Oral History Tutorial George Luzier on the craft of building beautiful wooden boats

Well, let's start over there with the first ones. My name is George B. Luzier. And I was born 61224 in Sarasota, Florida. So I'm a downtoearth Cracker. This was my second boat. My first boat I don't have pictures of right now. I was about 14 and that's built in my mother's garage over on Pomelo Street. And this is Clark's Ark and it was built way back, that was over in the old Rec Hall building. And it's still up in Bradenton and it's still going strong. It's been a very successful boat and everybody.

Loves it. That's a 16foot outboard. We built, I don't know, 5 or 6 of them. My typical day is I get up at six o'clock and get moving, try to get over at the shop about eight. There's always something I can do. Some days, you know, you're building or doing something, you're right in there cuttin', sawin', and goin' at it hammer and tong. Now right here. I don't see my favorite tool but that's a Stihl electric plane. You can see it's had a little hard usage. I've had it, I know, 50 years. It run good, never.

Gave any problem. They never made a better saw than that 14inch Delta. And that saw's, oh, I'm sure it's at least 60 years old. I've had it for 50odd years. I bought it secondhand. But it's just a good, ruggedit's a heavy little mother. And on the bigger boats, see, we'd pick that up and throw it inside the boat, don't have to walk back and forth and save a lot of time. That's a 3115 Singer, and it'll sew most anything you stick under it. But it's full of all sorts of glameration of. whatever. And I've got, you know, most.

Of these tools, I don't want 'em to hang on the wall and show and this and that, they're to be used. Like this little plane here, a lot of things you want to set at a depth or something, on a surface, and this works great. And this old timer. Well, you never got enough clamps. Nah, it's been, ah, it's been interesting to do and I've had a lot of enjoyment out of it. You know, some of the job parts are not that easy, but you know, it don't.

How To Build A CanoeKayak Canoe Plans,Kayak Plans,Blueprints,Instructions,Diagrams,And More

Don't do do how to build a canoe plans do do do uh do a martin stayed here want to be a shout out from Michael plans not complicit being a boat enthusiasts I'm so glad I can crusher plant right in the middle early own wooden boat and another loss for structure design simply lost vision for the project then I came across my book last night how to build a kayak plans comes through real to see all hun tell plans at classes leave nothing to the imagination and there's a wide range cookers all types of boats details dimensions.

Materialists stepbystep implanted simply everything you could possibly need and now I'm work harder than ever with finish this project I'm really excited to set sail thank you so much keep up the great work him learn I just wanna make key really quick tutorial did tell you how cool I think Michael plans to calm really years how what my gum online I was looking for how to build a canoe plans a boat that I can build with my son and my father my dad still want to build a boat ever since he got out the Navy and so when I.

Come under Sr 500 different designs they're all stepbystep instructions for each design can beat by the way the materials and the dimensions you suggested to work perfectly we've got a beautiful new bass boat and this is my dreamboat really we're gonna go hit the water here hopefully next week and we should really how to build a kayak plans be done by then so I'm I'm really excited my son has never been able to spend this much time with both me can my father and so he's having a lot of fun so it's really been able to.

Man rescued while trying to sail from UK to America in a dinghy

A man has been rescued from rough seas after attempting to sail from the UK to America in a dinghy. The man, thought to be a Bulgarian national, was spotted in his 14 foot dinghy five miles off the coast of Dorset on Saturday when a rescue team came to help. The RNLI lifeboat crew from Mudeford were called out at around 5pm after a passing yachtsman noticed the dinghy's skipper was seasick. But the 30yearold sailor wasn't too happy about being rescued and refused help from the lifeboat for 45 minutes before the RNLI crew dragged him on to their boat and to shore.

Villager News Minecraft Animation

Villagers mumbling tune Villager News! villager humming in background Does my moustache look all right Ok. Hey! humming stops Breaking News! A rogue citizen has been caught committing a terrible crime! Villager Number 9 is on the scene. Thank you Villager Number 4. I'm standing where the incident took place earlier today. We have footage of the event from a camera mounted on that roof. Hello. It was just a normal day in the village until Villager Number 14 showed his complete distaste for our laws. villager mimicking police siren STOP! You violated the law!.

