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Okay, so here we are working on the gunwales of this boat. I’m not exactly sure what’s called a gunwale. But, I don’t know what’s going on here right now, either. Okay, what we’re doing is we’re trying to attach this little edge piece that’s been falling off this boat forever, and what I want to do is make sure it really is good. And I’ve refastened the whole plywood on top,.

Ground it all off and refastened it, and now we’ve brushed, we’ve had this piece away, this piece was sitting away, and we brushed cold cure mixed with a, what is that called again? Antisag. Antisag and cold cure mix and we brushed it in behind,.

And now we’re filling that gap. And I’ve been putting these long screws, these stainless wood screws in at an angle because it doesn’t do it much good to hold into the, between the layers of plywood like it was doing and that goes down at an angle, into the heavy piece of two by six that’s behind here under the gunwale. Now, there was a bit of rotten stuff here,.

We’ve put in about six feet of new plywood, and we’ll be getting down there shortly. How I drill these in, is I use, first of all, I use this little three eighths bit, and then I use this bit, which is about a three sixteenths or something and I drill through there, so I don’t split the little narrow piece. and then I use my power drill to drive the screw in.

And tomorrow we’ll, what we’ve also done here is in the old fastener holes, there was quite a bit of rust, so I used in the holes I used the, I cleaned them all out, and used rot fix in it first, and then I used five minute epoxy in the other screw holes, the new fasteners that I put in and then over top of that, we’ve got this cold cure with the antisag in it,.

And that’s going to fill up that gap real nice. And over top of that again, we’ve got fibreglass cloth coming on that’s like up in the front, that we’ve done already up here, and we’ve done it down here. We’ll do it down this, and it’ll come right over top of the edge of the gunwale, this edge strip here,.

And it will form a watertight seal. It was all leaking in, all along this side, and that strip was always loose. so I am really happy I have the advantage that I can do this right now. And I had to replace one piece down there, see it’s a little bigger. and it’s going to be sanded down,.

Wood Transom Repair Replacement Refinishing Mahogany Yacht Boat

So here we are again, back on that stern of the Chris Craft Corvette, as you can see, I’ve been grinding it off, took all the lettering off, faired the planks, as you can see here, the one plank is bigger than the other, so I’ll finish this bottom down here, and it’ll look exactly the same,.

And what I like to do, with these old boats that have been sanded many times I like to use my belt sander, with a fairly new belt in it, a forty grit, and when there’s varnish on it like this, I like to go on the bias a little bit, at fortyfive degrees,.

And that seems to smooth out the gouges, that all of those people who followed the rules, over the years, and went with the grain, with their palm sanders and whatnot, they created a whole pile of gouges. This seems to be strong, this Honduras Mahogany seems to be able to take a little sideways grind.

And then someone, I’ll get my main man to come behind me with a light grit sandpaper, and polish that off with the grain. But not going to try and take the gouges out with the grain because it doesn’t work that way. Works better on the bias, angle fortyfive degrees, sort of like when you’re cleaning the grout out of the tiles,.

When you’re installing grout in tiles, go fortyfive degrees, and everything seems to work better. So, this is the stern of a Chris Craft Corvette, midfifties, got two V8s, Chevy V8s, it’s thirty feet long, and we’re doing pretty much a complete overhaul.

See I’ve got all the sides stripped, and the beautiful Honduras Mahogany stripped, and I’ve been filling up any of the rotten spots, this is cedar on oak, and I’ve stripped all the sides off, very beautiful shape. There’s the engine vents, and the lines in this is perfect.

I was worried about the water line, but when I actually looked, I found out these old Chris Craft guys were pretty smart, because they actually scribed it into the boat, and I’ve got my tape following that, so I can make a nice straight bootstrap and have that thing look like it was.


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