So we took this out, this rotten plywood out, and reinforced the bottom of this a bit, and put rot fix back in, and now we’re going to put the plywood back in. We did that already over here. Those holes are for the exhaust, and we’ve bedded it in.

With some heavy duty marine caulking called Sika Flex. There’s John. King John. Ha ha. Playing in the. Is your money all gone? Ha ha ha. Here he is, yeah. Look how nice he’s making it there. Ha ha. Yeah. So, and then after that,.

World at 8 Wednesday 5 February 2014

Highlights of the news today wednesday 5th february 2014 Couple who trafficked deaf girl from Pakistan and forced her to work as servant have sentences increased Royal Navy Saves Lives of Six French Fishermen Benefits Cheats Living Abroad ‘Claim Millions for Dead Relatives’ As Part of 84m Scam, New Figures Reveal Greek Deposits of 60 Billion Euros in Switzerland Hollande Gives up on Controversial Family Law.

Italy: rat fur found in chinesemade cashmere coats Austen Davies who talks about the origins of Insurance. AUSTRALIA has a hot new fleet of bright orange lifeboats Australia: TurnBack Policy ‘Will Stop the Boats’, Says People Smuggler Report: More Than 75,000 Foreign Nationals Fight in Syria China’s Banks ‘Could Trigger Global Meltdown’ Thought for the Day Hatched and catched!.

And finally anti gay beer for putin courtesy of the scots! UK NEWS Couple who trafficked deaf girl from Pakistan and forced her to work as servant have sentences Ilyas Ashar, 84 and Tallat Ashar, 68, kept the girl, believed to be aged between 10 and 12, when she became to Britain in 2000, in a cellar at their Salford home where she was forced to do unpaid work as well as cook and clean for the couple.

She was also subjected to nearly a decade of sexual abuse at the hands ilyas ashar. He was found guilty of trafficking the orphaned youngster from Pakistan and repeatedly raping her and was jailed for 13 years. His wife Tallat Ashar, 68, was found guilty of trafficking and jailed for five years. Today Ilyat and Tallat Ashar have had their jail terms raised to 15 and 6 years respectively. The couple, of Cromwell Road, Eccles, were also convicted of benefit fraud relating to.

The girl, who couldn’t speak when she arrived in from lahore. The pair denied the offenses but were found guilty after a retrial in which the victim gave evidence using the sign language she had been taught after her life of servitude was discovered. W@8 Along with the benefit fraud this is just the tip of the iceberg in these communities. They bring their so called culture with them.

Royal navy saves lives of six french fishermen french and british seamen have shown little love for each other over the years but at the weekend the British Royal Navy showed differences can be put aside when it saved the lives of six Breton sailors, who were trapped in a sinking trawler in stormy seas. W@8 Trawling in our seas I presume? Benefits Cheats Living Abroad ‘Claim Millions for Dead Relatives’ As Part of 84m Scam,.

New figures reveal Benefit fraud committed abroad cost the taxpayer an estimated 84million in 2012/13 a rise of 90 per cent in the last two years, new figures suggest. According to the Department for Work and Pensions, ‘abroad fraud’ is now the third largest type of fraud with investigators looking into 7, 296 cases of suspected abroad fraud in 2013. Pension Credit made up the majority of the fraudulently claimed money at 52m, while.

19m was claimed for housing benefit and a further 12m claimed for income support. Investigators have suggested a number of those investigated had been receiving the benefits from Britain for family members who had died. The Government is planning to increase the use of life certificates this year to stop fraudsters continuing to claim benefits where the claimant has died. EUROPEAN NEWS Greek Deposits of 60 Billion Euros in Switzerland.



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