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Rotary wing means vehicles that fly because they rotate blades. So that encompasses what you'd call helicopters or the new concepts called tilt rotors. It also means those crazy kinds of things that have a rotor blade but also some other kind of propulsion on it like a big duct on the back or tilting ducts or things like that. One of the favorite things that I recall as I've worked at NASA for fourteen years is really exciting things we've done in the wind tunnels when people really need answers.

There was a particular a helicopter configuration had a problem in a flight test. NASA was the only place that had a facility and a model that we could help them with. We worked seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, three shifts a day. When suddenly somebody had an idea. And we put that on the model and we ran and the light bulbs came on and we started we kept running and three weeks later we had a fix on the on the aircraft in the flight test.

Aluminum Boat Plan Welded Aluminum Boat Plans

Aluminum Boat Plan Welded Aluminum Boat Plans,Get Aluminum Boat Plan here tinyurlNewBoatPlans The Internet is full of boat plans. Many companies sell boat plans for a small price. However, they..

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Aluminum Fishing Boat Plans &Free Motor Boat Plans.Get Aluminum Fishing Boat Plans here tinyurlNewBoatPlans The Internet is full of boat plans. Many companies sell boat plans for a small price..

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