How The Hobbit Should Have Ended

Can I help you? I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure. Adventure? Yes, a 48 frames per second 3D adventure. Filled with stone giants, bickering trolls, and goblin kings with scrotum beards. (cough) I’m sorry, did you say scrotum beards?.

SCROTUM BEARDS!!! How The Hobbit Should Have Ended 11, 12, that makes 13. Where is Bilbo? He left us! We will not be seeing our Hobbit again! He is long gone! No he isn’t! Here I am! Oh!.

Well. this is. awkward. How on earth did you get passed the gobblins? Oh well, you know. No big deal really. I just. slipped right past. Yes well, What was that? What? What was What?.

What was THAT! What? Nothing! I didn’t do anything. You put something in your pocket just now. Whaaaaat? Nooooo. I didn’t. Bilbo, I have a very bad feeling about this. Now tell me what is in your pocket! It’s funny that same question got me out of a jam earlier.

Oh! I don’t believe this. Come with me! Ah! Alright! Where are you going? To find a butterfly! Don’t worry about it! But what if someone attacks us while you’re gone? Then climb a tree! I don’t know. I’ll save you at the last second. We’ll be right back! Well that was odd.

You have an axe coming out of your face! Do you know that? Why don’t we travel this way all of the time?! (bird squawk) Cast it into the fire! No! Yes! NO!.

You cast that ring into the fire this very instant! I don’t want to! Bilbo if you do not throw that ring into the fire I’ll be forced to cast you in with it! Now, DO IT! But it makes me invisible! I LOVE IT! One! It’s mine!.


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today we are going to be making something that has been requested for such a long time, a Castle Cake! I got a lot of requests for a Princess Peach Castle Cake, I got a lot of requests for a Bowser Castle Cake, a Merlin Castle Cake, haha, a Dungeons and Dragons Castle Cake… So I thought, today I am gonna make a basic Castle Cake, and then you can customize it to make it whatever magical themed, mythical fanciness you would like!.

The things you will need, will be: 3 of these, these are paper towel cardboard tubes, usually I just recycle these, but just hang onto ‘em, because we are gonna be using these to make our Castle pillars. Berrrrp! Scissors, spatula, cake leveler, I have a cardboard cake tray, this awesome thing that I got from Michaels, it adds texture, so it adds wood texture and, like, old stone castle texture. This was preeetty cool and I thought, I’ve gotta play with that to make this castle cake, yeah!.

A square cake pan, this is a 6 inch, and I’ve already premade 2 cakes, booppew! And you can either do a pound cake recipe or a yellow cake, I chose to do a yellow cake, fresh strawberries and chocolate frosting. Or you can use chocolate ganache, whatever you like! So the 1st thing you’re gonna do is take your cake leveler and, just gonna level both the cakes so they’re the same height. Back and forth, back and forth, like you’re a lumberjack, just sawing.

Saw, saw, saw, saw, saw! Then you’re gonna take off the tops of the cake, like this. The muffin tops! These are so yummy, these are one of my favorite parts! And, you can feed these to your awesome camera guy because, he loves these! Or share them with friends. Now that you’ve got your cakes levered, you’re gonna take this… Cardboard. Place it down, you’re just gonna take your 1st cake, I’m just gonna put it right in the middle, OK. Now you’re gonna take, chocolate frosting or.

Chocolate ganache, whatever you’d like, and put a coat down. Once you’ve frosted the top of your 1st cake, I’m just gonna take strawberries, I just chopped them up so that they would lay flat. I love doing this, I started putting fresh fruit in my cakes and I just love it! Ohhhhh! Chocolate strawberry filling! Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy! Now we’re gonna take the 2nd cake, erroooooo! Put him right on top!.

Now you’re just gonna take your little mustpatula and you’re gonna frost all the edges. Once you’ve got your cake all frosted on all sides, and the top, we’re gonna stick it in the freezer for about 20 minutes to let it chill. And just make sure that all the sides are smooth, it doesn’t have to be perfect, you can miss a few spots, that’s OK, just make sure everything’s very smooth. Because we’re gonna put fondant on top of it. when your cake is in the freezer we’re gonna be making the castle pillars,.

So this is a good time to do this. You’re gonna need 3 of these, but I just did 1, just to show you guys how to do it. This is a paper towel roll, so they’re a good thing to hold onto to save, or I ripped out 2 right out of the middle, I kinda had to wiggle it out of there, but I got it out! So, you’re gonna need scissors, and what you’re gonna do is you’re just gonna cut it right in half. Beroop! Doesn’t have to be perfect, and that is the perfect height!.


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