Slipyards, Hobart

Ships were vital to Tasmania. It was not until the middle of the 1800s that an all weather road was constructed to Launceston, and other outlying areas remained without road links to Hobart for even longer. Shipbuilding therefore was an important industry. Slipyards were built to handle repairs as well as for the construction of new boats. The slipyard on the Domain, in use since the 1830s was an important addition to the maritime facilities in Hobart. The slipyard, still in use today, was kept particularly busy in the days when sailing.

Ships were common and the port thriving. This picture shows a ship called the Amelia J on the slip so you can see that quite large vessels could use these facilities close to the city. At one time many of the carpenters and shipbuilders lived close by. Whaling was an important industry in Hobart in the 1800s And this picture shows a ship called the Helen being relaunched from the slip in about 1900. In 1896 she had been the last Tasmanian ship to sail in search of the diminishing number.

Macquarie Harbour expansion

We're Australia's largest aquaculture company listed on the stock exchange, we've got 800 employees in Tasmania, we're spread right across from Macquarie Harbour to down the Tasman in terms of our farming sites. We are Tasmania's biggest mixed seafood company, We employee roughly 280 people, we've got the hatchery at Cressy and then we've got the farms both Rowella with Van Diemen and down in Strahan and we've got the processing facility in Devonport. We're a family owned business, we're growing about 13 to 14 thousand tonnes of salmon per year, we employ about 450 people and we farm the.

Salmon mainly in the south east but we also have some farming operations in Macquarie Harbour and that area's expanding now and we have other workshops for fabricating boats, we build our own boats and equipment as well. There is a need for more growing area as the industry's expanding because of the high demand for salmon, it's about a 20 increase per year in consumption in Australia at the moment. It is about future investment for us all, you know we need to get new growing sites we need to add capacity to what we're currently doing then.

We need to put in place all that infrastructure. Macquarie Harbour was seen as a good place to do that, for the reason that it gives us better yearround production as well. We've put out a strategic plan which has the industry growing to billiondollar industry by 2030. So the companies all got together, we could see that we had to work together than working individually and then go to the government with a united voice. We've done the largest environmental report for farming areas certainly in Australia for marine farming but probably.

Also in the world, so we all worked jointly on that and cofunded the environmental work that had to go forward to get this process done. Macquarie Harbour is a pristine environment, it's one of those areas that allows us to actually be global cost, best practice from a growing perspective so it's highly valued by the industry and we see that as a massive opportunity not just for the industry but also for the other industries in the harbour. These are yearround jobs, they're not reliant on seasonal tourism so they're going to be there.

All the time and the vast majority of people employed in the salmon industry actually live in Strahan so that's helping the economy in Strahan. The amount of energy and innovation in this state, we punch well above our weight in terms of industry in this state. There is actually money out there it's just people have to tap into that money and find out how to access these resources. We come together it is about ensuring a viable industry cause that's really important. We can produce a fantastic product that is renowned the world over and is at the same.

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Gasworks, Hobart

The tall chimney and buildings within this small block were once owned by the Hobart Gas Company which came into existence in 1834. By 1837 the first gas was being piped through a reticulation system in the city. All the coal, as well as the equipment for the production of gas, were imported, mostly from England. The sandstone building with arched windows is the same one that you can see behind the man in the picture, though the building has other uses today. For many years there was a large gasometer next to the Hobart Rivulet. In 1895 the Gas.


The lighthouse generator is an amazing scientific model. For making this your require Neodymium magnets, 35gauge insulated copper wire, old CD, and a lot of other material. Take 35gauge insulated copper wire and wind 1000 turns on an old film can. Remove the coil and place a pen inside the coil. Make a hole in the pen and remove the two ends of the wire through the pen. Scrape the two ends of insulation and attach an LED to the ends of the coil. Now you can see that the pen is inside the coil and the two ends go through the pen and.

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Of a wooden base. Stand four wooden pillars as shown. Apply glue on the top of these pillars and fix the square CD piece on them. It is through the hole in the middle that the pen will come out. These are 4 strong Neodymium magnets. Stick 2 magnets backtoback on a piece of rectangular plastic CD. Make two such strips with twotwo magnets each and glue them on to the pillars as shown. This is the final foundation of the Lighthouse generator. Now slip in the pen that the tip of the pen sits in the press button. Ensure.

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