doubt it'd hold up under closer scrutiny or repeat viewings. Superhero Movie is a trite spoof with occasional laughs. Now let's read some of your YouTube reviews.

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