Frode Ness New World Record in SMS

Norwegian Championship in SMS Frode is finished. Andreas is finished. First round is complete. We will verify the texts. This it text is not approved. There is a small mistake. Frode takes the lead, 1 0. Frode have improved his World Record. The new record is 34.65. Frode is the new Norwegian Champion and World Record holder in SMS. It's not every day you see a World Record holder in real flesh. Congratulations! How does it feel Fantastic! I want to congratulate Frode Ness as Norwegian Champion and new World Record holder.

Watercolor Painting A Lighthouse Watercolor Painting Materials

This is going to be a lighthouse and a fairly limited palate in watercolor. So what we're going to need is of course watercolor paper. We're going to need transfer paper, like graphite transfer paper. Something that's erasable is preferable. We're going to need a point five millimeter pencil. Something that we don't need to sharpen, that won't get wider as we continue to draw. We'll need a water container, water. We'll need a couple of brushes. We'll need like a number six to number twelve round brush. This is a number ten. And this.

The Woodwrights Shop, Season 15, Episode 6 Preview The Wooden Boat School

The Woodwrights Shop, Season 15, Episode 6 Preview The Wooden Boat School,In this episode preview, Roy travels to the Wooden Boat School in Brooklyn, Maine. See three distinct approaches to traditional boat building taught by three..

The Landing School Wooden Boats - The Acorn Skiff And Joel White Peapod.Maine has a wonderful boat building history that is captured in each of these boats. Built by Wooden Boat Building students at The Landing School, each boat is..

Building On Tradition.Feature tutorial about the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding located in Port Hadlock, Washington. The unique history of Port Hadlock and of the school..

Wooden Boat Building Snekke Bygging.Wooden boat building complete. Bygging av 23 fots pen snekke, ved Bjarne Aas sitt btbyggeri p Isegran utenfor Fredrikstad. 12Hk FM Motor, S22 m..

Wooden Boat Build #3 Glen-L Zip/Flying Saucer.Learning as I go, Ive started assembling the frames to resemble a boat. A retro, all wood, dual cockpit runabout that is remenisent of the 1930s and 40s..

Grindverk Barn - Bjørkedal Wooden Boat Museum, Norway.Old norwegian boats displayed in an old grindverk barn in the valley of Bjrkedalen in Norway. Btsamlingane i Bjrkedalen i Volda. Her er fleire..

Japanese Wooden Boatbuilding

Japanese Wooden Boatbuilding,.

Sunnmørsåttring - A Traditional Wooden Boat "ottring" From Sunnmøre, Norway.This boat is the only surviving original Ottring from Sunnmre in western Norway. It was built in the mid 19th century. The wooden boats from Sunnmre are..

Wooden Boat Building.Wooden Boat Building VISIT HERE for details playsportBoatBuilding Make sure your chosen plan has good instruction clarity. A good boat plan..

Building A Wooden Optimist Pram.In this tutorial I show how a wooden Optimist pram can be built. The boat was built during springsummer 2015 at ES Nord boatbuilding school in..

Boat Builders Of Bodrum, Turkey.Monocle takes a trip to Turkeys Bodrum shipyards to watch the centuryold skills that are still right at the heart of the peninsulas revered boatmaking..

Sailing Aboard The Alcyone : Old Wooden Boat School, WA.YO! Im honored to have had the experience to sail onboard the historically recognized gaffed headsyl schooner, Alcyone. Sean Rankins, Capt. Sugar, as well..

Two Adventurous Norwegians Row To Shetland In A Tiny Wooden Boat.Two Norwegian rowers have arrived in Shetland having just completed a seven day journey across the North Sea in a tiny open boat..



Boat Plans

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