Hello, friends, welcome to my shop I came across this plan of the wooden propeller This is the Sopwith Camel F1’s prop It was the most productive fighter the allies had (dWWI) Sopwith Camel shot down over 2000 German planes So, I decided to make the prop according to this plan.

I used cherry and jatoba wood to make it (7 layers) all the proportions and letters were copied (1:3 scale) OK, I will show you the process in pictures every layer was transferred to wood (carbon paper) then each layer was cut out and rough shaped on the spindle sander all 7 layers were glued together then.

Sorry, this is the picture before gluing with the center holes drilled At the end, I made this aluminum hub from scrap made this hub using my scroll saw and the drill press So, that’s how this 1:3 scale multilayered prop came along as the full size prop would have to be over 8 feet tall If we put the prop over the plan.

You can see it repeats the outlines of the plan I would recommend to glue 2 pics together for transferring the outlines of the whole prop at once I left the link in the tutorial’s description to this PDF file You can print it and then xerox it in ‘zoomin’ mode mine was 1:3 scale and I used simple ratio to shrink the dimensions I used the thickness of the layers as the known number.

To be able to build the prop from the wood i had I had 6mm layers and that determined the size of it Once you glued the layers it just a matter of shaping it I used my hand held belt sander for rough shaping I got the rough shaping done in no time Then I used scrapers, file and sanders to finish it.

The left overs were used to make this stand It is only a decoration, of course However, I did test it on my drill:)) it made plenty of turbulence:)) So, that tutorial has a funky idea if someone is looking for the inspiration :)) will leave the link for that plan of Sopwith Camel’s prop.



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