Vintage Classic Wooden Boat Cruiser Motor Yacht gets New Mahogany Stern Planks Corked

So this is, is it called corking cotton? Yep. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s, you just blast it in between the seams. You know, since last night, it’s squeezing out. Yeah. You know, I guess it’s coming out from behind even. Oh yeah yeah. You see its, I had that all smoothed on, it’s squishing out. Right. Yeah, so that cotton goes between the planks,.

And then when the planks swell up, it just squeezes really tight. But the SikaFlex goes over top, right? Yep. In here? You put more SikaFlex into the crack after the cotton’s gone in. This is just a new end in the boat here. It needed three planks in it because it was rotten. And we’re using silicon bronze screws,.

They’re fantastic screws that don’t react with salt water at all. Well, pretty soon it’ll be done. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. brandhagen@gmail .



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