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That don't do do do do him wooden boat building plans learn I just wanna make key really quick tutorial did tell you how cool I think Michael plans to calm really years how well my ged online I was looking for a boat that I can build with my son and my father my dad still want to build a boat ever since he got out the Navy and so when I come on there I saw 500 different designs they're all stepbystep instructions for each design can be by the way the materials.

Candy dimensions you wooden boat building plans suggested they work perfectly we've got a beautiful new bass boat and this is my dreamboat really we're gonna go hit the water here hopefully next week and we should really be done by then so I'm I'm really excited my son has never been able to spend this much time with both me can my father and so is having a lot of fun so it's really been able to bring the boys together wooden boat building plans and we're gonna do enjoy it may owe it all to you.

Into my book plans thank you so much a martin stayed here want to be a shout out from Michael plans dot com listen being a boat enthusiasts I'm so glad I can crusher plant right in the middle early own wooden boat another loss for structure design simply lost vision for the project then I came across my book last night comes through real to see all hun tell plans at classes nothing to the imagination and there's a wide range occurs all types of boats details interventions materialists stepbystep building plans.

Wooden Boat Repair Tips, Meranti Mahogany Marine Plywood Aft Cabin

So here's that same Chris Craft, and what we did here was replace these back walls from the aft cabin. There's the aft cabin in there, and these back two pieces of plywood were all rotted out, and we had to tear out the old one, and put in the new, you can see how. This is a, I think this is called meranti plywood. It's an African mahogany type plywood. and it's a lot of layers, and the difference between marine plywood and regular plywood is there is no voids in marine plywood.

How to Build a Table With Removable Legs Tips for Installing Threads in Table Legs

Okay I've already attached 3 or the 4 legs to the table, but I want to save this last one to show you what I showed you earlier in what I had for hardware, which was an insert. What I did was I did the first pilot hole with the smaller drill bit. But now what I want to do is I want to put in this insert which has threads on the outside, threads on the inside and this will allow for just a little more structure to the hole that way.

Every time I take the legs off I'm not kind of destroying the wood, I'm creating a threaded hole for it. So again like I said, to put this in I've made my initial pilot hole and then I got a set up in the drill bit to a drill bit that's just a little wider than the piece itself in diameter. That'll accept the insert. Switch that out, alright holding my piece in place that should be big enough. What I do is I put this insert in. Alright, now we have all 4 our legs in place. Beautiful! The last step is we're going to.

Classic Vintage Wooden Boat Cruiser Yacht Bow Deck Repairs

So here we are on the bow deck, did a lot of repairs up here. You can see that, there's a new chunk of plywood there, and a new chunk there, that pie shape, and back here, it was always leaking into the cabin, so this is all new in here, and patched up with cold cure also on the questionable areas. Here's a big funny looking patch there, because that was all rotted out, and yeah. And we're getting ready to fibreglass this now with epoxy, and go over it.

So it, I took the king plank out of here, so it'd be nice and waterproof underneath the plank, when I put the plank back on. There's a little hatch to get down into that, into the bow, There's a little head down in there, and some storage, So it's good to keep that, this part very watertight, because of the storage. So, this is a midfifties Chris Craft Corvette, and it's the bow deck repairs, And you can see, here's the main cabin, and then there's a steering bridge, and also, you can see behind that, there's the aft cabin.

Wooden Boat Sapele Mahogany Mouldings, MV Renaissance 30 Motor Yacht

So, today's a pretty good day. Today I made the mouldings here for the, this part of the boat, Chris Craft Corvette, and I got some really nice mahogany, this really nice grainy stuff here, and it's nice red colour, and I thought, well that's what I need to do for the mouldings, and there's a lot of fancy red mouldings here, Here's a hand grab that was a, it gets screwed on from underneath after, the painting's pretty much done, and then this all sort of looks in place, and it gets stained up,.

And then many coats of varnish on it. But I'm sort of making this up as I go, because I really don't know what was original on this boat. I know there was mouldings because there is many many nail holes, and there are sawed off nails behind there. and screw holes, and it would just make sense that it would be a moulding that looked a bit like this. So I had an inch and a half moulding on there, a half round oak, but then I got this nice mahogany,.

And I thought I'll put a treat on for the boat. And because this door opens back onto itself, I had to make this area a little shallower, and the door moving also is a quarter inch instead of three quarter inch. But it actually looks nice, and these screws will get those nice marine type washers that, cup washers that sit up, and of course we'll put plugs in these holes, and sand everything off, and when this is all stained up, it will look like it was here from day one,.

