Koreas trade pacts with China Vietnam New Zealand go into effect

Big day on the nations trade front. On Sunday trade barriers between Korea and China as well as Vietnam and New Zealand were scrapped. Plus another round of tariff cuts is due on January first. Kim Minji starts us off with changes that could help boost the economy. Koreas free trade agreement with China took effect on Sunday. along with separate trade pacts with Vietnam and New Zealand. According to the trade ministry. the pacts are expected to lift Koreas GDP by 1 percent in the next 10 years. Together theyre expected to create over 55thousand jobs. as well as bring.

About consumer benefits worth more than 15 billion U.S. dollars over the next decade. The trade pacts will also likely boost exports by five billion dollars per year. with the trade surplus also jumping around 600 million annually. With the nations exports having fallen every month this year. the free trade agreements especially the one with China Koreas largest trading partner are expected to give the country a much needed shot in the arm. A trade pact with China will provide a breakthrough for Korean exports generally. There will be industries that go through difficulties but largely many industries will benefit.

China will immediately eliminate tariffs on more than 950 items. while New Zealand will cut import duties on over 2thousand goods. China will also lower duties on almost 5800 items. with Vietnam to do the same for some 270 products and New Zealand over 1000 goods. On top of that the ministry says the opening of the service markets in the three countries will likely create more business opportunities for Korean companies. especially in the entertainment environmental management and construction sectors. And to maximize the benefits of the trade deals the government plans to offer systematic.

Incredible! Colossal squid found in New Zealand

Imagine coming face to face with this. It's a colossal squid, hauled from the Ross Sea in New Zealand last December. Now though, scientists at a museum in Wellington have defrosted and examined it Skipper, John Bennett, caught the female squid. The squid came up on the line, we could see it down the dips as it was coming up and all of a sudden along side we had this beautiful perfect sample of a colossal squid. Kat Bolstad from Auckland's University of Technology discovered that the squid is a female, weighing around 771 pounds, has eyes that are 13 inches across and arms measuring.

Rare Shark Attack Kills Man Off New Zealand Beach

Image Source TVNZ BY KATIE BRENNANAn awardwinning filmmaker died Wednesday after he was attacked by a shark while swimming at a popular beach in New Zealand. Stuff News heard from a fisherman who witnessed the attack. We saw the shark fin, the fin of the shark, and next minute, boom, attack him, then blood everywhere on the water. The shark may have been up to 14 feet long. The head lifeguard told the New Zealand Herald once his team discovered the shark was still near the body, it took them some time to come up with a plan.It's been the early seventies since there was last.

A recorded shark attack on a human in mainland New Zealand, so there is nothing on our books on how to deal with it. I gotta say. AOCThe BBC reports police took inflatable rubber boats into the water and fired at the shark.He has discharged his firearm towards the shark we do not know at this stage whether or not he hit has the shark but the shark rolled off and disappeared.Police fired as many as 20 shots. The International Business Times reports the victim was 46yearold Adam Strange, a television and short film director.He.

Day 3 Nelson Creek camp, New Zealand South Island

Hello, I am here at Nelson Creek, in our way to Greymouth, I show you the map, we stopped somewhere, around here, to Greymouth Most of the camping sites are free, as you can see, there are many families, already gone a couple, and is 10 am. I want to show you as well, Where we slept and how economic we can travel as well. We are saving a lots of money in accomodation because, most of the parks here are expensive, an we would love to go to all of them,.

Mori meets Mediterranean in schools food revolution

A Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador in NZ has partnered with Rhode St School in Hamilton to present a real food day today for 250 people. The food revolution theme this year is getting kids into the kitchen from a young age where the kids will be doing most, if not all, of the cooking. Pere Wihongi went out to see what was cooking. It's food revolution day. A day used to encourage students of Rhode St Primary School to grow, to cook, and eat their food. The overall theme today is 'Maori meets Mediterranean'.

Boat Safety Equipment Allstate Boat Insurance and Safety Tips

Another piece of required equipment is a fire extinguisher. There are several sizes and types. A B1 or a B2 will usually meet the requirements for your recreational boats. Most important, make sure you know where it's mounted and that you can get to it. Right here is an example of a B1 fire extinguisher, 1 being the size of the fire extinguisher. The B1 is what's going to be required on boats 26 feet or less. Here's a Captain Steve tip for you for putting out a fire to use a fire extinguisher, remember the acronym PASS, PASS.

Pull the pin, Aim at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle, and Sweep back and forth across the fire. A couple other items on the required list would be things like flares, a sound producing device. The point being, the key to handling an emergency is being prepared for an emergency. I like to keep all my things in this right here. It's called a ditch bag. I've got a knife on the outside, flashlight, and inside is where I keep my emergency equipment, things like the flares, a first aid kit, all ready to go. You should also make sure.

That the family is prepared for an emergency. Go through regular drills with everybody man overboard procedures, fire just to make sure that everyone knows what they're supposed to do and where they're supposed to be. Another important tip take a safe boating course. It's a requirement in most states, and even if it isn't required, you really should do it anyway. Allstate knows the importance of boating safety. I found out that they handed out more than 7500 children's lifejackets last year during their Safety Weekends. They also know it's important.

Grand Designs New Zealand S01E07 Straw Bale

Grand Designs New Zealand S01E07 Straw Bale,.

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Extreme Bungy Jumping With Cliff Jump Shenanigans! Play On In New Zealand! 4K!

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