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That don’t do do do do a martin say here how to build a plywood boat plans want to be a shout out from michael plans not complicit being a boat enthusiasts i’m so glad i can crusher plant right in the middle early own wooden boat another loss structure design simply lost vision for the project then i came across my book last night comes through real to see all hun tell plans placidly nothing to the imagination and there’s a wide range occurs all types of boats details dimensions materialists stepbystep implanted simply everything.

You could possibly need how to build a plywood boat plans and now i’m more calm than ever with finishing this project i’m really excited to set sail thank you so much keep up the great work him learn i just wanna make key really quick tutorial did tell you how cool i think michael plans to calm really years how well my gum online i was looking for a boat that i can build with my son and my father my dad’s going to build a boat ever since he got out the navy and so when i.

Come under sr 500 different designs they’re all stepbystep instructions for each how to build a plywood boat plans design can be by the way the materials and the dimensions you suggested they work perfectly we’ve got a beautiful new bass boat and this is my primo really we’re gonna go hit the water here hopefully next week and we should really be done by then so i’m i’m really excited my son has never been able to spend this much time with both me can my father and so is having a lot of fun so it’s really been able to bring.

Carplounge Tackle how we build Baitboats RT4 RT3 Futterboot Produktion Toslon Lowrance

Hallo zusammen heute fhren wir euch durch die firma carplounge tackle.Einige denken noch, wir produzieren unsere futterboote mit 2 personen, heute zeigen wir euch was wirklich hinter carplounge steckt.Und stellen euch die einzelnen abteilungen vor.Das ist sylvia aus der auftragsverwaltung nach der bestellung erhaltet ihr von sylvia die auftragsbesttigung die nach dem zahlungseingang freigeschaltet wird.Und die techniker beginnen mit der produktion.Das ist roman roman bestckt die rmpfe mit leds und beginnt mit der verkabelung das ist simona, sie ist zumeist als erstes am telefon, wenn ihr bei carplounge anruft.

Zudem arbeitet sie ebenfalls an der installation des led systems.Das ist max, er verbaut die hauptsteuereinheit, das gehirn des bootes.Das einzigartige bussystem hat die carplounge boote international berhmt gemacht.Und sorgt dafr, dass alle funktionen des bootes zuverlssig laufen.Das ist daniel, der service manager von carplounge.Er beantwortet alle fragen nach dem kauf und kmmert sich persnlich um unsere kunden.Das ist daniel, er ist der produktionsleiter bei carplounge gerade kalibriert ein autopilot system und das ist seine aktuelle produktionsliste fr diese woche, ist noch einiges zu tun.

Das ist thomas, er kmmert sich um die antriebssysteme der boote nach dem einbau der jets und motoren wird das boot.Fr einen tag im wasserbecken auf dichtigkeit getestet.Anschlieend programmiert er die fahrtenregler auf die fernsteuerung des bootes das ist thomas, viele kennen ihn sicher schon von den messen auf denen wir vertreten sind.Thomas produziert die unterwasserkaremas von carplounge und ist zustndig fr saber tackle das ist daniel, er verbaut die verschiedenen funkecholote in den booten er hat bisher mehr als 5000 funkecholote produziert, verbaut und angepasst.Und zhlt somit zum erfahrendsten echolottechniker weiltweit.

Das ist can, er versiegelt alle futterboote bei carplounge und sorgt mit seiner erfahrung fr absolut wasserdichte produkte im nchsten schritt werden alle boote am carplounge testsee probegefahren.Hier werden alle funktionen des bootes eingestellt und anhand eines prfplans getestet.Nachdem die boote ausfhrlich getetet wurden kommen sie nun zurck in die firma und werden fr den weltweiten versand vorbereitet.Das ist marcel, er ist fr den test am see zustndig er hat bereits mehr als 5000 futterboote am see getestet und die notwendigen einstellungen vorgenommen.Das ist nobby, nachdem die boote am see waren und eingestellt wurden, bereitet er sie auf fr den versand.