I hope. Here's why this boat is called a Corvette, because when you take the top off of it here, it looks like a giant speedboat. The lines on this are absolutely fantastic, if you look at that window line. I took the canvas off here, and I've got it hanging over there, but this is what makes this boat what it is, and a collector's item of course. They only made about twenty of them or less, and yeah, I don't know, maybe it just didn't sell right or what.

How to do Forward Cabin Top Repair on Classic Vintage Wooden Boat Yacht Motor Cruiser

So here we are again, on the front cabin roof, of this Chris Craft Corvette Cruiser. You can see where the rot was, Now, the old plywood used to be covered with cotton, and somebody over the years had pulled the cotton all off, and just painted it with floor and porch paint. Consequently, the marine plywood rotted through, so I took that all out, and it goes right underneath the window jambs and everything. and I put in two new, what do you call them, joists, yeah, under there. I cut them on the band saw,.

Because they're a bit curved. And then some brand new patchy patch of marine plywood. You can see it goes all the way in, and into the dash there. So it's a nice seal. I set it in cold cure, and I ran a little bit of fibreglass cloth on top of that cold cure, which will give me a nice lapping pattern to do the rest of it with epoxy and fibreglass. So, right now though, I've, this only part of the plywood seems a little bit sponge, not spongey, but to soak in stuff,.

So I'm using rot fix now, and that is a very very thin type of epoxy, and it's pretty much idiot proof, you just fill your mixing jar up to the bumps where it says. There's the one, the first one goes up to that first bump, and then then second one goes up to that, and then you shake it all up, squirt it on the roof deck, and roll it in with that roller. And that will soak into any of this stuff, that is soaky, and, so that the fibreglass resin,.

Or not fibreglass resin, the epoxy resin for the fibreglass cloth will not soak in. It'll actually bond to that, and then it'll be a good patch. So I'm going to spray that, or not spray it on, I'll squirt that on there, and then roll it out, and tomorrow it'll be dry, and I can put the fibreglass sheet on top of this. Chris Craft's Corvette were they have this mid bridge, and their famous selling feature was the aft cabin, so when you look back here, rather than an open back,.

They have another cabin in there, with a full double bed, and bathroom. So, this boat actually has two bathrooms on it. I'll show you that in a later movie. Quite a unique boat. Only twenty or so built. And I don't know if there were more aft cabins built by Chris Craft or not. I'll have to look it up. Very good idea. A little hard for fishing though. So all of these front bits used to have cotton on top of them. And you can tell this is presixties.

Classic Wooden Boat Motor Cruiser Yacht Wet Exhaust Muffler install

So here is the rest of that muffler exhaust installation, In that back corner, I don't know if you can see anything back there or not, but that's where that strut came through the exhaust tip, and then it's tied on with that piece of exhaust rated pipe, and then these nice stainless clamps, and it goes in here and follows through and ties up to the rest of the exhaust, and that's the reason it's wet, is because it follows through lots of areas in the boat that you certainly wouldn't want to get hot.

How to build a DOCK BOX

Those of us who spend a lot of time at the dock know how much stuff can accumulate down here over the course of the day you know what I hate picking up after my dock side guests time and time again besides where am I going to put this wet stuff well today we're gonna work on a storage solution called a dock box to solve this problem found these plans for a dock storage box in Canadian home workshop magazine it's a pretty straightforward project I've got a couple of scraps of three quarter inch ply.

That we're going to use for the ends First we're going to rip them to width and then we're going to basket bottom profile plans call for a centre eight inches from the top of the basket and we want a six inch radius or other words half the basket width Clamp these together and cut them out with my jigsaw I'm going to give them a quick sanding just to tidy them up So, here we are we got a couple finished slats.these come out of five quarters by six cedar.

Really don't have to but it looks a lot better if you do some treatment to the edge alright ready for assembly I got my basket ends and my basket is upside down obviously We've got the basket finished time to do the legs plans call for two and a quarter by two and a quarter legs So, I'm going to have to rip this four by four cedar to that dimension So, I need four at seventeen These are going to be positioned like this.at both ends Here we go! Done and done!.

Now we're on to the lid! I'm gonna glue five together, good quality outdoor wood glue notice that bead dead centre that's because I know what I'm doing I'm a trained professional I've left these long because I'll cut it to length after it dries Now the worst part of this of course is that you have to wait for the glue to set.and that's going to take the good part of an hour so What am I going to do in the meantime Alright glue is set I'm just going to take the mark clamps off.

Plans call for the lid to be seventy inches in length So I'll cross cut that to length We've prompted to use these nice decorative tee hinges and most importantly They're super easy to put on could be a little overkill but I'm gonna use number nine three inch deck screws Now the plans don't call for it but you can see I added a chain stay to prevent the kids or my soninlaw from ripping the hinges out Let's get this thing down to the dock Well this dockside box sure is a big improvement.

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