How to Replace Rotten Deck Boards Repair Wooden Deck, Treated Lumber

So, we're taking out a couple of rotten boards here, and we're painting up the ends with a water repellent, in this case Thompson's Water Seal. And we're painting the tops of the old nail holes. You can fill those old nail holes right up with this Thompson's, and that helps it out, because usually the rot starts in the nail holes. Water collects in there, and if you fill it up with something that stops the rot from going in, that's good. We've got this little piece of sheet metal bent because.

There was a little bit of decay on this particular one, and we're really soaking that one up, and we're going to put the sheet metal over top of it, so that it doesn't continue to absorb water, and hopefully we'll get a few years out of that, and we're going to also probably sister something alongside of that one. But it doesn't really help to sister if you allow the water to keep going in there. So the sheet metal, little piece there, will turn out to be a flashing for over top of that.

So, we put the first one in here, but I just wanted to show you this flashing here. It won't allow the water to continue to accumulate underneath that. And we're going to cut the next one in, but this is good to show how that went. And that goes right underneath all of that. So, you can see under here, you can see where this metal will drip off that edge, and not let any more water into that wood. Here's how we sistered this one, and we did another sister on that one because it was getting kind of weak.

How to Install a Trailer Hitch Trailer Hitch Styles Uses

The purpose of this tutorial is to talk about the different kinds of trailer hitch options, maintenance, and installation of a trailer hitch on your vehicle. There are many different styles of trailer hitches. Some mount on trucks, on the bumper. Some of them mount up underneath on the body. Some of them go on the bottom of cars, down underneath. Trailer hitches carry many different loads, behind the vehicle. Some are heavier, some are lighter. Depends on what you're going to carry. Are you planning on carrying behind the car a lawn trailer,.

That's relatively light, or are you planning on towing your family boat to the lake. Depending on what your load is, it's going to make a difference in what kind of trailer hitch you install or how you connect your trailer to your vehicle. The first example that I want to show you, is on the bumper of a truck. Simple ball mounted to the bumper of the vehicle. Now this is pretty sturdy if youre going to carry a light load, maybe a motorcycle, even a jet ski behind your vehicle, but if youre planning on getting something bigger.

Or heavier you're probably going to want to not use this. This bumper basically is attached to the frame and then this is attached to the, rather thin metal, on the bumper. This is sufficient for carrying most small trailers. One other example we're going to use for how to mount a trailer hitch on your car. Up underneath the car you have the spare tire well, typically. A lot of trailer hitches will have you drill holes in the spare tire well and then mount it there for stability and then you'll drill a couple more holes in the bumper here to.

Be able to attach it to the bumper. When you're mounting a trailer hitch on a car, you're not going to be able to carry a lot of weight. You're going to need a trailer that is pretty light with a light load on it. Don't expect to carry much weight if you're going to do it behind a car. Here we have a classic trailer hitch that would mount up under the vehicle frame. This is a more heavy duty trailer hitch. According to the sticker it can carry 75 to.

How to Install a Trailer Hitch Installing a Trailer Hitch

In this segment I'm going to show you how to install the trailer hitch onto the vehicle. You're going to need your bolts and the mounting and your instructions, so you can be able to do this properly. One thing I haven't mentioned is you'll probably need some Loctite. This is something you probably won't ever take off your vehicle, so you'll need some Loctite, to make sure that it stays on tight and the bolts don't loosen up while you're towing something, because that would be really bad. What I'm going to do is I'm going to install.

This trailer hitch. We're going to lift it up against the frame and we'll put the bolts in place. You don't have to get them tight, immediately, all you really want to do is put them in place, to hold it up there. That'll be the first part in getting it mounted up. I want to put it up on the vehicle and when I lift it up, it's very difficult to lift because it's heavy. I'm fortunate enough to have a lift here, where I have the vehicle up in the air. If.

How to Remove Trailer Hitch Lost Key

! I'm just out here in my garage right now, I'm going to show you guys, hopefully a little bit about harbor freight tools as well as. I'm in a little bit of a predicament, I had a buddy who bought me a trailer hitch ball combination right here as you can see and it's kind of a bum deal because he lost the key to it. So, I'm going to try and get it off and we will see how it goes!! But to do what we are doing today, hopefully thats.

A good angle, I guess we will see. I just went and bought a pretty cheap reciprocating saw at Harbor Freight Tools. You can see, it's right here. And we are just going to try and saw it off and see how far we get, and hopefully it doesn't take too long and hopefully it works! Now I can't seem to find my goggles or my eye protection, so Idecided I'm just going to wear my motorcycle helmet. and pull the visor down. And we will see how it goes!! Wow , it's actually doing a lot better than I thought it would be. HOLY COW!!.

Holy cow! That did a really good job! Let's get this tool out of the way since it's still plugged in. Check it out! Chopped off the lock that quick! Awesome! Totally worth it! I know a lot of people out there don't really like Harbor Freight Tools, but I find their tools to be really really good. The blade came with it. Awesome saw! It just cut through this! AWESOME! Totally stoked about it, because now I can take this off finally because it's been on there forever! Alright guys, thanks for tuning in to my tutorials! SEE YA!.

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