Nach der endabnahme durch ihn, verpackt er die boote und sorgt fr einen sicheren versand.Das ist der besprechnungsraum von carplounge, hier werden die fertigen boote fr kunden bereitgestellt, die ihre boote selber abholen mchten.Selbtverstndlich bieten wir bei der abholung auch eine kostenlose einweisung des bootes an unserem see an.Neben den futterbooten fr angler entwickeln und produzieren wir auch boote fr die industrie und forschung dieses groe boot zum beispiel, wird von der industrie zum mappen in verbindung mit dem carplounge autopiloten eingesetzt.Wir waren jetzt in allen abteilungen.Fehlt nur noch der inhaber, den wir jetzt besuchen.

Always Have a Safety Plan

Gtgt schuyler well if i saw a boat heading out to.You know whether it’s a day on the water or goin’ out fishing.I’d probably ask them where they’re headed and if their family and friends knew that as well as maybe the marina.I’d ask them if they had the proper.You know, proper epirb as well as life jackets, flares and life jackets, all the essentials.And to have.That’s part of your float plan.And like i said, the families, the friends and whether it’s what time your.

Building Boats and Pools Great British Viking Quest GBVQ Ep7

This week i’ve mainly been in this room.Editing and doing little jobs on fiverr which is a website where you can pick up freelance work for $5 and is probably one of the main ways i’ve been raising money for the boat build over the last few months.And and also raising money through my colouring book as well.And a lot of late nights doing little extra jobs on fiverr.And now i’m at the point where i can actually buy the boat which is super, super, super exciting.I’ve chosen the boat.

It’s not quite the same boat that i was originally looking at.This one is actually a lot better.It’s got some sails on it which gives me more scope for future expeditions.So even though its a little bit more, that’s the one that i think is going to be a better choice in the long run.And it’s actually just been used to row to alaska as well, so which seems quite fitting for viking expeditions in cold water.I am just having a look at the website for angus rowboats.

And i’m having a look at my boat.I was originally going to go for the expedition rowboat which is a lot smaller which is 18 foot long and a bit cheaper.But i’m now going to go for this one which is the sailing rowcruiser.Which is 19 foot long and it weighs 99.8 kilogrammes 220 pounds.And i think this is going to give me a lot more scope for the expedition.It’s a little bit more expensive but i think it’s going to be a much better boat.

And it has just won the row to alaska as well.There’s some pictures of it there.And a tutorial.And i can show you the plans.So this is the boat here and i was just going to have a rowing boat but i’m actually now going to have one with sails.So that you can row it and sail it which i think will be much better for rowing around britain.Especially since i’m not going for any records or anything like that.And i’ve just been checking with.

The tape measure to see if it would fit in the room because i’m going to be building it in here.So it’s really exciting super, super exciting.And i’ve been really busy trying to raise money to build it.So this one will cost $us299 for the full plan of this one which comes in a kit from canada $us44 for the seat and the rigger kit which you can build yourself.And $us48 for the sculling oar plans because i quite like the idea of building the whole thing myself.

Which comes to $us’1 for the plans and then i can fundraise for all the different parts of the build so it’s a little bit more than i was originally the boat i was originally going for which was $us182 but i think this is going to be much better in the long run.And it’s a way cooler boat so sounds amazing.It’s so exciting.Yeah, so that’s all that that’s really cool so so your going to check out the workshop yes, so so i’ve been really busy this week with.

The workshop with the help of yourself and mike as well and i know you’ve been really busy clearing space so i think you’ve been quite busy having a big sort out.So we’ve got lots more space now.And mike is just going to help me to make sure that the boat will fit through the door because it’s a nice big space for building it in but obviously if we can’t get the boat out then it’s going to be a bit of a problem! length overall is 18 foot 8.5 inches 570cm.

Beam that’s the critical one it’s 46inches because that will go through the door sideways on.Because the height is not nearly as much as the width of the door.Yeah alright, let’s go and measure it and see if we can fit it in excellent plan.So we basically just want to make sure that the boat will fit that’s right we know it will fit in the workshop but make sure it will fit through the door let’s call it 19 feet.Right, now then.That’s going to be sixteen feet is.

Just there.And that’s where the oh 8 and a half wasn’t it come back that’s it.So the important thing was to make sure that the boat will fit through the door because if it doesn’t fit through this door we’re going to be in trouble.And the most important width the most important measurement is the height because we will have to turn the boat around to get it out so it’s super exciting.Yes, all good.The boat is going to be from that red tub there all the way up.

