Man:Even as a child, I coulddraw and paint and sketch, but when I went fishingwith my father, and first startedwith the boats, I realized,because I could build, that that offered a verycreative way to make a living, in a way that actuallyworked in a functional way. And when fishing came along.and boats in particular, I just knew that wasan answer for a way to live.

My name is Jerome Canning. I’m born on the islandof Merasheen, but my growing up wasin the town of Placentia. Well, growing up there waslike every kid, I suppose, fun. We would borrow doriesand flats. What we would do, of course, is go rowing and divingand fishing fromthat little boat. There’s a lot ofboat builders I know who,

actually, their fatherswere boat builders. But, when I learned boats,I did learn fromthe older gentlemen. Most of these people,they were boat builderfishermen. And the way they learnedhow to build boats, was looking. Their wholeboatbuilding knowledge was really justwhat was passed on out on the beachor in the shed. They never had plans.

No one worked from plans. They carried on the tradition of shaping the boatby their own eye. One good thing aboutboat building isthere’s two sides of it. There’s the sidethat you build alone, and there’s the sidethat you build witha lot of other people. Here, the Wooden Boat Museumin Winterton, I was hired for the skillof teaching workshops.

There’s somethingabout generosity that happens naturallyin a workshop. There’s a certain generositythat comes out of people. Sharing their lives,and sharing their stories, and that, to me, I thinkis the most enjoyable. What’s important to meis that I do realize that I have a part to play in passing on knowledgethat I learned

from my parents’ generation, and they had learned fromtheir parents’ generation. I want my son to builda boat with me, I think for allthe same reasons that I came intobecoming a boat builder. I think they’restill valid today. If I can work with my son on it, I know that he wouldsay, quot;I learned to buildwith my father.quot;

How To Make A Toy Pontoon Boat HD

Alright guys here’s how to make a toy pontoon boat. So to do this your gonna need some popsicle sticks, 2 water bottles and a glue gun Let’s get started! Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed the tutorial!.



Boat Plans

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