Stop right there, criminal scum!! This was quickly followed by a highspeed chase caught on camera by a local traffic helicopter. It looks like quite a situation down there! villager wailing in distance Look at him go! He's running, he's running! Are they gonna catch him We don't know. Oh, ooh. He's running, he's running He's still running! Oh, he in trouble now, the police are EVERYWHERE! Are you seeing this! No, I'm a helicopter. STOP! Nooo! Aww, he said no. pressure plate clicks Aaaaahh!! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Missile Inbound.

What! Deploying flares! Deploying flares. villagers clamoring Aaaahhh!! fading scream explosion Villager beeping in background Aaaahh! We're going down! We're going down. crashes signal static And that was the last we saw of those villagers. Villager Number 14 was apprehended later as he tried to escape the village. Police had placed down stingers, and they proved to be too much for Villager Number 14. thud Hah! gavel bangs He was taken to court Where he was sentenced to the Pit of Death! This is madness! villager humming Madness This, is, MINECRAFT!!.

Europe agrees on plan to address migrant crisis 4

And staying in Europe. The German navy has rescued over 600 migrants lost at sea after their wooden boat became stranded in the Mediterranean. Officials said they had responded to the maritime emergency some 55 kilometers off the coast of Libya. The rescue comes as EU leaders agreed on a plan to tackle the rising number of people fleeing to Europe to escape war and poverty. I believe the migrant crisis is the biggest challenge Ive encountered during my time in office in terms of European affairs. We have already seen a wide range of challenges.

How to Replace Rotten Deck Boards Repair Wooden Deck, Treated Lumber

So, we're taking out a couple of rotten boards here, and we're painting up the ends with a water repellent, in this case Thompson's Water Seal. And we're painting the tops of the old nail holes. You can fill those old nail holes right up with this Thompson's, and that helps it out, because usually the rot starts in the nail holes. Water collects in there, and if you fill it up with something that stops the rot from going in, that's good. We've got this little piece of sheet metal bent because.

There was a little bit of decay on this particular one, and we're really soaking that one up, and we're going to put the sheet metal over top of it, so that it doesn't continue to absorb water, and hopefully we'll get a few years out of that, and we're going to also probably sister something alongside of that one. But it doesn't really help to sister if you allow the water to keep going in there. So the sheet metal, little piece there, will turn out to be a flashing for over top of that.

So, we put the first one in here, but I just wanted to show you this flashing here. It won't allow the water to continue to accumulate underneath that. And we're going to cut the next one in, but this is good to show how that went. And that goes right underneath all of that. So, you can see under here, you can see where this metal will drip off that edge, and not let any more water into that wood. Here's how we sistered this one, and we did another sister on that one because it was getting kind of weak.

Apprenticeships Medium Employer of the Year Berthon Boat Company

They've added an awful lot to the business over the years as that's one of the things my father said when you get into a recession you carry on employing apprentices because people carry on retiring and when you come out of the recession people will want to steel your apprentices so the good thing is make as many as you can during the time that you can. I think in terms of competitors, it means that we can quote for jobs and business that's out there in a period of recession and were using those skills that were bringing on, which are new skills,.

To develop our business in a way that is not only profitable but will be long lasting and we take massive market share by knowing that we are taking on business that is 3, 4 years hence because their big contracts and we've got the people coming through to supply the skills to do that business. In respect of what the government is doing and the PR for apprenticeships I think the last 2 years has been fabulous, there are 5 pillars, 4 of them have been sorted out, the government are behind apprenticeships,.

The colleges and teachers are behind apprenticeships, i.e. the educator have been educated, the parents are behind apprenticeships and the children are behind apprenticeships, then now the biggest problem we've got is SME's taking on apprentices because there isn't enough support for them in terms of mentoring and everything else to overcome the disaster of the last 20 years whereby they were taking on the wrong people to do the wrong job and we need that mentoring from the colleges, from the government we need the encouragement to breech the 8,5000 pounds cost in year one so that they can get to year two.

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Twenty Eight Feet Life On A Little Wooden Boat

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How To Build A Wooden Flat Bottomed Boat.Step by step instructions on how to build a wooden boat for fishing This tutorial shows you how we built ours and it floats very well. The basic flatbottomed boat is..



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