To that red tub just under the desk there near the dog.So it’s going to be quite a big boat.There’s your beam which is 46 inches yep so we’ll do a quick scale off the plan that’s 75 35 so 35 over 75 times our width which was 46 inches that’s going to be 21 inches high well call it 22 and that door is 29 inches wide so you got lots of room.Boat yeah which is $us299 for the boat plan and then i thought it’s basically going to be cheaper if i order.

It all at the same time so it’s $us44 for the seat and rigger and $us48 for the sculling oar plans which are hollow shaft.Wooden oars.So that’s one of the reasons i’ve been waiting to do it to raise the money through my colouring book and my work on fiverr.And then the next stage is to order everything together which comes to $us’1 and then hopefully in a couple of weeks it will arrive by ship.This week i had the opportunity to go aboard one of the rnli rescue boats.

Which was really interesting and i also went into one of the sauvetage en mer boats as well the french version of the rnli.And i had a look on both boats which was really cool like so cool.Especially having a visit into the engine room and looking at where they sit where they drive the boat where they steer it from.All the kind of rescue kit.It was amazing and i haven’t really been on a boat like that since i was in the royal navy one of the little navy boats we used to hang around on.

In the engine room doing our checks and things.So that was really good.Having a look at the two boats.And this week i’ve really been quite busy with the swimming pool as well.At the moment there is no swimming pool and no gym on the island here so it’s really exciting.Its a project that’s been going on for about 3 years i think lots of kind of ups and downs and i think they’ve raised about 600k as an island to have the first pool and the first gym.And now i think they’ve just got the last.

I think 50k to get it finished.So if all goes well i’m trying to do what i can at the moment to help the pool raise the last money because obviously that means i’ll have somewhere to train which will be really nice.And they are so close now so close to finishing it that it could potentially be open by december which is super, super, super exciting.So i just did apologies to everybody whose watching there i did something strange to my phone and so i think it stopped filming.

But i’m not quite sure.But anyway i thought i would give you a tour of the swimming pool here in alderney.Which the community has been raising money for.It’s really exciting.This will be the island’s first swimming pool and gym.Which will be open to the public so open to the children at the local school which is just there.So there is the school.And a beautiful sunny day at the moment people just swim in the sea which is fine for this time of year but i think in winter, probably isn’t quite so nice.

So you are getting a special preview today.Will this be the reception this will be the reception.And there will be a glazed screen across here looking into the pool itself.It’s really big actually.It feels much bigger when you come in than yeah it is that’s right a very special preview today.I love the shape of the roof as well.Yeah.It’s really nice.And will it be glass at the end it will be yeah there’s four big windows at the end yeah.Big pool so that’s the pool there.

Which is really exciting.And then let’s see what else we’ve got.And then back through the reception.Ooh can we have a look at the plans as well the plans, yeah, yeah.So that’s what’s the pool is going to look like yeah so this is the gym here and plant room in between and the pool.Excellent.And then we’ve got the so that’s basically a view of the finished building from outside the main pool hall and the gym behind this area.These drawings show basically the the pool construction itself yeah.

Where we have the shallow end at this end and a slope down to the deep end here.So that’s this part, this bit here is the shallow end this is the shallow end and the deep end at the other to give you an idea there.Yeah and then in here this is going to be the gym.It’s great that the floor is really solid actually.Yeah it should be good for jumping on.There’s four big windows.There’s a big full window there wow and three at the end there.

So you’ll be able to be on your cycling machine and all the machines go i love all the sky lights actually yeah really brings some nice light in.So how many windows one one there one there and three over here wow and then can you see in to the pool from here no this is the plant room which is in between the gym and the pool ah ok so this is where all the equipment goes.The heart of the machine and the engine room if you like.

Yeah the air handling unit the air conditioning the sand filters wow the pumps that’s super exciting.Look at these are these the concrete blocks well these these are what the buildings walls are made of and the roof is made of.They are very highly insulated eight inches of pure insulation yeah with a fibre cement board either side they are called sips or structurally insulated panels which are all glued together.So the walls in the ceiling are all made of and the roof is all made of that.

