This artful display of gorgeous greens could reframe your whole perspective on gardening The hanging ‘frame’ is a pretty basic build consisting of a box that holds the dirt.and then the frame pieces. Start by buiding the box.then assemble the frame using brackets to join the pieces. Attach the box to the frame, again with brackets. Insert a piece of hardware cloth, and then finish off the back of the box with a piece of acrylic. Now you’re ready to plant . Fill the frame with a potting mix meant for.

Succulents. you can buy it, or you can make your own.using some potting soil, perlite and plain old playground sand. It’s a really dry mix that drains well, because succulents don’t like sitting in water. Fill the frame until the wire fabric cloth is just covered, then sprinkle a little water and let the whole thing sit for about 15 minutes. The soil will compact and settle a bit, and then you can top it off with another layer of soil, and a little more water. The water helps the mix hold together a little more for planting purposes.

Now you can lay out your succulents and remember, they will grow and spread out some, so don’t overcrowd the space. Once you’ve got an arrangement you like, trace around the plants with a permanent marker, then carefully using a pair of tinsnips cut thru the wire fabric, kind of bending back the pieces to create a hole just large enough to get the rootball thru. You don’t want to cut away too much of the mesh so leave at least.

Build Cool DIY Gel Fire Pits by Home Repair Tutor

Hi there. im jeff patterson with home repair tutor, and in this tutorial, im going to show you how to make a DIY gel fire pit. So DIY gel fire pits are way cool. After you watch this tutorial, youre going to get a ton of tips, and, I guarantee you, youll be able to make yours better than mine. So lets get to it. So what you need to do is find yourself some Tupperware containers like this. So I bought two. I bought.

The first one and the second one here thats rainbow colored at walmart. theyre like $5. And you need a small bowl and a big bowl such that the small bowl will fit into the big one and leave almost like a 1 gap at the bottom and around the sides. Then lay out some newspaper on a table, and put some weights on it if youre outside. Otherwise, its going to fly away. And what I use for the cement was Quikrete Quicksetting Cement because.

I dont want to be doing this all day. And then grab yourself a sander like this one. This is a little palm sander, and it vibrates. I have it set on 2. I love Bosch. So set that sander aside because youre going to need it in a little bit. And wear a respirator and some gloves. Always wear protection when using concrete. Next, grab yourself some Pam, and youre going to spray down the inside of the big.

Bowl. so spray that down really good. and then spray down the outside of the smaller bowl really, really good. And what I did was use a paper towel, and I wiped down the inside of the bog bowl and the outside of the smaller bowl. What that does is spread the Pam. And then I sprayed it down one more time. You really need a good coating. Grab your quicksetting cement. Youre going.

To want to use probably one bag or maybe more. always mix up more cement than you think youre going to need. Get a clean bucket and a clean container of water. Pour your quicksetting cement into the bucket, and then use your margin trowel grab a margin trowel like that one there. Pour the water into the cement, and mix it up using the margin trowel. The consistency of the cement is going.

To be somewhat thin, which means its going to be wet, and Ill show you why here in a second. You want it to be somewhat thin so that you can pour it into the big bowl, and then youre going to smush it down using the smaller bowl so that the cement will rise up between the two containers. Now I made a big mistake did not mix up enough cement, and I had to fill in the sides using some extra.

Cement that i did mix up. then grab your sander and, without a sanding pad, run it along the container to vibrate out any air bubbles. Make yourself a test piece of cement so that you can see when its hard enough such that you can pull out the inner bowl. So thats what I did. And because I sprayed a ton of Pam on it, it did come right out. Then you can use a grout sponge, like this one here, to shape and form the.

Cement while its still kind of setting up. or this project, I went out and bought Solid Gel fuel cans. And you can find these at your local home store in the garden center. And the cans are big enough such that itll fit down into the center of my cement form. Speaking of the form, after about 5 hours I turned it over, and it popped right out of that Tupperware container because of all the Pam I sprayed.



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