Wow so it’s super highly insulated.Yeah, which is important i think being on an island in the winter with all the energy as well.And the solar panels and yeah, yeah it’s a really good space.So i’ve been quite busy with the swimming pool helping them to try and raise the last funds and at the moment i am building a website for the pool as well.Which is taking a lot of time but i think is well worth it.And i’m trying to organise some fundraisers for charitybuzz and a website called prizeo.

Which i’m hoping will help as well.But it’s been really good.It’s been really nice to be involved.And i went along to the open day and got to see the pool how it is progressing all the insides.It looks amazing.It’s going to have a reception area some changing rooms and then the pool and also a gym.And in the swimming pool area they’ve actually got a special like a frieze along the wall and people have been buying tiles for 10.Which i think are still for sale.

And you can have your name put on a tile.And i think they have raised about 18,000 or something that way.So that has been really good.Been involved with them.And i also got to go along to the local rotary club did a special evening to raise money for the pool.And the theme was ‘the big top’.So everyone was dressed up as clowns and kind of circus animals and ring masters and because we just had alderney week i was able to get hold of a daffy duck.

In fact not daffy duck daisy duck i got hold of a daisy duck costume.So i went along as daisy duck.And i got to have my make up done.When i arrived.I think that was 2 for having your face painted.As a fundraiser.And then we had lots of food we had a bit of a bbq with that.And they had a guy on a unicycle who was delivering cocktails.Which was really funny to see.I don’t know how he didn’t spill them everywhere.Loads and loads of people came loads of people were juggling.

And throwing knives and fire and all sorts of mad stuff.And then there was a stage as well so there was a magician and a couple of people singing.There was a band at the end and i think everyone was dancing.A really good band.A lady called alex flewitt who is i think her and her band were playing very, very good.And there was a big auction as well which raised quite a lot of money.And it was just a really, really fun night.Just lovely, just.

So much fun.It was quite a late night.I think i had a week of quite late nights.I was quite tired by the end of the week.But that was really good.And just amazing that the community came together and raised so much.Brilliant.Just a brilliant effort.And the weather has been pretty nice so i had some pretty nice walks with my dog isla.Which has been good for getting some exercise and some fresh air and some time with her as well.We’ve had some really nice walks.And something else i did for the first time.

This week was i went to the cinema.Which i haven’t done for a very long time anyway and was my first time at the island cinema.It’s actually run as a club and we went along to see the new jane austin movie which is called love and friendship and was very, very funny.A really good thing to go along to.And was probably the only time i’ve been to the cinema and known everybody in the audience.So that was quite funny.Nice to see everybody.As well.

And it was great because it’s actually run as a club so people pay like a membership every year.And they have a different film each week.And each film is sponsored by somebody on the island.So it’s quite a nice way of actually making sure that you have access to all the local, like all the latest films.There’s no popcorn or anything there but just a lovely, lovely place to go and watch a film.So that was really good.Really enjoyed the movie.Definitely worth seeing.And quite full of the usual jane austin sarcasm as well.

And i had some great lessons on skype this week.One with a school in new jersey and another one with a school in india.And this was the first time i did a virtual tour of the museum.Which was really, really good.Really entertaining and i think the students really enjoyed it.There’s quite a lot of variety in the museum.There are lots of things from the bronze age and things from obviously world war ii with it being with them having four prisoner of war camps here.

During world war ii and all the bunkers.And lots of things on shipwrecks and on the natural history of the island as well.So that was great.We did a tour of victoria street and then went into the museum.So that was really good.I really enjoyed that.It’s the first time i’ve done that as a museum virtual tour.But really good.And one of the reasons i look probably quite tired and with big black bags under my eyes is because i’ve been quite busy with the.

I’m building a website for the swimming pool and i’m also building a website for sarah rows solo which isn’t up yet but i am working on it right now and i shall let you know when it is done.And finally i had a bit of an idea for creating a patreon community.And that costs $1 and in exchange for your $1 you would receive all of the following.So access to my patron only stream you’ll get early downloads of a book i’m creating called ‘i am viking’.

This is a worksheet that i create for teachers and schools that is basically for anybody who loves vikings and loves colouring and things like that.So at the moment i am creating roughly one page a day so it means at the end of each day you will receive one page from the book.You then get your name printed on the actual physical book.And you will receive a signed copy of the book once it is published.There you go with your name in it.And i will personally sign it.

And you also get a ticket to my show in london which i think is going to be at the royal albert hall at the end of next year so will probably be december 2017 possibly january 2018.For that i’m creating some special music with a composer like viking tunes and you’ll get that after the show as well.So pretty cool rewards for $1 i think.$1 per episode.I do 1 a week, so basically $4 a month.So loads of really, really cool goodies on there.And then.

This is only open to 5000 people because 5000 is the maximum that i can have in the albert hall.So that’s pretty exciting.And i’ve created a similar version but like a family value pack so you get two of everything for $5 or for $6 you get three times everything so three tickets to the show, three tickets, err 3 books.And then $10 is is like a family pack so four times so 4 books and 4 tickets to the show.So a huge thank you to everyone whose supported.

MyBoatPlansFULL REVIEWStep by Step for the DIY ProsCons

Ok, great, you made it over to my webpage for my review on myboatplans.First, give yourself a big pat on the back, you’re here so you must be serious about building your own boat.So congratulations.Building stuff is fun.Building boats is even more fun.But before i get into the guts of this review, i just want to make a couple of things clear.I am in no way an expert in boat building.But i have involved myself in a myriad of building projects over the decades, boat s.

Being a few.I’ve also built several houses, coffee tables, dining tables, kitchen cupboards, spiral staircase, and on and on it goes.I’m just pointing out that from the many things i have built, i know just how important good building plans are to any project.The better the plans, the easier it is going to be to building whatever it is your planning on building.Good detailed plans simply removes the headaches from your build and will save you an enormous amount of time.And 2, i’m an affiliate with myboatplans so i make a commission if you continue onward.

To purchasing this product.It doesn’t make it more costly, i simply get a percentage for the work i’ve put into guiding people to myboatplans sales page.So if you do purchase through me, then i thank you for supporting me.This is very personal to me, it means you guys are trusting my reviews enough to go ahead to the sales page.I don’t take that lightly, thank you.And if you don’t go ahead with a purchase, that’s ok too.It’s not for everyone.If at any time you want to proceed straight to the sales page, click on the sales page.

Button located throughout my review page pause or click right here let’s get stuck in and review all the pros and cons of this package.Let’s go over the pros first.The plans themselves, plain and simple guys, they are extremely detailed.They aren’t just a blueprint with lines and drawings leaving you to figure out the rest of how things are supposed to be put together.With every single plan, you get images and diagrams, detailing step by step just how to build that boat you’ve chosen to build.I can tell you, this puts all my own previous boat plans to shame.

Again guys, the more detailed the plans are, the easier it’s going to be for you.To top that off, you get 40 tutorial tutorials.Over 10 hrs of visual boat building training and instruction you can learn while having a cuppa.And who doesn’t like watching tutorials especially when it’s something you are passionate about.Materials list.With every single boat plan, martin provides you with a materials list.How good is that! you don’t have to spend hrs trying to figure out what, how much, what length, what types.

Of nails or screws, what types of glue, marine ply or construction ply, hardwood, pine board.Again it’s all detailed in each and every plan.This will save you a bundle of time, time you can spend on building your boat! i don’t know how much time i spent on figuring what to purchase when i was building my piver, but i have no doubt i could measure it in days.You get a life time update on any new boat plans that martin reid adds to his package.There are some boats in this compilation of boat plans that are more for the experienced.

Wood worker and this is brought to your attention when deciding on which boat you want to build.There’s not many but the last thing you want to do if you’ve little experience is take on a boat project that may be more than you can handle.Most give up when the going gets a bit tough so do yourself a favour if you have little experience and go for something easy.You’ll be glad you did.Now this is my favourite, i love all things cad.Martin reid supplies all purchasers of his myboatplans package a free cad program.

This is a 3d cad software program specifically for drawing and designing boats.You may want to design your own boat, i don’t know why one would, i certainly wouldn’t but to each his own i guess but this makes it easy for those with cad experience to maybe tweak something on the boat they’re building personally, i just want to play with it.I have autocad for drawing my own plans, not boats, i’ve never drawn boat plans, but a cad for boats, brilliant.Don’t want to download the plans or cant, no problem, you can purchase the dvd’s and.

They will be mailed to you.Everyone’s covered.You also get 4 or 5 more bonuses, one of them being a 600 page boat builders guide, which gives you information on things like, the tools you’re going to need, how to prevent corrosion, how to refurbish old boats and even guiding you in building from plans.You also get boat building secrets’.I haven’t had a look at this one yet but it’s supposedly a compilation of 16 books with techniques and tricks and tips from thousands of pages from all things boats.

Also, purchasing myboatplans, you automatically get enrolled into a qa forum.For me, this alone is worth the purchase price.I’m involved with many forums and it’s where i go to if i can’t find an answer or solution to an issue i may be having.To purchase a product and then be left high and dry if you run into a problem leaves a very sour taste in ones mouth.Having a go to’ forum will save you hrs and hrs of time searching the net for a solution.As i said, this alone is a stand out bonus when purchasing myboatplans.

If you want a sneak preview of the product and the types of boats you can build, click here or click on the link below this tutorial.I urge you to have a look at this sneak preview, it’s fairly extensive of the different types of boats you can build.It amazed me.This guy, martin reid, supplies you with over 500 plans.518 to be exact.So surely just about anyone could find a boat to build out of that many plans.The package includes, something like 40 some odd sailboat plans, row boats of all kinds.

And sizes, runabouts, house boats, utility boats, canoes and kayaks of different designs and sizes, even cabin cruisers.I had a friend tell me the other day, when we filmed the youtube tutorial, no one would build 500 boats.And he’s right, you couldn’t build 500 boats in a lifetime let alone want to.So why pay for 518 boat plans well, first of all, have you ever purchased boat plans before i have and i paid over 900 dollars for one.And that was like 30 years ago! and for 1 boat!.

It was a piver trimiran and i still have the plans somewhere around here.And that leads me to this, in my opinion, the very best thing about this package, is the price.You don’t pay anywhere near what i paid for just one set of plans.I think it’s 147.00.Remember, that’s plans for 518 different boats! but i think pretty much they’re on sale for the price of 47 dollars.Don’t hold me to that but from memory it’s what’s on the sales page.47 dollars, i find that unbelievably cheap and the number one reason why i mark it as.

The number one benefit of this package.Now, as i mentioned earlier, these plans aren’t just spit out, martin reid gives you detailed plans for every plan in the package plus there’s images, diagrams and step by step instructions that go along with every single plan.That boat i mentioned earlier there weren’t any detailed images.There were no detailed explanations, no step by step instructions, no one to call if i ran into any issues.Seriously, with just these benefits, how could this not be worth 47 dollars and to top all that off, you are given a 60 day guarantee.

For whatever reason, you don’t like the product, you get your purchase amount back.You can look over the entire package for 2 months.The pros for myboatplans imo far outweigh the cons.Now for the cons, martin reid claims you need no boat building experience at all, that it’s idiot proof to build one of his boats.Imo, that in itself is a huge call to make.I would have to say, and this is coming from someone with decades of experience working with timber, the more experience you have working with wood, the better and easier it’s.

Going to be when tackling a project such as this.But then, there’s plenty of testimonials to back up his claim.I have to stick to my claim though.I may be wrong but if you’ve never picked up a hand tool before, this is probably not for you.There are however, simple boats that are fairly straight forward and easy to build so maybe, with the detailed plans that myboatplans offer, one with very little woodworking experience could just actually build a boat only you can make that call.The only other thing i can come up with that this product doesn’t deliver is this, most.

Of these boat plans are fairly simple, so if you’re looking for boat plans for really big boats, this isn’t for you.So to cap this review off what do you get you get 518 detailed boat plans, you get 40 tutorial tutorials, you get numerous bonuses including a free cad boat building software, you automatically join a members qa forum, you get instant download plus dvd package, free uploads for life, a money back guarantee and it’s even mac or pc compatible.So, in the end, my recommendation is it’s worth taking a look at myboatplans sales page.

Louisiana search crew plans return to Kentucky to find missing man

Missing nearly four years ago.Vo clarence holmes disappeared on laurel lake in 2012, while he was helping others during a storm.The southeast louisiana underwater search team plans to return to the lake on april 25th.The team has been looking at sonar images from the lake.From the last time they searched it.And can see something that looks like it could be human remains.The team will use side scan and scanning sonar during their next search.1shot a golden alert has been issued for a montgomery county man.



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